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  1. Amityville...now for sale : 108 Ocean Ave, A mityville NY, 11701 Link : https://www.coldwellbankerharborlight.com/homes-for-sale/108-Ocean-Ave-Amityville-NY-11701-179916827 Style: Colonial # Families: 1 Beds: 5 Baths: 3 Full/1 Half Property Type: Single Family, Other Style:Colonial # Families:1 Total Rooms:11 Bedrooms:5 Baths Full:3 Baths Half:1 Lot Size:50X237 Lot Sqft:11,850 Approx Year Built:1927 Floor Plan: Basement/SubFlr: Full Partial Finished Basement 1st Floor: Ch,Lr W/Fpl, Fdr, Eik, Fam Rm, Heated Sun Rm, 1/2 Bath 2nd Floor: Master Bedrm Suite W/Full Bath, 2Bdrms, 1 Bath, Balcony 3rd Floor: 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bath We should put some money together ! ( 850.000$ ) but seriously...who think that something is wrong with that house?
  2. Episode 4 "Blood in the streets" Through a random event in Ep3 Nick knows to be undead. This comes to us already familiar. anyway...this episode of Fear The Walking Dead does not waste time: After several suggestions, there is finally a clear statement on Strands past, several new characters, a variety of threats and new information about the location of the world. Phew, quite a lot for an episode! I like the opening- The camera pans along a long wall that leads to the sea. We recognize a naked figure in the water, which leads a pocket. It's Nick. Dried and dressed it moves through a via ranntes refugee camp. He quickly ordered up a walker and turns a blood red, so as to transform the spirit among the dead. Of course I also like the rest of that episode... it remains exciting.
  3. Okay Darlene then i still chose Glenn, Michonne 2nd and just in case Abraham 3d. The biggest impact would be with Glenn.
  4. My money goes to Abraham and Glenn.Agree!!! Michone maybe ´cause Rick is kind of a James Bond with the women :P possible!
  5. Agree Frank! There are now so many theories let's just wait and see.
  6. I think Victor is part of an organization, group or else. He is smart and like a psychologist by the time when he was arrested with Nick. I don´t think he is a bad guy, he´s got a plan and want to survive but there is still something else. It´s not only a house with some walls around i think
  7. So,... "ouroboros"... let's get a step further in our story Darlene! Victor is definitely a member of the Millennium Group- since the new created virus got out of control - the group need not infected, healthy people to develop an antiserum, so victor concerned them. What do you think ?
  8. Sounds great ! "Ouroboros" cross over episode with the MillenniuM-Group who created the zombie virus
  9. Well it took awhile for me to find again in the series but after "Monster" my expectations are fully met. I think some people just approach this series with false expectations. "Fear" get by less violent scenes and remainins exciting and entertaining. I like the different characters and the actors convince. Looking forward to episode 3 !
  10. Agree ! "This song you will not forget" was the statement of the radio message heard by Alicia and was not my statement but i like this song
  11. Thank you, the imagination is very hard also because maggie must watch and can do nothing for him, no one.
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