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  1. It was appropriately annoying when played on loop like that with no lyrics, LOL! I liked the Anamnesis music.
  2. I remember that, and Erin . I remember her pirate wedding, too. She is sorely missed.
  3. Hey thanks!!!! It's not my birthday YET..... but I'll start celebrating early! LOL YAY! Start early, and at midnight, start officially! LOL
  4. I did like some of the story lines, and some of the unique "pairings" in the different series. n the original, seemed like Kirk had the most relationships... but in the other series, they spread the love around, LOL! I really do like Picard, and though I wasn't a huge fan, I liked the episodes of the show that I did watch. The franchise is an old friend,it's nice to visit now and then.
  5. When I first got the DVD's, I will admit I skipped over most of the shows. I'd head for my favs, many of which you named. JOse CHung, 13 years, Somehow Satan, those were my fun ones. Hand of St Sebastian too. Now, my moody ones were Beware of dog, though it was fun too... and Fourth horseman and The Time is now. Force Majeure, Midnight of the century...Must see ones. I still will play the DVD's once in a while, but I skip over some all the same. I find that I don't skip over as many though.
  6. OOH, that was a good buy! I watch the episodes on youtube, still. I just love that show!
  7. I would have loved to see some one off Millennium movies. In the year 2000, covering what happens when nothing happens.... and in 2012, same reason. They could have done a couple. But hey, sometimes real life is so much worse than what doomsday cults were expecting.. I would have loved another episode with Littlefoot and his angels. I love any episode with Giebelhouse in it, so more of him. Bring Roedecker back. Lara Means. Would love to see Lara and Emma and Frank team up, With Roedecker as their tech guy, Giebs as their police liasion. I do NOT want to see a Jordan in the millennium group storyline though. WOuld have loved to see more of her growing up as a fairly normal kid, fairly normal adult.
  8. I don't know that it was over the top, but I really loved it. I thought the actress did the part very well. In Force Majeure, the college student in the office Frank was questioning. I just loved her acting. If we had a favorite one episode character list, she'd be on mine.
  9. I always thought Covenant was based on John List.
  10. When I first saw the title, my brain interpreted it as LION like a hunting flame, and I thought that was pretty cool. But when I saw it was loin, I was like, ewwww.
  11. I'm with you on James Morrison. That character was a bit over the top for me.
  12. Anti Christ means against Christ. There are many antichrists. I think he was one among many, part of the legion of antichrists, if you will. Yeah, teh soviets are in so many. Even in the fourth horseman, Peter Watts tells the story of the soviet biopreparat going into the jungle getting Marburg, and creating the marburg/prion variant.
  13. I know it seems extreme. But The title is just... You know how some folks hate the word "moist" ? It's like that. But it's not the word "loin". It's the whole title. I don't know why, but... I'm sitting here unconsciously grimacing as I type... Anyway, I like some of the conversations had during the episode. Think the hubby wife dynamic is pretty hokey.. and the title, well, it's just too moist.
  14. For me, it's the title. The episode isn't that bad. But the title. I just can't with that title....
  15. I remember the testing when I was a kid. They told us, it was simply to see where students were relative to where they should be in the grade they were in. I always did very well on the tests, and enjoyed taking them, though I was a mediocre student at best...
  16. Has anyone's top 5 and worst 5 changed over time? I know mine do, with the exception of The time is now, The Fourth Horseman and Midnight of the Century.
  17. I understood the plot, and the backstory of cranky teacher, and what Lucy Butler was doing... When I say I didn't get it, it's not that. I just didn't get it. Watching it left me annoyed. Can't quite put my finger on it. As for standardized testing, was taking standardized tests every single year in school well before the 90's. Not sure if that was just a state thing or if it was nationwide in the 60's, 70's and 80's... I know my nephews in the 90's had their share of those tests every year too. I guess the difference is, in "my day" we weren't studying for them, training for them. It was just a few days out of a week in the school year, and then it was done. You got your results, and that was that. No one made a huge deal over it, though, I imagine the schools themselves sweated over the scores.
  18. Oops! Sorry! I'd not heard of those movies. Might have to check them out!
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