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  1. seesthru

    anyone else watch Luther?

    I'll have to do that.
  2. seesthru

    X-Files 2018

    Dr Pimple Popper is helping people,one pop at a time, LOL!
  3. seesthru

    anyone else watch Luther?

    I don't notice any different sounds than before, but I have a MLM background now!
  4. seesthru

    X-Files 2018

    Hahah! If I were burning actual people limbs, that would be most millenniumistic! and eww! Dr Sandra Lee is a dermatologist. I think she does TV, but I watch her youtube videos, to try and strengthen my stomach so to speak. It can get gross!
  5. seesthru

    X-Files 2018

    I got started burning limbs. That's the fun part of yard work. Yeah, I may watch it in the future... WHen I want gross I watch Dr Pimple Popper on youtube, LOL!
  6. seesthru

    anyone else watch Luther?

    Wow I downloaded it and it went immediately to the theme! Nice!
  7. seesthru

    anyone else watch Luther?

    When you have the sound theme on teh computer, do the sounds replace computer notification sounds, etc?
  8. seesthru

    X-Files 2018

    yeah. I didn't come across whitewalkers in GoT right away.... I literally groaned when I saw them. They're zombies, no doubt. In the show, when people and animals are killed by them, they become one too. ZOMBIE!!! LOL Not the turn I saw comig in the show. I hadn't read the books so was a newbie to the whole thing. I haven't decided to start watching TWD yet... If I were a smart person, I'd get off watching stuff and get caught up on yard work and house work... but I'm not that smart.....
  9. seesthru

    anyone else watch Luther?

    I get the same thing. But.... I still enjoy playing the audio in the preveiw thing.
  10. seesthru

    X-Files 2018

    I'm so anti-zombie I can't even watch. I may one day. That's how I started watching The Handmaid's Tale, and Game of Thrones. I'll have lots of binge watching if I start on TWD
  11. seesthru

    X-Files 2018

    We had closure of a sort, all too soon..... SO SAD! that x-files farce, the only good thing was that we find that Frank and Jordan are okay, and in the end, reunited to again, drive into the future... The rest of that episode, ugh. Smelly zombies. Did I mention, I hate zombie stuff?
  12. seesthru

    anyone else watch Luther?

    It's been a couple of years. I watched the first episode again a couple of weeks ago. Love it as much! I still like Millennium better though! Sorry, your browser does not support the audio element. Sorry, your browser does not support the audio element. Sorry, your browser does not support the audio element.
  13. seesthru

    anyone else watch Luther?

    Yes I did and there is a MLM connection: I watched it based on the recommendation of Lance Henriksen... He posted on facebook that Idris Elba was an awesome actor and the show was one to watch.
  14. I hope that this last one goes well and that all yoru numbers get back to where they should be!
  15. seesthru

    Happy Birthday Merowig

    Happy Belated Birthday Merowig!!!

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