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  1. Tidbits

    Farting is actually good for humans. Smelling farts is supposed to be very good for preventing mitochondrial damage, thus preventing things like cancer. It' s the Hydrogen Sulfide in the farts. The stuff that stinks. So, the smellier the better for you, they say! Not too much Hydrogen sulfide though, it's deadly in larger amounts. However no one ever produced enough from a fart to do damage... except when they lit the fart on fire... and that usually caused a burned anus.
  2. She died of cancer. No drugs found in her system. She had a rough go of it after Happy days. Yo would think that residuals would have given the cast more of an income... But they got screwed. I feel bad for her in that aspect. Sad that she got so ill so fast and nothing helped. She was too young.
  3. Happy birthday to seesthru!

    crap I just realized this is from last year! oops. Sorry!
  4. Happy Birthday Walkabout

    Happy Belated Walkabout! I do hope it was a great one, and that it left you smiling!
  5. Happy Birthday Graham "The Old Man"

    Happy belated Graham!!! I hope it was a wonderful day for you!
  6. Happy Birthday Viivi!

    Happy BElated Vivi! Hope it was a great one!
  7. Happy Birthday Selfosophist

    Happy Belated birthday Selfosophist! Love that episode.!! It ties as my FAV!
  8. Happy birthday to seesthru!

    I would have been chattier on my birthday this year, but that's when the tooth infection kicked in and I thought that was a horrible present to get!
  9. Hide and Seek

    I remember this one. It's not black, it's patterned.to blend in.
  10. Hide and Seek

    yep found it! Should I give it away or wait?
  11. Happy Birthday Walkabout

    Happy Belated Birthday Walkabout!!!!!
  12. Hide and Seek

    THey were where I thought they were, but I didn't get them all. They look very tiny in the pic! LOL
  13. They're charging her with murder among other things. I'm not sure either. THey say she had plenty of opportunity to get away. But then again, he was a very persuasive guy, and she has family. Hard to say. The appearance is that she was willing.
  14. Hide and Seek

    I found 5 I think!