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  1. @Gotham Gal I think you're probably right, though a 15-minute conversation wouldn't hurt, but let's let the past remain where it should. Ted Mann said in the Millennium After the Millennium documentary that everything was TBD and Carter never laid out a vision for the show and that it was intentional. What bothers me is that "98% less serial killers" in Season Two equaled 100% less Ted Mann. Also, no inside info, it could have been his decision, just a correlation.
  2. @Gotham Gal I have. Bought a hard copy when it came out a decade ago. I still read it to this day. Every essay is excellent, and I've referenced it a few times and will continue to I'm sure. My book aims to focus on the dark and light in the episodes, as well as examine the historical context related to the stories and what I see as the subtext. I'm deliberately avoiding complete synopsis-style descriptions of the episodes. In the cases where I struggle to avoid revealing significant portions of plot, I'm adding a spoiler alert, because my hope is that someone new to the show would read it, not just time-tested fans. I feel like there's not a lot of literature about the show. Aside from Back to Frank Black, most writers I've seen usually address Millennium as extensions in books they write about the X-Files, which is understandable given the two different worlds in popularity, but that's really my goal: add to the literature.
  3. To my TIWWA Community, I just want everyone to know that I'm in the midst of writing a book on Season One of Millennium. It's largely a book of praise focused on the light and dark of the show. I'm also trying not to include many spoilers as I want the show to both appeal to old fans and newcomers who haven't yet watched the series. I'm relying on a lot of the great material on this site, so thanks to Libby and everyone involved in writing/editing the transcripts, as well as the synopsis and character profile pages. I'm reading reviews of episodes to gather additional insights, and of course, watching the episodes again. So far, I dig into favorite scenes and highlight historical context where possible (e.g. the amount of children in foster care in the 90s as it relates to "Blood Relatives" or America's prison population as it relates to "The Judge"). I'm about 15,000 words into what I plan to be a 40,000-words manuscript. I'm still in the drafting stage, and after that, revision time, which will likely occur in the next week or so (I'm working on another book as well, so that gives me some time away from the book with fresh eyes and perspective). I'm definitely going to be shouting out/recommending our community in the book as it's a fantastic place to engage with fans and an exceptional resource. I've got an exceptional artist working on the cover and drawings of villains like the Judge and Lucy Butler, and also some of my favorite recurring characters. The book will be self-published, but as I plan to turn it into a series that examines all 3 seasons (over the next few years), who knows where it might lead and what publisher may be interested/which publisher I may reach out to after the first book. My author/blog website is https://www.rightguywrongtown.com if anyone is interested (I write a lot about politics, education & music and am beginning to delve into film). This is who we are!
  4. This just came in the mail a few days ago from Books From the Crypt, an online store from Maryland whose tagline is "Specializing in Pulp SF, Fantasy & Horror Since 1997." I wonder if that's how long they've had this near-mint copy. Great book so far. It's around 240 pages and Elizabeth Hand has a real skill with imagery. The writing is poetic, and you do get more from the novel. So far not on the deductive reasoning/pathologist end, but certainly when it comes to Frank's home life, his desire to protect his family, the way he holds his breath so he can hear is daughter breathing while she sleeps peacefully in the night. I'll post the Gehenna novel when I start reading it in a day or two.
  5. @Gotham Gal "We never really talked about it [Morgan & Wong and Chip, et al] Looking at the Back to Frank Black book and I can't seem to find the part about dissolving the Millennium Group (my imagination or something I heard on one of the DVD special features or the BTFB podcasts?), however, regarding the Chip and Morgan/Wong situation, it's definitely true. Glenn Morgan said "We never really talked about it, so it was weird to watch some of Season Three where there was this plague, and then we just forget about it. There were a couple of ways you could go. I just watched The Road, and that was kind of one of the ideas that we had--the show should just kind of become that." (Chamberlain & Dixon, p. 123) Later on, in conversation with Frank Spotnitz, when asked if anyone believed the series would not return for Season 3, Spotnitz replied "No. What I remember is, actually, that I thought we were coming back for Season Three, but I had no idea how we were going to get out of the box that Season Two ended in. I thought we were coming back; I guess I was hoping Morgan and Wong were coming back so that they could get us out of the box that they had built!" (p. 280) Why these conversations never took place, I'll never understand. That said, just on its face, I don't like The Road idea. I have full confidence that the writers could make it work, but I actually liked the direction of Season 3, though the opening episodes were not that strong. If I discover any of the other ideas Morgan and Wong apparently had, I'll be sure to share them.
  6. So I'm struggling to find copies of Weeds, Force Majeure and The Wild and the Innocent. I wonder if the authors have any rights to the books that would allow them to use a print-on-demand service and/or publish eBooks. A real shame they're so hard to come by.
  7. Well-said! Not ready to vote just yet as I'm rewatching all, but I definitely appreciate your take on Season 3.
  8. "Broken World" is one of my absolute favorites. I think that's the one that won the "communication of animal rights" award, right? I'm in the midst of rewatching the series and not even halfway through the First Season at the moment. When I'm through, I'll post my top 10 because it's too difficult right now lol and I'd be far too biased toward the First Season at this point 🙂
  9. I'm checking these out right now. Definitely buying them, and there seem to be a lot of alternative sellers: https://www.biblio.com/the-frenchman-millenium-by-hand-elizabeth/work/172432 https://www.alibris.com/The-Frenchman-Elizabeth-Hand/book/2458963 I avoid Amazon at all costs 🙂
  10. Perfect time to rewatch every episode (even the ones you don't like so much)!
  11. You're driving your car into town when it's raining and Mark Snow's "Main Title" pops in your head.
  12. Without question, the "Pilot" episode. It established the original direction for the show and laid out Chris Carter's vision which I tend to see as a blueprint for the other writers. Even though much of the show was taken to a conspiracy/apocalyptic mytharc, the "gift' and the purpose of Frank's character still shined throughout. The only scene I laugh at in this episode is when the coroner (I assume), Massey, responds to one of Frank Black's insights into the crime with "The man with the x-ray eyes." lol I found that to be a cheap and overt attempt at drawing the character, but it's just a glitch in what is otherwise a brilliant piece of film, from the writing, acting, direction, cinematography and, of course, the music.
  13. Absolutely agree. As I said in a previous thread, this one bestows so much dignity to survivors of sexual assault and abuse. When Connie tosses the lock in the river at the end with Mark Snow's beautiful and inspirational music overlaying the scene, you really begin to understand Chris Carter's vision for the show.
  14. Began watching this episode again last night. Great story, and I feel like it's one of the first episodes to lean toward the supernatural/apocalyptic mytharc. It's also funny how Peter Watts doesn't really entertain Dennis' ideas or predictions at this point, but in Season 2, the character shift is noticeable. Of course, one can simply write that off as he didn't want to betray the Millennium Group's real agenda/concerns. Favorite line from the episode: "Dennis, you've been telling people we work together." - Frank Black
  15. Well look at me bringing a dead thread back to life. Rather than mention what I think is the worst episode from the series, I'd rather go ahead here and defend "The Well-Worn Lock." I think Chris Carter wrote an excellent one here, and the story bestowed so much dignity to survivors of sexual assault and abuse. If it's a LIFETIME movie as some have suggested, maybe I should start watching that channel more 🙂
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