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  1. Sounds like we have a similar project going. Definitely let me know when it's finished. I hit 30,000 words on this project and it's been on the backburner for a couple months now as I had other projects and just released a very different book for teens, Bruh Read the News: https://bookshop.org/books/bruh-read-the-news-a-teen-guide-for-fighting-disinformation-one-critical-thinker-at-a-time/9781088026373 This backburner period will let me get some fresh eyes on the project, however, and once again, with enjoyment return to Season One. Of course! I appreciate the interest.
  2. This is a great idea. I'm currently finishing up the 3rd season again, so I don't want to compile my own version of the mini series quite yet, but I would say for Season One I would add "Force Majeure." Without it, the shift to season 2 would be even more abrupt than it was when the series ran in its entirety. I also loved how you included "The Judge," one of my favorite episodes.
  3. I agree. Peter was definitely torn in his loyalties, and it probably was a mix of the difficulty of clarifying what occurred in one episode as well as the shift in writers. Just struck me as odd, "Not much. Not yet," like the MG did kill Catherine and Peter was aware, or at least that the virus was deliberately spread by the MG. It makes me wonder what the group had on Peter. I think it would have been awesome if at some point they showed us what transpired between Peter and the MG soldiers on the night Lara went insane. Where was he taken? What did the MG tell him or how did it threaten him?
  4. While I'm not surprised that a lot of folks don't like the episode (and that's not a knock), I enjoy "...13 Years Later." There isn't a Halloween episode fathomable that could follow up something as brilliant and as well done as "The Curse of Frank Black," especially in light of the events that transpired at the end of Season 2, so we should just stop right there and not even try to compare the two. "...13 Years Later" is the kind of episode you watch while eating king size candy bars and salty popcorn, all washed down in a gluttonous fashion by your favorite carbonated beverage. It's a funny parody about the humor, ridiculousness, shock, fright and enjoyment we, as horror fans, get out of the genre. I think it's interesting how Michael Perry followed up something like "The Mikado" with a goofier, Darin Morgan-like episode. It's a good, not great, entry, but a worthy addition to the series, and I have to say, even though I wouldn't consider myself a KISS fan, I'm digging the heavy guitar strings and the song they played. "Welcome to the show!" Came across this behind the scenes video a week ago. In the interest of time, Lance is interviewed about 20 minutes in:
  5. I agree. I actually don't find her dull. Her life experiences have shaped her personality, and everyone's personality is shaped differently. I see Emma as a strong woman with a tragic past. Slamming the car into the overhead support column was brave, and seemed to me to be a way of Emma taking back control; a sharp contrast against the little girl standing in the doorway, understandably, afraid to death of the man who had murdered her sister. "Closure" is a solid episode. However, if I were to find it a position among 67 Millennium episodes, it's a bottom of mid-tier entry.
  6. It's a solid flick: pretty good, not great. Definitely a worthy addition to Lance's catalog, and love that he's a hero, rather than a villain. Watched it on Netflix a few years ago, then recently bought it on DVD.
  7. There's been a lot of discussion about Peter's character arc throughout the years, but after recently finishing Season 2 again, gaining new insights, then beginning Season 3, it struck me that Peter's behavior is unexplained as it relates to the "The Time is Now" to "Exegesis" (his first appearance in Season 3). Toward the end of "The Time..." Peter has finally agreed with Frank that the MG really cares about control more than anything else, and so at Frank's urging, Peter goes to apparently rescue Lara Means. He's of course stopped by some MG soldiers in suits, and then there's the mysterious phone call to Frank where we here a distraught Peter yell, "Frank," and then we're left wondering what exactly went down as car doors are slammed shut. Which takes us to "Exegesis." While it's plausible that Frank is pissed and distrustful of Peter and believes the MG killed Catherine, there's no explanation as to what happened that night outside of the cabin where Lara had gone insane. Was Peter once again convinced by the MG that they were a force for good? Was his family threatened? After meeting with Frank outside of Jordan's new school, he returns to the car with Mabius in the backseat who asks "What does he know?", to which Peter responds, "Not much. Not yet." Curious what everyone thinks about this. Is it a case of yet another classic hole in the plot and storyline, or something else?
