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  1. What was the significance of 5 dogs? Is there some meaning behind the number 5?
  2. I guess that is as good an excuse as any! LOL I see signs of another panic here in Florida, and for good reason. I can't believe the stupidity of people. I was in public, wearing my mask, and a guy comes up, tries to chat me up, and as usual around here, he's unmasked. After a few minutes, tells me he's been exposed to the virus. I know him, we chat occasionally. He's early 70's. I know we blame the younger people for the spread, and yes they do, but where I am? My exposure on a nearly daily basis comes from the over 50 crowd. Anyway he cannot conceive the notion that he should
  3. You've completely lost me with all that well researched info! You can put the episode wherever it suits you. August, wherever. That's the beauty of what I call a stand-alone episode like Force Majeure. Unlike Paper dove, it's placement in any one spot isn't crucial to the series timeline in general. It's like Somehow Satan and Jose Chung. Flexible to a point. I mean, Somehow Satan is an episode that could fit in any of the seasons and not upset the timeline or storyline, except for Frank's hair color...Jose Chung is flexible to any given point in Season 1 and 2. Forc
  4. I've got to look a couple of references up and I"ll get back to ya on the 1000 days they kept talking about. As for Catherine, Jordan and Frank, they moved out of the yellow house in season 2 . Beware of the Dog was the last episode they lived there. And regarding Hoffman, Frank was still new to the group and thought maybe Hoffman was someone he hadn't yet been introduced to.... it's very much a season 1 episode IMHO.
  5. It aired on feb 7 1997, so I think, time wise, it is where it was supposed to be, to be current to viewers when it aired. I don't think the thousand days was supposed to end in 2000 or in may 2000. I'd have to watch it again to findout if they gave a date fro the end of the 1000 days. Ayway, it's the 13th episode, and I like that number! 🙂
  6. My county was not in a hurry to do any social distancing. Escanbia. And peopel still running around acting silly. Honestly some folks thnkthey are social distancing and doing stay at home.... but they go to a friends house to get nails done, invite me on a shopping trip to Wal Mart, don't wear the mas or gloves, or stay HOME when not at work. Let their kid go play with other kids at the park. But they will yell at another person for not wearing a mask. LOL!!! These are people I know, at the little store I fill in at from time to time. And if I get through this wi
  7. OH gosh, organic eggs here? Not unless you know someone with some chickens! I miss organic eggs. I miss having a few hens. Toilet paper, we had some in the store. I didn't buy any! I still have some at home. You know, oddly enough, coffee was never out. Or soda! Bread is makign it's way back onto the shelves, as are bananas. Meat is in better supply, though double the price it was, as are eggs and other foods. Still can't get disinfectant wipes or hand sanitizer or masks. Or alcohol wipes, or anything like that. It's going to be a while.
  8. I'm not the old man, but the kinds of foods that I eat that last a few months are : canned tuna canned ravioli dehydrated hamburger, dehydrated bell pepper, dehydrated mushrooms, and some canned spaghetti sauce, and pasta canned veggies like green beans, asparagus. freeze dried fruit jerky instant mashed potatoes, baby reds flavor. canned diced tomatoes, shelf stable milk. Yep! Not evaporated, but shelf stable, in a carton. Good for cooking with crackers canned fruit Peanut butter flour I can make tomato soup wit
  9. Nooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously Earthnut, you're a vital part of this place! I hope you change your mind or at least peek in and let folks know you're okay, and that the writing is going well. Any hints on what you're writing????? Sending hugs and hoping all will be okay ...
  10. You think about so much already! You've given lots for us all to think about and discuss! 🙂
  11. I thought the ultimate explanation of "The Thin White Line was more of a love story so intense that the two became of one heart and mind, and that's why the killer could complete the murders of his still incarcerated lover so meticulously.
  12. The reason I don't, is that I really have trouble deciding on a ranking for the episodes past my few favorites. 1 Last two of season 2 After that, I can't rank them. I can't decide if I like Beware of Dog better than The episode where the Old Man gets killed, or if I like Midnight of the Century better than Beware of the Dog... Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense is a favorite, but it's kind of a stand alone for me. I can't rank it at all/ Force Majeure competes with Midnight of the Century and Beware of the Dog too. 13 Years Later is a stand alone favorite.. It compe
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