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  1. You know, this show is awesome. Season 3 was a season long gut punch. Very gripping stuff! Looking forward to season 4!
  2. Well look at that! I wasn't aware they novelized the things!
  3. I watched the first three and really liked it. I'll binge the next 4 episodes in the next few days.
  4. It allegedly grows on and eats radiation. Then there's the elephant's foot... a lump of the fuel, cement, other stuff melted into a blob that looks like an elephants foot. It's very deadly.
  5. I don't mind watching it.. Even if it rehashes old plots. Gotham Gal, Oh! I have almost forgotten the series. That's the DATA series, and Wesley Crusher one I didn't catch the whole thing, but I'd get an episode now and then. And oops, it's the Picard one too! LOL D'OH Yeah, it's been a while, and I get them all mixed up. I saw some deep space nine, and whorf was on that one too. I always watched them and picked out who was the Kirk, who was the Spock, who was the Bones, etc... Spock, Data, Odo, Seven of Nine... all learning to have emotions.. Anyway, this seems a good thing to watch, since I really HATE reality TV, and am inbetween seasons on other shows, etc...
  6. If you think of it as a miniseries and not a series, it makes more sense. It ends the way it's supposed to end.
  7. It remains very popular. I always fear Millennium is going to be forgotten, because it only had 3 seasons... even though it was every bit as good as x-files, if not better.
  8. The old man is a character I'd love to have seen more of on the show , known more about. And the angels, or fetches, or whoever those guys were!
  9. Not the Mark Snow music! His music is perfect! My point is, that the characters sometimes, were too corny for words, right down to the music on the radio. Now, don't get me wrong, the show had some great music included, like the Horses song, and the Year 2525, Love Hurts, and even Insane in the membrane... But sometimes, the choices seemed a bit hokey.
  10. There were some cringeworthy lines and scenes in the series, for sure. My biggest issue was with the dialogue. Sometimes the dialogue was what I'd call dorky. The choices of music sometimes, kinda dorky, the hairstyles on housewives, they all had the same style, cringey.. The Black family had good dialogue... But supporting characters, or extras... I thought could have sounded more contemporary.
  11. I would love to have seen a follow up on 5/5/2000, when the planet alignment proved to be a dud... poor ole Dennis Hoffman and those blond kids all waiting for the catastrophes that didn't come.
  12. On the bridge thing, I'm going to assume the Frenchman sidled along the pipe or cable or whatever he was holding onto until he got to land or to a support he could hold on to and slide down from. He sure was a strong one!
  13. I know that The dog who played Benny was getting too aggressive. But in the show, Benny was a very important character, and poof, gone. It's left up to us to assume that it was because Catherine and Jordan moved in with another woman, and that Frank was gone alot so couldn't keep Benny. It's not like Kenny the budgie, who at least got a goodbye. And with Kenny, you kind of knew he wasn't destined to last long.
  14. I like to Think Watts wasn't dead, that was his attacker. WOuld have been nice to know, and to know if his family was dead or not.
  15. What happened to Benny the dog? Was Peter Watts killed or not? What was Lara Means' ultimate fate? Did she ever recover? Was watts' family killed? What was the fate of the Millennium group? Why were they going to kill Watts? How can they go from Frank and Jordan taking off, to that X files crossover where Jordan and Frank are fine, no one is after them, and he's getting mental health care? Does this mean it was all in his head, the conspiracies, everything? Why did the group Kill Cheryl Andrews? Did the group kill Barry Baldwin? Why not simply recruit him? Why the heck didn't they give us a fourth season to wrap it all up?
  16. It's so well done. From the opening scene, to the big boom, and everything after, it's a good watch. I remember Chernobyl happening, when the news reports came out.
  17. Loved that Golem episode , and of course, Mark Snow's musical contributions. He's da best!
  18. Watched the first couple of episodes. So far so good! I have to guess at some things, since I missed a lot of ST stuff.
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