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  1. If I am holding a bee, what do I have in my eye?
  2. These are harder...probably won't get them
  3. seesthru


    Border Collies are bred for herding, constantly moving, guarding the herd. They are very energetic normally, and need to be given "work" to do. The dog that played Benny probably wasn't given the proper amount of exercise, and became unruly. I had read somewhere he acted out, got aggressive, so they simply dropped his appearances. It could also be that in changing the whole direction of the show, etc, that they actually forgot to write him in... Who knows? There is a "Benny" around the corner from me. A Border Collie. It's been there for years, and will not stop barking incessantly at everyone who walks by. I walk by almost daily, and it barks from one end of the yard to the other. That whole street is full of barking dogs... I actually call that dog Benny, LOL! Once it got out, and I figured I'd be attacked, but He or she didn't attack, just barked. I feel bad for the dog, for all those dogs on what I call "dog street" They do what is in their nature , but they also do it out of a lack of anything else TO do. Maybe Benny the dog needed more than just a scene here and there, maybe he needed full time work. I realize as I type this, that Benny the Dog has left this earth.. It's been what, 22 years since he appeared on Millennium? Kind of sad to think.
  4. I forgot who the restaurant killer is. It should say who it is in one of the responses, I think! But I know the other one was a murder! Earthnut
  5. When you see it, you will Go D'oh!
  6. Good answer, but not the correct one. I got it wrong too when I looked at it. Earthnut got it right.
  7. Probably too easy for you, but I liked this one! The number 8,549,176,320 is a unique number. What is so special about it?
  8. Good answer on the last one!
  9. There once was an evil wizard. He took 3 women from their homes and turned them into rose bushes that looked exactly alike. He put them in his garden. One of the women had a husband and children and begged the wizard to let her see them. He agreed. At night he brought the woman to her house. In the morning he came and took her home. Next day the husband decided to go rescue her. So he snuck into the wizard's garden. He looked and looked at the 3 identical rose bushes trying to figure out which could be his wife. Suddenly he knew the answer and he took his wife home. How did he know which rose bush was his wife?

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