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  1. Welcome to the forums! Its interesting you mention this as i was rewatching that episode yesterday and took note of that particular piece as well. My guess was that it was Mark Snow's work but i did find the instrumentation, including tabla, and arrangement quote unusual considering he mostly used synthesizers to score the show. You might be right in that its a borrowed piece.. Fit the mord very well! You're in for quite a few suprises With season 2 :-)
  2. Michael Duggan for me...... haha just kidding, who was that guy btw? but seriously, the one for me would be Chris Carter and second would be Chip Johanessen & Ken Horton together as they were part of all three seasons and according to Chip ran the show together during the last part of Season 3 where it really picked up steam.. they also had mapped out quite a clear direction for where to take Season 4 David Lynch would be amazing of course, he is my favorite director but i think he would be better suited as a guest director for a couple of episodes than
  3. if i remember right they had a strong suspicion that this might end up being the series finale when they wrote though they wasn't entirely certain... personally i believe that if they had been 100% sure that they were getting canceled that they would have shown Peter Watts dead, but instead they left it open-ended because if there would be another season they would definitely want to bring him back.. that was always my take on it. man that last run of Season 3 is absolutely fantastic, breathtaking episode after breathtaking episode.. i say maybe the last 5 or 6.. even that "Nostalg
  4. this is my understanding as well, as long as the balance was upheld everyone within the town limit was safe as long as they stayed inside whereas there would be no guarantee of safety outside of it. the towns folk are saying something to that effect when they are discussing what to do (while Frank is in there with them, supposedly sleeping) i really love the "weird town"/twilight zone vibe of this episode though I imagine that a whole bunch of devoted Millenniees where quite thrown off by its themes and execution at its original airing.. i know i found it quite perplexing following
  5. haha yes that has to be my favorite part of the episode too, "Frank" using his training and instinct to profile the villains from the classic horror movies.. the profile of Jason was hilarious. i read an interview with writer Michael R. Perry where he said he was already writing that episode as a more standard case when FOX demanded that they incorporated KISS into MillenniuM and it had to be a Halloween episode so he had to work that into there as well.. Network executives.. how do their strange minds work?
  6. Adam, don't get me wrong.. For me personally, I would absolutely 100% want to see Lance back as Frank Black.. Lance is still making movies today and looks healthy, what I mean is that i don't believe it will happen because the network executives is unlikely to put on a show with a 75 years old lead actor in the one starring role. possibly a channel that takes more chances with their programming, but FOX? i seriously doubt it... unfortunately
  7. it's fantastic to actually hear Chris talk about "MillenniuM" again but as long as it's on FOX i do think the chances of a return is slim to zero, unless they tailor the focus onto Jordan as the main character.. sorry to be a downer, but Lance is what now, 75? they thought he was way too old in the first season and had reservations, and for a 75 year old man to be a lead character in a series of this nature, i just can't imagine the suits signing off on that.. i don't think it has ever been done, unfortunately. sorry to be a downer and let's hope i'm wrong
  8. of course, i don't mind at all i like almost all episodes of "MillenniuM" as well, but don't you agree that an episode like "Lamentation" or "Pilot" is way above an episode like "Human Nature" if we're talking quality in writing, production, direction, overall enjoyment? it's of course all personal opinion but for me it's more when i have rewatched the series as many times as i've done by now, i feel that there are certain episodes that i don't need to see each rerun.. not because they are bad, but because i want to focus on the ones i really love. it's interesting, "Th
  9. haha never noticed that.. i was watching "P.P.T.D." (and "Lamentation") yesterday, definitely one of my top 5 episodes of all seasons.. i noticed something intriguing, though i don't know how much it has been discussed here before so i'm using this thread instead of creating a new one. in the scene at the beginning when Frank comes down to the coroners he suddenly has flashes off Bob being killed in his basement, with flashes of the actual slitting of the throat.. I paused this scene and went through it frame by frame and noticed that they show the killers face but suprisingly
  10. great discussion going on in here (and yes i know i am a few years late to the party).. i have to say that the notion that Frank's gift in no way was psychic was always kind of baffling to me, right from the first episode. the best example is when they are down at the coroners and instead of zipping down the bag and showing Frank what happened he already knows exactly how it went down.. that to me defines his gift as being a psychic one... I think the gift is usually used in a very interesting way in the show, especially in the way that it invites the forces of darkness to hone in on Frank ("i
  11. Inspired by the new X-Files mini series I started watching MillenniuM again for the first time in probably a couple of years.. i was initially thinking of going through only my favorite episodes, making a sort of mini series of each season (with 6-8 episodes in each), but i noticed quickly that there was a lot more episodes I wanted to rewatch (besides the stretch from "Kingdom Come" to, and including, the episode preceding "Force Majeure" + "Broken World") i think Season 1 is exceptionally strong and has grown to be my favorite season.. anyway while MillenniuM is probably my favorite sho
  12. another very good episode, and one of my favorites from Season 1. it shows a lot about Frank's personality and his willingness to fight for what he believes in... i must say that it's also very grim and that it was quite shocking the first time i saw it.. especially at this time crime shows wanted to avoid too heavy subjects like the murders of innocent children, sexual abuse and incest - all conventions which MillenniuM broke, and did so in a very honest way, without any signs of exploataton or shock value.. in fact, it's especially these type of episodes ("Covenan", "Well Worn Lock") that go
  13. i haven't been checking this forum for quite some time but with the new X-Files premiere i got the itch to watch the Pilot and as soon as i did that i realized i wanted to do an (almost) complete rewatch. yesterday night i watched "Force Majeurue", an episode that i immensely liked the first time I watched it but that has always left me with questionmarks. this time around however, i felt that it all came together for me much better - which says a lot about the effort put into writing scripts for this series. Chip's script is very complex and has many layers to it and it's quite amazing t
  14. also note that both Glen Morgan and their father is in this
  15. fans of Darin Morgan's work on "The X Files" and "Millennium" need to see this hilarious short film that he made in film school with a guy named Tony Mortillaro. the film is called "Legends of Doo Wop" and is a mockumentary about these two extremely important behind the scenes guys - one of them is played by Darin himself. lots of laughs guaranteed!
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