  8. Watching Diggstown (1992) and thought I spotted some of Millennium's Season One villains in one place: Connor (John Fleck) from "Blood Relatives" and the Judge (Marshall Bell) from the eponymous episode...wrong I was! That isn't John Fleck; turns out it's Frank Collison. Honestly, they look very similar.
  9. I love TubiTV. I found it when searching for Columbo episodes. Might be a great place for Millennium to finally stream. There are a ton of great shows and movies, and the ads aren't that bad (when I stream online, sometimes it's just a one-commercial break).
  10. Reviving a dead poll, but my answer is "No." I also have to disagree with some of the comments about her being a nagging burden throughout Season 2. It definitely starts that way, but halfway through, particularly with "Luminary," her and Frank begin to reconcile their differences. The end of that episode as they walk to Frank's jeep arm and arm, smiling, is one of my favorite moments. In "Owls," as Frank is putting Jordan in the car and Catherine is explaining her night shift with Aerotech, she says "It felt like family there for a minute again." She was a great character whose potential was unfortunately under-served and whose purpose was overlooked.
  11. That's an awesome interview. It's funny how Megan kept repeating "December 6th" about the Catherine episodes beginning. However, the episode I thought she was referring to was "The Well-Worn Lock," which I believe aired closer to Christmas. "Blood Relatives" is probably the one as she is featured more prominently in it. It's disappointing and I'm sure she was disappointed that the show didn't involve her as much. She's absent in so much of Season 2, and then of course, the season finale took her out of the show, at least physically. As others have said, she was a great character, and I agree that it would have been great for the show to go in a direction where Frank valued Catherine's advice, wisdom and prescience much more; she definitely had the power to center him. This is why her death hurt so much; not only was a main character killed, but so was a larger story potential. I assume there are some Columbo fans on this forum. Well, when the show returned in the late 80s after a decade away, there's an episode titled "Goodbye, Mrs. Columbo," I believe, and there is an attempt on Columbo's wife's life (poison in jam), and the viewer is even tricked into believing there was a funeral for her. Just the idea broke my heart, but I was glad to see it was just a ploy to get the killer to admit to the original murder. The writers didn't kill her off. It's also worth noting that in Columbo's 60+ episodes, we never ever see Mrs. Columbo; just see Columbo talk to her on the phone, try to find her on a cruise, or make references to his wife in every episode. It hurts when writers kill the characters they ask us to love...
  12. The character of Catherine Black had a lot of untapped potential. We saw it in episodes like "The Well-Worn Lock" as well as "Anamnesis." IMO, the end of season 2 should have concluded with a mysterious knock on the cabin door, with a secretive Millennium Group member, perhaps in a monastery hood, delivering by candlelight another dose to protect Catherine, and as a result, the entire Black family. This would be similar to the character X from the X-Files who helps Mulder before his death. She was essential to Frank's light, as much as Jordan was. It would have been great to see them find the strength to the return to the Yellow House as a family again.
  13. I agree Doug Hutchison was a great casting for the Polaroid Stalker in this episode. I also found Robert Shearman's take in his review of the episode in his book Wanting to Believe: A Critical Guide to The X-Files, Millennium & The Lone Gunmen to be pretty on-point, too. He basically said that we went from a reserved stalker in "Paper Dove" to a guy that suddenly we can't get to shut up in "The Beginning & the End" lol.
  14. Fantastic episode and I watched it again last night. One question for me regards the diner cook with "ketchup" on his apron. Is he asking the Winnebago couple to move forward to put them in harm's way, or is he terrible at helping people?
  15. @Gotham Gal I think you're probably right, though a 15-minute conversation wouldn't hurt, but let's let the past remain where it should. Ted Mann said in the Millennium After the Millennium documentary that everything was TBD and Carter never laid out a vision for the show and that it was intentional. What bothers me is that "98% less serial killers" in Season Two equaled 100% less Ted Mann. Also, no inside info, it could have been his decision, just a correlation.
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