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  1. Remember the prions? Those things that were combined with Ebola Marburg to create the virus that ultimately killed Catherine? They are real entities, real things... and we're learning more about them every day,a nd the more we learn, the more frightening it sounds. Prions seed the eyes of victims
  2. I promise I'll catch up on these too soon! Haven't found anything yet!
  3. Even with the hint I can't find the doll.. The picture is difficult to look at, and I can't make out much of what is in it. What am I looking for in the sheep?
  4. I found all the ones except the doll. Will have to come back to that. Got to take my coughing hacking self out and about today, yuck! THe doll one is gonna be difficult!
  5. I got 6 maybe.... They are smaller than you'd think.
  6. I tried to put the cat in the spoiler thing, but it didn't work. It was easy to find tonight, after you gave e a direction. But the odd Pikachu... Nothing yet, and I stared for 5 minutes!
  7. I found the cat in the dog picture, but not in the owl one!
  8. Kinda bottom right, sorta below and right of the pumpkin with closed eye
  9. THey need to make the pictures bigger for us old folks! LOL I did find it, after enlarging the thing and staring until my eyes hurt!
  10. The apple one I like! LOL I hope the picture shows. It's new. Find the star. There's a star hidden in it. Took a while, but I found it!
  11. Interesting! I'm inclined to think it is natural phenomena, but i"m open to all things.
  12. seesthru


    The sunset is beautiful. The china bridge looks harmless but I bet it's very high up!! The old bridge, that one isn't bad.. I like it.
  13. Yes, I did answer them correctly. They are all kinda using the same logic. OH! THe twins favorite fruit one. D'OH!
  14. number sequence test I just did the number sequence test. I know, you hate those... but they help with patterns and reasoning!

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