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  1. Edmund Kemper was using his victims as substitutes for his mother. I think I remember it right. He finally got the cojones to kill her, so to speak. He was a very tall dude. Douglas and Ressler were probably each 6 ft tall ro more, and Kemper made the look like little girls in height compared to him. Of course he started by killing his grandparents as a teenager.
  2. It is nature versus nurture. The capacity for psychopathy exists in all of us. However it takes the vulnerability coupled with the "right" external environment and experiences to turn out a potential serial killer. Not all sociopaths are psychopaths and not all psychopaths are serial kilers. Most are businessmen, CEO's, lawyers and politicians. However a few, cannot retain the mask of sanity long ehough to succeed in such things. They also, due to nurture or lack thereof, have a greater desire for power and control on a more personal level. Those are the future serial killers. The homicidal triad of bedwetting, fire setting and small animal torture is a warning for sure. And it is a truth in many of the SK cases. After the age of 12, there is usually no reclaiming the child and habilitating them. Also, you cannot rehabilitate a serial killer or psychopath because they were never habilitated in the first place. They feel. They have emotion. However they do not believe that anyone or anything else has emotion or feels in the way that they do. WE are but props in their world to be manipulated. They know right from wrong. They don't care though, except they wish not to get caught doing what they do. They think of the world around them as plastic, or not real as in how they themselves are real. Thanks for listening so to speak.
  3. It's an 8 year old poll but what the heck? I'm a maybe. I'd think about it and listen to my gut. If yes, I'd meet in a public place in daylight. I'd take a long meandering route there and would not go home for quite a while after the meet, then I'd take a very meandering route to a friends house long before going home.
  4. I know there isn't much traffic here at present, but it is a nice place all the same. I have the series set on DVD. I think I wore out a couple of discs from season 2! I love the show, I love the good versus evil premise, and the story lines. So hello!
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    It didn't happen as expected by so many. Instead, the old adage that no one knows the hour or the day was yet again proven true. However now, more than ever, the show "Millennium" itself seems a foretelling of what is happening now. strange, huh?
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