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  1. What we need is a society we will never achieve.  A society that looks after each of it's members. A society where each member  has put away greed and arrogance and selfishness and  has taken on compassion and  a sense of duty to others.  That won't happen. The ruthless will always take care of themselves at the expense of the rest, and the number of ruthless is growing.

    Lara Means


     I read one description of the episode that said her angel had deserted her.  The video of course, shows the angel bleeding form a circle of wounds, and her screaming at  the sight.  SO he deserted her or else her madness  engulfed him

    Lara Means


    If her angel deserted her, the group would have no use for her.  I know one faction promised to  take her gift away so she'd not go insane.   ( owls and roosters). But let's face it,  Her gift is why they chose her, just like Frank's gift is why they chose him.

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