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  1. Nicely done! You and I agree on the number one episode of season 2. That would also be my favorite episode of all 3 seasons.
  2. I thought the Orchids were to stop craft from crashing? Or did I get that wrong? Only the borg cube was too big? I don't even know what the Picard related sin was. I am a fan of the original show. Spock, Scottie, Bones, they are my absolute favs. Kirk, not so much... I liked the other shows, but that is my go to. I honestly wasn't aware of so many things you all catch, others catch. This site is where I learn that things have subtext, shows I mean. It's opened up a whole area I never thought about. Writers, their meanings, their messages, continuity... I'm just a bumpkin... normally, I watch it for the entertainment, for how it makes me feel, if it entertains me, takes the worries of the day away for a little bit. This show did that.
  3. On page 1 of this topic, my post is in bold type. That's how it ended up when I did the copy and paste. It wasn't that bold on the original page. If that's the scaremongering you are referring to, you missed a spot. You might want to check that one and remove it as well. I considered the source reputable, it's a medical school, and a fine one. However the link I posted goes back to linked in now. I find that odd. Anyway, Just making sure you get it all. UCSF powers that be, removed the original document from the internet already/ Apparently it was mistakenly published. "The document in question contained notes taken at a private panel discussion on COVID-19 held on March 10, which featured a group of expert speakers from UCSF and the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub. However, UCSF was not a sponsor of this event, and these notes were not reviewed, either for accuracy or for potentially important context, by the participating scientists."
  4. Is the Americans over or canceled? or is it still running?
  5. I dunno... If you think about it, Catherine had the major storyline in the series. Catherine was fighting so many outside forces for the health and safety of her family, and for Frank's sanity and soul. She was fighting the group's influence, Frank's obsessive nature, fighting the "gifts" Frank ad Jordan have for their sanity, It was woven into nearly every episode of seasons 1 and 2. The first time I watched the series, I thought she was a real nag, always on Frank about honesty and secrets.... But, when I watched again, I realized she was right. Frank was spiraling out of control, and Jordan was starting to be affected by this "gift" and Catherine was the one standing between her family and chaos. It was ultimately her death ( sacrifice) that saved Frank and kept him and Jordan bonded, and broke the group's hold on him. And even after death, she was a presence in times of great need, when Jordan was near death, when Frank was unconscious and wanting to give up... So, if you think about all of this. Catherine's fight for her family was the overarching storyline overarching them all.
  6. I finished it last night. I was surprised by the ending. I got of course the obvious points of the series, like what constitutes a person, and equal rights, things like that. If there were finer points, they were probably over my head. All in all I did like it. I get lost in watching shows, and I don't pick up the subtext very well. I just know, I liked this show, a lot! It had parts that were very relevant to today, like PTSD substance abuse issues, illness and how it can cause people to isolate, people trying to understand the struggles of others, and lots more. I did like how the synths were the hippies of that era!
  7. He wasn't a member. He was a candidate. At least that's how it went, until the marburg variant vaccine came around. Then, they said it was for members, implying Frank was a member. But Frank wasn't initiated.
  8. His portrayal of Watts was great. So low key that when he had to play Watts blowing up in a scene, you really felt it in your gut!
  9. I haven't watched the last episodes yet. Was saving them for a binge night! I really do like it so far. I'll have to check out the political aspects. I did have to go back and watch a movie to see what happened to Data and get that part of the storyline.
  10. I'd love a deadly cabin in the woods right now. I've got food for a few months, toilet paper for a month or so. As long as it has running water, I"m good!
  11. I'm in Florida. I feel like that should be "nuff said." But, I'll cite a few examples. Family in the grocery store, the kids were loudly coughing all over the place, up and down aisles... Not covering the coughs. Aiming for the groceries. Parents thought it was cute. People licking fingers when counting out money to give the clerk. One guy had the nerve to tell clerk don't cough on him, then he coughed on her. Spring breakers thinking it's okay to still come down here, and try to sneak ont eh beaches. Locals thinking the virus is a democrat hoax, because their dear leader told them so. People taking aquarium medicines, because that same leader told them it was good to do so. People believing if they are out in the sun they can't catch it. People believing if they don't run the a/c and let the house get hot, that will kill the virus.. The governor saying stay at home is nonsense, bad for the economy. Florida.
  12. Catherine's sister was apparently sent off to the same farm Benny the dog was... It's all a mess really. Frank was allegedly born in 1947, but he was 5 in 1946... He had 1 brother according to his mother's obituary, and the brother was younger according to another episode. but in his telling a tale about a drowning, he had more than one brother, and they were older. All I can say, is different writers = different universes.
  13. Maybe it's a combination of different killers
  14. 1. I don't think so, but it's possible. Maybe that's where the group git the Marburg/prion splice from. 2. They never said how the killer in Dead Letters actually killed his victims. But, he sure liked to dismember them! 3. Probably not. If Bardale had killed Tisman, the Judge would have had him killed.
  15. How many are wishing they had that cabin in the woods to go visit for a spell? I mean, it's not been too bad, so far, but the grocery stores are empty, and the rumors are spreading as fast as the virus, which is pretty fast in my state... and I long for a cabin in the woods, near a little lake.
  16. I didn't know he was accused.. He accused the group of having something to do wit Baldwin's death, and the explosion He claimed they did it to get Baldwin out of the way so they could install Emma.
  17. I was sick 4 times last year, or else I had on very long illness. There were times I was ready to call 9/11 because breathing was so very difficult. If Covid is worse than this was, god help the sick.
  18. Happy Birthday Lucas Barr!!!! HOORAY!!!!!!
  19. They might still be. Shows come and go on youtube. I binge watched it and loved every minute except the end..
  20. Marburg is more survivable than Ebola Zaire and other strains. I guess some strains of Influenza are more survivable than otehrs And certainly some strains of coronavirus are more survivable than this one, though this one is survivable for the young, and young adults, and the healthy.
  21. Happy Belated Birthday Walkabout! I'm sorry I'm late! 🎈🎈🎈❤💚💛💜🤎🎂🎂🎂🧉🧉🧉
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