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  1. Hi everyone... I have a pretty specific problem that I want to ask about. I own the R1 sets for Millennium S1 & S2, and I bought a new DVD player today because it does divx. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to like my MM discs very much. The problem I am having, and this is only with my new player, is that there is a small (1/4 or 1/8 second) pause in both audio and video at pretty much every chapter break. Talk about annoying. I even upgraded the player firmware to the latest version. My player is a Philips DVP642/37 and I thought I'd check here on the ever-so-slight chance that someo
  2. Hi everyone, just a question for the Region 1 people (like me)... when XFiles went to widescreen DVD releases in season 5, was that just in R2 or were the R1 discs also widescreen? I know that R1 Buffy discs are all full-screen, which chaps me, and since it's all from Fox, well... my point here (really, I have one!) is that I'm wondering if S2 & 3 for MM will be released in widescreen in R1 or not. Anyone? Thanks.
  3. Well, I guess that's good and bad... bad that it's there, but good that it isn't just me. I wish I could recall the other eps I saw it happen in (can't remember if it was 1 or 2 others)... I guess that's just an excuse to watch the first 2 discs over again. :)
  4. So I've been watching my discs since Tuesday, and have noticed in 2 or 3 places where the colour shifts slightly from either lighter->darker or vice versa. One scene in particular that I recall from today is during "Wide Open" (disc 3) at approximately 2:08 into the episode. It is a shot of a for sale sign that noticeably shifts spectrum. I've watched on both my stand-alone DVD player, and my computer, and it happens on both, so it's not my equipment. Does anyone else have this problem, or did I get a bad box set? I find that hard to believe, since it happens on multiple discs... T
  5. One disc per day, as hard as it is to resist gorging myself on the whole season. Disc 4 tomorrow. -c-
  6. Hi, new user here, long time devotee of Millennium since the pilot. This inspired me to create an account here and comment. I have the exact same feelings about that as you do. It should not say anywhere on the box or discs at all, anything referencing the XFiles. Annoying. -c-
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