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  1. X-Files 2018

    Maybe in teh finale Scully goes off with William... Maybe all three go off together. I can't see an X-files without Scully, so if Gillian isn't doing it, they will have to wrap it up. Who knows though? It went on for a while without Mulder! Where did Dogget and Reyes go though?
  2. Howdy Folks

    Their promise when she joined them was that they would help her not go insane. The group approaches people at their most vulnerable moment, their worst time... So I take it, she was in a bad way, maybe had been hospitalized like Frank had?? They got her at a weak time, and like frank "helped her understand the nature of her "ability" , and promised to protect her, help her get strong. Then the one faction promised her they would help her get rid of her gift and not go insane. But when she talked to Frank about it, During Midnight of the Century, she said when "he" appeared, everything was so clear in her mind, her senses sharpened, whatever it was.. and I wondered if that were the case, why she would get so upset and cry when he appeared. She did say she'd give anything not to have had it in her life, so like Frank, maybe she sought ways to not have it. But with both, the group encouraged their "abilities" fed them, they both said their gifts were getting more pronounced since joining. I know in Walkabout, Frank was looking for a way to keep Jordan from having to experience what he and /or Lara did.
  3. New Homes

    The sound of snow was a good one. We finally got to see what happened. I though, after Frank looked out the window, that he turned around, collapsed and his hair turned white. He had to choose to stay with Jordan or leave and find Catherine. After all it was his suggestion that if it were him he'd go out in the woods, and he said he couldn't kill her if she got sick. but he stayed with her, then went insane, and Jordan went and got help. I often wonder, if they had given Catherine the vaccine, would Jordan have lived? The group wanted her for the future. Wouldn't they have found a way to vaccinate her without anyone knowing? But there's no way Catherine would have taken the chance. and ultimately she had to choose. Frank showed her the vaccine, and had this look like what do we do? Catherine didn't hesitate. She really was the stronger of the two . I didn't see it then. I was so angry and heartbroken that they killed her off though., and that they made Lara insane. I might not have appreciated them, but when they "took them away" I was upset! Though, I did like Emma Hollis.. She was spunky!
  4. New Homes

    Honestly? When I first watched the show, I though " Good now more Frank, more mystical stuff, less Catherine nagging" I wanted Frank to end up being a Lone wolf, in on some of the secret meetings, and even getting initiated. I wanted to see him do more with the group, things get darker and scarier. I thought at first she was even more naggy with him after the split. You know, when he went to the church for Jordan's pageant in Midnight of the Century, I thought that guy with Catherine was her date! Only much later did I realize it was a random guy. But even then, when he told her he was leaving the group and then didn't because of the earthquake? I had to side with her on that one. I think at that second, it seemed irreparable. I have to say I didn't like the women in his life when the show was on TV.. Catherine and Lara kind of catty to each-other, Lucy Butler being, well Lucy Butler.. and I sensed a burgeoning attraction between him and Lara... I didn't think that would have been a good idea. Later when I watched it, knowing it was coming, I was thinking NOOOOO!!!! Don't do it! Don't kill the guy, don't do what they want, don't leave the family! Leave the group! You know that guy, in the episode where the guy gets killed by the car wreck, and the song "in the year 2525" was playing... the outbreak one. That dark haired guy that pulled up and was talking about " The responsibility OF the responsibility" He seemed foreboding but I liked that guy! Still like that scene, that speech. Anyway, age made me appreciate Catherine more and more. I still think though, she was a bit harsh with the Angel thing. SHe knew Jordan couldn't help it, but yeah, looking at what state Frank was in, I do understand her knee jerk reaction. That is the difference between me then and me later, and now.
  5. Millennium Valentine Love

    http://www.cutmypic.com/ is where I got the heart frame from. It's an online editor.
  6. Millennium Valentine Love

    I don't even know the name of it. It was something I'd found online, and downloaded for free. You could make the hearts big or small, it was easier to work with! I really miss that program. I miss that one and the one that came with a camera I had gotten... it had a funny looking cartoon bird that would fly down and land when you opened the program... I remember that but not the name of that one either! IF ever I find any program like those? I will definitely share it!
  7. Millennium Valentine Love

    I couldn't get the heart shape to work on the pics. I used to have a program that let you adjust things, but it died when my old computer died and I haven't found it since.
  8. Millennium Valentine Love

  9. Millennium Valentine Love

    https://www199.lunapic.com/editor/?action=cutout I used this one on the link. I'll try those pics!
  10. New Homes

    When I first watched the show, I didn't like her..I thought she was nagging, getting in Frank's way. Years later I watched it with more mature eyes, eyes that have seen so much more.... and I really think she was, along with the Old man, the one person who was rooted in reality, in love, and compassion. She was trying so hard to keep her family together, keep Frank sane and stable ,and the group was exploiting every weakness they found in him. She had to fight their influence, the influence of the things Frank saw, fight the danger Jordan was in, and on top of it all still be a caring social worker, a great mom, and a supportive wife. WOW!
  11. Howdy Folks

    I think the group gave her the vaccine, but she didn't know. I think they gave her the syringe,knowing she would give it to Frank, and they set him up to make a terrible choice.... If she had died in the outbreak, I believe Frank would have mentioned it in the same breath he told they killed his wife. If she came back to reality, the group would swarm in all over her. If she stayed insane, they'd wash their hands of her. IF I were writing her story, I'd have her pretend to be insane, until she could sneak away and get free of them.
  12. Howdy Folks

    My only problem with Lara Means was the "Here's My Thing" It was very annoying. But now, I find in it a reason to smile nostalgically ... He character, when she arrived in "Monster" was so strong, so self-assured, determined... The end of the one season she was on the show, was a far cry from the beginning. I wish that in Season 3 they had given her closure, maybe had Frank stop by and visit her, well, and AWAY from the group for good.
  13. Owls/Roosters

    Frank was confused. He was neither an Owl nor a Rooster. He was a seeker wondering if the Owls were right or the Roosters were, and ultimately only with the group because he had been convinced it was the only way to protect his family. Lara? She was neither also. She was only with the group because she was convinced they would keep her from going insane.
  14. New Homes

    Thanks for the Beware of the Dog line. THE mortgage. So, maybe Frank was renting his house? Yeah the only time Jordan in season 2 mentions her parents being split is in the Beware of the Dog episode... Then in Midnight of the Century, when Catherine turns into Frank's Dad basically, regarding Jordan coloring angels with her dead grandmother. I thought that was out of character for Catherine. But, given the circumstances.... understandable. She definitely didn't want for Jordan the life Frank had. The yellow house was so pretty. It was a metaphor for the evil that lurks beneath the surface I think. Bletch dying in there, the old man, the idney in the fridge.... I'd have sold the house 5 minutes after the cleanup crew left when Bletch was murdered!

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