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  1. Mr. Ected Hostility

    Millennium is DEAD!

    I think you missed "Man vs. Beast" and that was a real one!
  2. Mr. Ected Hostility

    Millenium comic book

    Yeah, I remember this thing from a long time ago, sh*t. Why don't you just scan in the comic you did get done and put in your website. It would be interesting to see this since it'll never get printed.
  3. Mr. Ected Hostility

    301 Human Essence

    I think you're review is a little too nice. This is by far the worst episode of MM ever. It's good to make Emma a bigger part of MM but not in this way. Portraying her in such an ugly way did not make me like her at all. MM has always been dark and many would say overtly so, but this is a hideous episode to watch on all levels. I was kind of dissapointed to see Emma and her family fall into such a boring stereotype. The ending of Mulder, I mean Frank starting a war with the FBI over governent cover-ups was a storyline I am very glad they dropped. The drug addict idea and it's affects of idividuals and culture is good starting point but went wrong on every level.
  4. Thought it would be interesting to see if any MM fans shared similar music tastes. I'm listening to Cat Power's new record "You are Free" right now and it's amazing. "Nocturma" by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds is pretty great. I just got the Ramones tribute album, it's probably the only good tribute album I've ever heard. What are you listening to now?
  5. Mr. Ected Hostility

    Thirteen Years Later

    I liked this episode, although I was kind of dissapointed that it didn't compare to the year before's "The Curse of Frank Black." I know it isn't even in the same field but when watching it I couldn't help but compare the two. The Frank jokes and its "movies kill" theme make it far better than the worst episode. Far from it. It seems a little flawed but works for me. "Murder is dark, it's depressing-" To which Frank interupts "Yes it is." Or how about Frank giving pyschological anaylisis' on the horror movie killers? It is pretty good. And I will have to agree that "Human Essence" is the worst MM ever. "Omerta" is very strange but I really liked it. Or maybe it was the Frank/Jordan stuff that I really conected with. I did like the Frank/Eddie conversations, though too. "There are worse things than death."
  6. Mr. Ected Hostility

    Millennium Failure

    MM did have huge rating for the Pilot but then rapidly dropped off. Which would lead me to conclude (and it's not a far stretch) that people were turned off by the extreme images and violence. There was a huge mix of sex and violence. It was very dark to say the least. The main star is not what anyone would ever call freindly, sexy, or for most people, likeable. Really, I love this show but it's very easy for me to understand why mainstream America was turned off. It seemed to defy almost every hit show formula. And on another not, I actually like "Law and Order: Criminal Intent". I think it's really good, you should cheak it out.
  7. Mr. Ected Hostility


    I used to watch TV with the closed caption all the time too. That's funny, I just remembered that. It makes you concentrate a lot harder.
  8. Samiel wasn't in season two. Simon was the angel in "Midnight of the Century". And I think Samual was in season one and Samiel was in season three. I think this is how it goes.
  9. Mr. Ected Hostility


    To me "Gehenna" was like trying to show the other side the Carter had in mind when making MM. The Pilot had no mention of the supernatural, or the possiblity of evil as a real thing. I think it kind of picks up where the Pilot left off to let us know that this isn't going to be just seriel killers. I think there was a bit of confusion with the public's preceptions and the writing staff not sure just what kind of stories to tell for a while.
  10. Mr. Ected Hostility

    Antipas reminds me of The Omen

    I can handle the obvious imagery but I was kind of dissapointed with the lack of Frank/Lucy scenes. It focused a little too much on the family. But it was really a step up compared to how Lucy was used in "A Room With No View". The best scene is the one near the end. "The fruit of our union poplulates the earth."
  11. Good question. I've always wondered about this. I just did a search and came up with this... Written in London during the blitz of World War II, The Gift re-creates the peaceful childhood of Hilda Doolittle in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where she was born in 1886. As an antidote to war’s destructiveness, H.D. invokes the mystical Moravian heritage of her mother's family to convey an ideal world peace and salvation that would come through the spiritual power of women--a power that also endowed her with "the gift" of her own art. This could be the "The Gift" in question.
  12. Mr. Ected Hostility

    Antipas reminds me of The Omen

    It was a little too much like the Omen. The imagery was a little too typical and obvious.
  13. I submit myself to the chaos, to the unrest. I become the line and cross it. inside my mind. I have peace within myself and submit to war, violence, evil. in hopes of arriving at it's opposite. nothing ventured, nothing gained. even Christ's blood left a dark stain. I become howling hounds to understand their pleas. I become whores and liars weeping in salvation at their knees. I sleep with men's hearts, so cold and black to keep them beating. I submit myself into chaos because no one else will and there's a child here, pleading. I become turmoil because I am clam and clear. I enter madness for I have a mind, so pure. I sleep and dream, I enter unrest. I peer into the abyss looking for that thing which humanity has missed. and it is there, slowly rising in the mist. I have peace within and think of war in hopes of understanding what all this death is for.
  14. Mr. Ected Hostility


    I did get it free from Se7en, but I'll try to cook up some ideas in the fan/fic section for you, anyway.
  15. Mr. Ected Hostility


    I used to have every episode of Millennium of tape until one day, not too long ago I realized I accidently taped over "Luminary". I'm not sure how it happened but now I've got Fox's search for a Playboy bunny instead of "Luminary". My all time favorite episode taped over. A dark day.

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