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  1. Just watched the first 3 episodes. Not sure where they are going with it, but it's very millenniumistic! The third episode introduces a character that I think I'm gonna really like , and the main character and his wife remind me a lot of Frank and Catherine. VERY millenniumistic story line.
  2. I'm not giving it away. I did love the show though!
  3. Welcome Michael!!!! I still love the show. I have the DVD's too.
  4. I don't have prime, so I don't know what I'll get to watch it. But it looks interesting for sure!
  5. Hard Sun got canceled? Drats. Well, at least it didn't leave anyone hanging.
  6. I watched the first season. The symbolism, very millenniumistic! It even has it's own Peter Watts style character in it!
  7. I stumbled into this show by accident. I'm on the first episode. It's British-American. 2 cops find out about the upcoming end of the world, something about the sun. One is a crooked cop, the other is a woman cop whose estranged son tried to kill her. It opens with a bang, seems action packed, of course.... but I'm waiting to see the apocalyptic aspect of it, the "Millenniumistic" bent of it! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_Sun "Hard Sun is a pre-apocalyptic crime drama set in contemporary London. The protagonists are two mismatched police officers, Charlie Hicks and Elaine Renko, who stumble upon proof that a mysterious cosmic event will destroy the earth in five years, a fact the government is trying to keep secret to avoid complete anarchy. The duo is pursued by MI5 operatives who are trying to silence them for good.[12]"
  8. My condolences as well, SadEyes, on the loss of your father. I know, the hole in life is very deep when we lose a parent. They ground us, keep us safe, and it's a harsher world without them.
  9. https://www.npr.org/2019/12/26/791471169/ring-of-fire-eclipse-sweeps-across-skies-in-middle-east-and-southeast-asia We didn't get to see it in the US. It was over the Middle East and Southeast Asia. I saw the pics and thought of the ouroboros in MIllennium...
  10. Yeah ditto on the US link, it's not active yet.
  11. I love all 3 seasons, but I'd have to say season 2 is my favorite. It was the most disturbing, the most gut wrenching. It introduced us to the Old Man, and Lara Means. I love Emma HOllis from season 3 too though....
  12. I don't think she was upset about it, but I imagine some disappointment was felt. She was chosen for the role of Catherine based on her work on "The Larry Sanders Show" .
  13. When I first watched the show, I thought Catherine was just a nag, always fulling at Frank. The second time I watched the series, I was blown away at how wrong I was about Catherine. I realized she'd been so patient, trying to guide Frank, when he just wouldn't listen. He kept telling her he would get out, and he didn't. He kept telling her he didn't lie to her, but he did, by omission. Catherine couldn't be a stepford wife. She couldn't look the other way like the other wives. I'm not sure what the writers were thinking when they killed her character off. I don't know if it was a contract issue, or if the actress wanted to do other things, or if they thought they were heading in a direction then lost sight of where they were headed. She was a great character.
  14. I thought it was awesome. And of course, on 5/5/2000 the planetary alignment didn't cause any catastrophes...though after this show, I did note the date and pay attention.
  15. It was a good episode. I thought of Crocell as Frank's own inner demon, the desire to just give up and either go insane or ultimately just kill himself and end the struggle.
  16. This episode is definitely in my top 5, maybe even my top 3! While it starts out with tragedy, it does end on a promising note. Dourif played the confused genius very well. There was just something about this episode that made me watch it again and again. Did anyone else note the way Jordan's future seemed all laid out for her, and how she aligned the planets? It's like they wanted to hint that she might be connected to that family somehow... her parents were alleged to be infertile, and while they didn't get a baby presented to them, they somehow conceived...
  17. It was very uncomfortable viewing, but that's one of the things that made this show worth watching. It covered some subjects people don't like to think about, but subjects people need to think about, need to be aware of. I remember a prime time movie, "Something About Amelia" where Ted Danson plays a father who sexually abuses his own daughter. It shows some of the things the daughter has to deal with, such as the mother blaming her, the sister blaming her, having to talk about what happened to her, things like that. This episode reminded me of that movie. It's compelling, heart wrenching, and so very disturbing, but it's real life.
  18. Well we HAD closure... then they did that farce about MIllennium Group zombies on The X Files. But at least with that , we got to see Frank and Jordan Reunited, know they are fine. Cool, I think..... but I hope it gets more meaty and less cheesy!
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