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  1. Who Is The Killer?

    The newsman. He didn't deliver wednesday and thursday!
  2. Who Is The Killer?

    If it were an intruder the broken glass would be on the inside.
  3. Who Is The Killer?

    I googled it and one solution was to dig and pile dirt up to the window. But in a 2x2 room, you'd just be digging a hole with no room to pile dirt.
  4. Who Is The Killer?

    a 2x2 cell? he could climb out, hands and feet on the sides and climb out.
  5. Who Is The Killer?

    Math teacher.
  6. Who Is The Killer?

    I wouldn't target the elderly. You're Dr. Harold Shipman. You are a considered killer who always thinks about what you do before you do it and purposefully targets the elderly.
  7. Snow Files of the Week

    It's working for me. Such sad music beautiful, but so melancholy, like I feel.
  8. Who Is The Killer?

    I can never take these tests without knowingly influencing the results I waned Lecter, so I got Lecter. You are Hannibal Lecter, a highly sophisticated individual with first class taste and the will power to get whatever you want. You are hungry for life and thirsty for power, as you travel the globe seeking out your next victims. Your greatest indulgence comes in the form of cannibalism. You fall in love with people, allowing them to consume you... until you consume them. Although you are a savage criminal, you are a sensitive soul who appreciates beauty and you would share your knowledge in order to help others seek justice.
  9. Who Is The Killer?

    This one was too hard. I had to google it. Then it was simple. D'oh!
  10. Who Is The Killer?

    too easy.

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