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  1. I'm checking these out right now. Definitely buying them, and there seem to be a lot of alternative sellers: https://www.biblio.com/the-frenchman-millenium-by-hand-elizabeth/work/172432 https://www.alibris.com/The-Frenchman-Elizabeth-Hand/book/2458963 I avoid Amazon at all costs 🙂
  2. Perfect time to rewatch every episode (even the ones you don't like so much)!
  3. You're driving your car into town when it's raining and Mark Snow's "Main Title" pops in your head.
  4. Without question, the "Pilot" episode. It established the original direction for the show and laid out Chris Carter's vision which I tend to see as a blueprint for the other writers. Even though much of the show was taken to a conspiracy/apocalyptic mytharc, the "gift' and the purpose of Frank's character still shined throughout. The only scene I laugh at in this episode is when the coroner (I assume), Massey, responds to one of Frank Black's insights into the crime with "The man with the x-ray eyes." lol I found that to be a cheap and overt attempt at drawing the character, but it's just a glitch in what is otherwise a brilliant piece of film, from the writing, acting, direction, cinematography and, of course, the music.
  5. Absolutely agree. As I said in a previous thread, this one bestows so much dignity to survivors of sexual assault and abuse. When Connie tosses the lock in the river at the end with Mark Snow's beautiful and inspirational music overlaying the scene, you really begin to understand Chris Carter's vision for the show.
  6. Began watching this episode again last night. Great story, and I feel like it's one of the first episodes to lean toward the supernatural/apocalyptic mytharc. It's also funny how Peter Watts doesn't really entertain Dennis' ideas or predictions at this point, but in Season 2, the character shift is noticeable. Of course, one can simply write that off as he didn't want to betray the Millennium Group's real agenda/concerns. Favorite line from the episode: "Dennis, you've been telling people we work together." - Frank Black
  7. Well look at me bringing a dead thread back to life. Rather than mention what I think is the worst episode from the series, I'd rather go ahead here and defend "The Well-Worn Lock." I think Chris Carter wrote an excellent one here, and the story bestowed so much dignity to survivors of sexual assault and abuse. If it's a LIFETIME movie as some have suggested, maybe I should start watching that channel more 🙂
  8. I seem to remember this discussed in the book Back to Frank Black. I'll have to take a look again, but off the top of the head, I think one of the paths out of that prevailing myth-arc, which I liked but definitely moved the show out of the simplicity of the murder mystery theme in Season 1, was that the Millennium Group would dissolve or be prosecuted, and that the end of the world scenario was not so imminent. This definitely would go along with the idea that the pandemic was contained to a few areas instead of widespread (like at the end of Season 2).
  9. Great episode! I always found the bad guy to be among the creepiest and elusive. Frank doesn't catch him, right?
  10. We all have our favorite episodes, and with that, I'm sure there are some lines that pop in your head from time to time. For me, it's from "The Judge" (Season 1, Episode 4): "I'll have a tuna fish sandwich and a beer."
  11. It is pretty creepy and disturbing; not to mention I feel bad about his wife discovering she married a very sick individual.
  12. Gotta admit I downloaded Vol 1 a few years ago because the CD was out of print, so I'm really looking forward to picking up both volumes immediately when they are released...FYI there's only 2,000 copies coming out of Vol 2 and 1,000 of Vol 1! Get it while you can.
  13. Welcome! You came to the right place. I've been a member here for a few years and I return here every once in a while to check in. Have you heard about the new Millennium comic? They just released the first of 5 last month. IDW Publishing released it, Joe Harris wrote it, and Chris Carter executive produced it. It is definitely a good idea to check it out and support it and hopefully we'll see Frank Black again on the screen at some level. Anyway, glad to see new members. This is who we are!
  14. I love the idea of bringing back the Owls. Not to open a can of worms, though...don't they envision the time being near around 2060? Did I read that in the Back to Frank Black book? Either way, close enough lol.
  15. My take is that the angel who shot him removed him from earth and sent him back to hell. "You have no idea how painful it is for me to be here..."
  16. It's been pretty much confirmed from all the teasers and blurbs that is in fact the route they've taken, which is odd considering Chris Carter is executive producer, and that is exactly the kind of misinterpretation he took issue with in the series. That said, still looking forward to the comic!
  17. Yes, the comic is great! I actually bought the book version that contains all 5 (I believe) of the comic issues. Hadn't read a comic in years prior to Lance's. Just got the X Files comic that brought Frank Black back a few weeks ago. Great stuff.
  18. The 10-minute clip used to be on YouTube, but a quick search didn't turn up anything. Sorry.
  19. Yes, in a great episode: "Beyond the Sea" - https://x-files.wikia.com/wiki/Beyond_the_Sea Season 1
  20. So I just typed in Idaho and it took me to the Iron Lung Man's profile from "Force Majeure." Are you referring to the professor that kept claiming that he worked with Frank, and then disappeared with the girls in the end? I liked him, too. He was great in the X-Files also.
  21. This is an excellent response; the kind that makes returning to this forum worth it. This is who we are!
  22. Jim Penseyres played by Chris Ellis - a smart Millennium Group member that added more precision and detail-oriented dialogue to the show Ardus Cohen played by Lindsay Crouse - she had great chemistry with Frank/Lance, and had a seriousness about her which complemented Frank's Maureen Murphy played by Harriet Sansom Harris - great chemistry with Frank/Lance also...love her work in The X-Files All 3 were great characters from Season 1; characters I feel should have been explored more. Certainly Harris' character was a very specific detective (sex crimes), so her inclusion in the storyline depended on the case (the same is probably true for Crouse's), but Jim Penseyres could have been in the show much more. I liked how Penseyres echoed and supplemented Frank's profiling in "The Judge."
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