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  1. Has anyone ever noticed the similarities in tone and message between the Millennium episode "Weeds" and the X-Files episode "Red Museum" (Season 2)? In "Weeds," the perpetrator is punishing sons for the sins of their fathers. In "Red Museum," children are being abducted because they have been turned into "monsters" due to tests involving growth hormones, which were administered by the doctor who delivered them. Both perpetrators are correcting immorality, taking the hypocricy of the world into their own hands. Both perps are clearly delusional, despite their desire for morality; they just go about fixing things that can't be fixed by them; trying to fix wrongs the wrong way. It might be interesting to watch these episodes one after the other; in which order, I'm not sure.
  2. BacktoFrankBlack.com recently posted this interview conducted by Brophisticate.com. The creators of B2FB talk Millennium and their book about the seminal show. The greatest part of the interview: as far as I've seen, the first real hint of interest by Fox executives to bring Frank back in some form. Enjoy! https://brophisticate.com/please-come-back-frank-black/
  3. You got the date from "Walkabout," correct? I just noticed it the other night and checked on here to see if anyone had mentioned it before.
  4. I watched this episode for only the second time today, after skipping it the past few times I've watched the whole show marathon style. I just remember it being too hard to swallow. However, I told myself I needed to revisit it. Wow! What an amazing episode. So much of what has been said before me is spot on...it's "grounded in reality." I think it was such an important story for television. Chris Carter really did his homework ("you are not a victim, you are a survivor"). The ending was so touching: Catherine giving Connie the lock; the lock being a metaphor for Connie's secret and silence, finally ending as she told her story and tossed it down the dam waterfall. Beautiful! Thank you Chris Carter for such a real story.
  5. Welcome, Skeptical Dog! I'm re-watching in September. I'll probably never line it up so the "The Curse of Frank Black" is ready around Halloween, but I'll try.
  6. Certainly a great Season 3 episode. I agree with all the comments about what was chilling/scary, and the fact the Cheryl Andrews story in this episode dug a huge plot hole. One my favorite parts in the episode is toward the end when Emma goes to the house of, I believe, Cheryl Andrews, and there's that famous Nazareth song, "Love Hurts" playing as she walks through the house. Of course, Peter Watts shows up and scares the crap out of everyone watching.
  7. I think I'll have to watch it again before I answer as well lol
  8. Not to be petty, but since this is a Season One discussion topic, I'm replying with my "honesty" for season 1 only: The Great: The Pilot, Gehenna, Dead Letters, The Judge (my favorite ep. of all when not compared to some fantastic holiday episodes), Wide Open, The Wild & the Innocent, Force Majeure, The Thin White Line, Walkabout, Lamentation, Powers, Principalities, Thrones & Dominions, Broken World, Paper Dove The Average: 522666, Kingdom Come, Blood Relatives, The Well-Worn Lock (might be great, but I have trouble watching this ep., in fact, have never revisited it since first viewing), Weeds, Sacrament, Maranatha The Flawed: Loin Like a Hunting Flame (Ted Mann wrote/co-wrote some of my favorite eps. from the show despite being absent after the first season, but this ep. is uncomfortable to watch), Covenant
  9. I'm watching "Gehenna," and I noticed that when Mike Atkins and Frank step outside to talk about the photographs Frank was sent, they speak next to a water fountain. One might also notice that in "Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions," Frank and Mike Atkins (with Peter Watts) first meet up near the water fountain in the park where a woman's neck was slit. Just something I noticed that I thought was interesting, but probably unintentional.
  10. What a tragedy, so sorry that anyone has had to deal with any of the shootings recently...my heart goes out to everyone.
  11. Why are you not ready? Just no urge or does something bother you about it?
  12. Yeah, major spoiler. Something tells me the writers of both episodes weren't on the same page, so to speak, in terms of Catherine's death anyway. This is who we are...
  13. So, just watched this episode again in honor of the show and the holiday, and what I found deeply significant was the parallel between Catherine's regretful accusation that Frank was letting his gift and the group pull him away from his family, and Frank's father talking about how Frank's mother's gift tore the family apart. At that point, I think Frank begins to empathize with his father, and that results in their reconcilation ("Why did it take so long?"). That is excellent writing.
  14. I usually skip this episode, not because it isn't quality, but because it is, like so many before have said, deeply personal, human, and real. In short, it's almost too dark to encourage me to want to watch it, but most of the comments above are making me think about revisiting sometime soon.
  15. Thanks, I never thought of such an occurrence. I thought the perceived inconsistency had to due with different writers. Happy Holidays!
  16. INPO: Nostalgia (disturbing, but after all, a lot of MM is) Goodbye to All That (one of the best episodes out of any season) Omerta (another great holiday episode) Antipas (Lucy Butler, of course) Collateral Damage (so relevant to today ((think Bradley Manning)) and I love the Coast to Coast cameo) Honorable Mentions: Through a Glass, Darkly The Innocents (and) Exegesis - (for as much criticism those episodes endure, I find them very patient for being season openers and opener follow-ups, respectively. Intelligent writing, compelling story, patient pace.) Sound of Snow (closure, Katherine appearance, visit to the formerly yellow house...everybody needed that).
  17. I find myself returning to this episode often. It's probably my favorite out of all the episodes, certainly #1 from S1. One of the things truly exceptional about this show is the dialogue. I can watch an episode over and over again and discover something new at one turn or another. In the case of "The Judge," I recently paid close attention to what Bardale (might be off on the character name), the Judge's last minion, has to say to Frank about the Judge. "Judge says the system is crap and then he gets in bed with the system." He goes on to point out how the Judge filed lawsuits against the SPD, and didn't fight off the SPD when they wanted to take him in for questioning. Bardale, of course, became disillusioned and killed the Judge. "Man was no judge." The actor behind Bardale's character was great. "Are you looking for somebody?" Haha. Btw, this is one of the first episodes I remember seeing when I was, heck, 12 years old! I almost vividly remember seeing the USPS worker go to the door of the older lady with a package (the tongue!). And I vaguely remember Frank chasing the Frenchman on the bridge from "The Pilot." That said, I don't believe I stuck with the show back then. I was reminded of the show after the X-Files 2nd movie, and I've been hooked ever since.
  18. Without a doubt, the holiday episodes of MM are excellent...MOTC is everything other fans have mentioned and more. But, has anyone mentioned the fact that Frank's father's spirit appears walking with other spirits at the end of the episode, and then several episodes later, ostensibly months later in Frank's life, Frank is informed of his father's death? There are a few holes/inconsistencies in the MM story, and that is one of them.
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