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  1. I spent 3 weeks in Seattle once. I may think of something else once I actually do think about it.
  2. My old roomie was a Catholic and is now a Pagan. I would often hear her say "Evil walks this Earth on 2 legs" even after she embraced paganism. It seems the nature of every brand religious thought to have this kind of dichotomy, good vs.evil. Catholicism seems to portray this in a more outward sense with its representative Saints. A good many saints were canonized for their stand against evil and paying the ultimate price for doing so.
  3. Me too but that's over for a time. Just waiting on the Walking Dead to begin again, so there's time for other viewing now.
  4. Just signed on even though I've been a series fan since it's debut. Finally got the DVDs and am enjoying watching all over again.
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