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  1. Talk about milking the cash cow! This looks like another bad movie and I think I'll give it a miss.
  2. Cookyman

    Fun Facts

    OK heres an interesting fact about me - was bombed by the IRA in 1988 whilst in the forces.
  3. Thanks old man! it's certainly been awhile - but good to see the site is as strong as ever!
  4. Now lets just hope Zack Snyder's (director of Dawn of the Dead remake) version of Watchmen turns out well he's currently working on Frank Miller's 300 which looks promising. Looks like some Kickass comicbook films to look forward to eh?
  5. Lance do you really need the cash this badly? Do you all know Lance will be in Pumpkinhead 3 & 4! as the ghost of Ed Harley (Nooooooooooooooooooo!) That just sounds plain crud I quite enjoyed the 1st pumpkinhead movie but never bothererd with the sequel as it looked awful but all these years later 2 more sequels, jeez! Lance you are a wonderful actor and have been in some real s*** but this sounds like the crappest decision yet - I hope they pay you well!
  6. Cookyman

    The Descent

    Yeah the descent is a very well made movie and dont panic it's nothing like"the cave". Neil Marshall has done us Brits proud with anoher cracking horror movie and no laughs this time either - when the s*** hits the fan in this movie the tension is really cranked up. Its claustrophobic and genuinely scary even before the cave dwellers turn up - well worth a look guys I give it two severed thumbs up!
  7. Cookyman

    Which Episodes Made You Cry

    No no no you've all got it wrong the episode that made me cry was "a single blade of grass" - not because it was sad but because it was so "$%*ing crap!
  8. Cookyman

    Bonus Features

    There were no interviews with Terry O'Quinn!!! Now I know Morgan and Wong declined to get involved but to leave out Terry was a glaring ommision unless he had a "beef" with the series too?
  9. Cookyman

    Favourite Tv Series Ever!

    Well I must admit I do like alias a lot but JJ Abrams new series Lost is very good too and shows a lot of promise.
  10. Cookyman


    If memory serves me correctly the main actor was in thirtysomething too and his name was (drumroll please.....) Peter Horton and played the character Ezekiel Stone. Excellent show and was cancelled after only 13 episodes! what were the bloody networks thinking???
  11. Well after the fracas with amazon over season 2 arriving a week after release despite the fact I pre-ordered it . I went to my local asda and bought it there today for £29.95 the same price as Amazon! Maybe you should do the same old man! Oh by the way the featurette on season 3 was quite entertaining and informative but was even more negative towards season 2 than the season 2 one!!!
  12. Cookyman

    Region 1 Season 2 Artwork Posted At...

    Yup for a change we got the better deal on box design and got it before the yanks - mind you how often does that happen? :grin2:
  13. Cookyman

    Season Two Arrived This Morning!

    It was despatched on the 29th but I am getting it delivered to my work a School so It better be there on Monday or I really will start to worry.
  14. Cookyman

    Season Two Arrived This Morning!

    I'm still waiting on mine from Amazon and i pre-ordered! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  15. Cookyman

    Season Two Arrived This Morning!

    Yeah it says that on my status on Amazon too - hopefully get them friday at the latest!

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