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  1. There is only one thing on my mind. How do I shake off this  headache and get work around here done?  It dawned on me that when I turned off the a/c for cooler weather, THAT might have been when the headache started. It's a sinus migraine as I call them.   It's been about 4 days now.   Dull to moderate pain, enough to ruin my  ambition.   So I turned my a/c unit on here in the back, and will do so in the front if the  temps warrant it.  Meanwhile I  need to adjust to  "fall"  I guess.   It's that time of year.  My favorite time, but also a time when  I can and sometimes do get  week long headaches. Then it's not my favorite time of year!  


    This is neato.  I think it's a new feature???  Not sure because I'm clueless?  I will say when I put my cursor on smilies it says code. When I put my  cursor on the  sprocket it says link. When I put my cursor on the link it says emoticons.   It's  off a bit.   I did the control f5  refresh again.  Still off a bit.

    1. The Old Man

      The Old Man

      Hi buddy, hope you feel better soon! May be tiredness or stress?

      Thats definitely a result of a mix of old images images showing for the tool bar buttons instead of the new ones. A hard refresh will fix it, but you may have to have editor open when you do it.

      Its a side effect of the way browsers coach content these days I'm afraid to speed up page loading times. Once you've done it, you should be good!

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