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  1. Thanks. One thing I might do is pull out the DVD with "Collateral Damage." Where was the bowling alley located (from which Peter Watts' daughter was kidnapped)? Assuming it's highlighted at the opening scene like is often the case for Ten Thirteen, that might be a good indicator of the Watts Family residency.
  2. Welcome to the community!

  3. Sad to hear Trugoy of De la Soul has passed. A great poet and emcee, “Stakes is High” remains among the best songs and albums in hip hop history. Rest easy, Trugoy the Dove. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/de-la-soul-trugoy-the-dove-dead-obit-1234678463/
  4. Nicely done. I love “Pest House.” It’s the kind of episode I’d show to someone who has never seen the series before. A well done, house of horrors type stand alone. As for the music, I had to skip to the point that you mentioned is heard in the opening scene lol. Not my cup of tea.
  5. Curious. Whatever became of this ambitious project?
  6. With @The Old Man recent update, adding the virtual seasons to the server since the 4th Horseman page is broken, and including the ePub format, I read this first episode of VS4 on my Kobo eReader last night/this morning. As others have said, it brought me right back to the show! I loved being able to visualize Frank and Jordan, Emma Hollis, even McClaren. The story is captivating and would make for a very suspenseful filmed episode; perfect for MM. I was hoping for a different outcome for Peter Watts, but there's at least a sense of closure in regards to his relationship with Frank. I've downloaded the first 5 to my eReader so far. Looking forward to the second episode later today.
  7. Not sure if this has ever been brought up, but I was watching the episode last night and a couple things struck me as odd and implausible. Namely, locations. Peter Watts lives in the Seattle area, right? After all, we see Frank visit his home in “Midnight of the Century” and Catherine do so in “Luminary.” So then how does Frank bust thru Peter’s front door but work for the FBI in Arlington, VA, not to mention pull Jordan out of school in the Virginia area, all in a matter of hours? Ok, so the time from when he visits Peter to the time he runs out of the school with Jordan’s hand in his own, that’s more like a half day, but still. Plus there’s the scene where he and Peter meet on the side of the road surrounded by forests, then the files in the jeep signaling that Frank and Jordan were in danger. Great episode regardless, just curious what others thought.
  8. Awesome! Checking out the first essay on Millennium's Pilot episode. Hopefully it syncs with my Kobo eReader because I'd prefer reading from there. Incidentally, I began writing a book on Season 1 a year ago...got some 30,000 words in and stopped in my tracks working on other stuff. Maybe your essays will persuade me to delve back into it. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Entertainment Weekly published a great article yesterday about Lance's incredible 50+ year career and explores what it deems his best 10 performances. I won't spoil anything, but you know Millennium made the cut... https://ew.com/movies/lance-henriksen-best-performances/
  10. Glad to have you here SKOT. Perhaps your PC privileges were revoked by the Group all these years until now 😉 I'll definitely swing with your theory. Makes sense. Of course, if we're going off of the literal way things played out behind the scenes, the MM was never originally intended to be a secret society with nefarious motivations, but in terms of the way things played out from Season 1 to Season 3 on screen, your explanations hold true. I'll also be diving into Season 2 again this week. Do you mean "Lamentation" from Season 1, or "Luminary" from Season 2?
  11. Any fans of The Sinner here? It stars BIll Pullman, and has some Millennium qualities. The main character is, get this, a retired detective, who appears to have a gift (at least in Season 1 the woman he searches for speaks to him in his head). The tone of the show is foreboding and moody. A book containing an ouroboros is more than once shown and referenced. A growing conflict for balance between the case and his family life/love life is also a part of the storyline. I'm only 3 episodes in, and coming to this show late as I believe it may have just wrapped up it's 4th and final season, but I'm enjoying it.
  12. Came across this on Twitter and had to share this here. A man can dream! Happy Halloween...this is who we are!
  13. Sounds like we have a similar project going. Definitely let me know when it's finished. I hit 30,000 words on this project and it's been on the backburner for a couple months now as I had other projects and just released a very different book for teens, Bruh Read the News: https://bookshop.org/books/bruh-read-the-news-a-teen-guide-for-fighting-disinformation-one-critical-thinker-at-a-time/9781088026373 This backburner period will let me get some fresh eyes on the project, however, and once again, with enjoyment return to Season One. Of course! I appreciate the interest.
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