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  1. seesthru


    I have a recurring nightmare about a bridge.
  2. seesthru

    Grinning skull asteroid

    Interesting video! The original picture, looks more like an alien skull!
  3. In keeping with the Halloween theme: 1. What happens when a ghost gets lost in the fog? 2. Why didn't the skeleton dance at the party? 3. Why did the ghost go into the bar? 4. What's a monster's favorite bean?
  4. You keep asking if I am cheating. No. I am not . If I were, I'd say so without you having to ask. That is in my nature.
  5. seesthru

    Grinning skull asteroid

    I don't think the Comet as visible here in NW FLorida.. I would have looked at it, I think!
  6. Dog = 4 Cat = 4 donkey = 6 Fish = 0 What does the rooster equal and why?
  7. seesthru

    Happy Birthday, Libby!

    Happy belated birthday Libby! I hope it was a wonderful day for you!!!!!!!
  8. seesthru

    The Man in the High Castle (2015 - )

    Where do you watch them?
  9. seesthru

    Grinning skull asteroid

    Thanks Old Man! I will tool around with the emojis when I get a bit of time. Yes, the Millennium Comet! Wish I'd seen the real thing.
  10. Don't know the tune one. I'd have to google it to find out. Mystery to me!
  11. Three travelers decide to stay at a hotel and are told that their rooms will cost $10 each so they pay $30. Later, the clerk realizes that he made a mistake and should have only charged them $25. He gives a bellboy $5 to return to them but the bellboy is dishonest and gives them each only $1, keeping $2 for himself. So the men actually spent $27 and the bellboy kept $2. What happened to the other dollar from the original $30?
  12. I have a question: If there are no windows or doors, how did anyone get in the room? LOL

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