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  1. Amityville...now for sale : 108 Ocean Ave, A mityville NY, 11701 Link : https://www.coldwellbankerharborlight.com/homes-for-sale/108-Ocean-Ave-Amityville-NY-11701-179916827 Style: Colonial # Families: 1 Beds: 5 Baths: 3 Full/1 Half Property Type: Single Family, Other Style:Colonial # Families:1 Total Rooms:11 Bedrooms:5 Baths Full:3 Baths Half:1 Lot Size:50X237 Lot Sqft:11,850 Approx Year Built:1927 Floor Plan: Basement/SubFlr: Full Partial Finished Basement 1st Floor: Ch,Lr W/Fpl, Fdr, Eik, Fam Rm, Heated Sun Rm, 1/2 Bath 2nd Floor: Master Bedrm Suite W/Full Bath, 2Bdrms, 1 Bath, Balcony 3rd Floor: 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bath We should put some money together ! ( 850.000$ ) but seriously...who think that something is wrong with that house?
  2. Episode 4 "Blood in the streets" Through a random event in Ep3 Nick knows to be undead. This comes to us already familiar. anyway...this episode of Fear The Walking Dead does not waste time: After several suggestions, there is finally a clear statement on Strands past, several new characters, a variety of threats and new information about the location of the world. Phew, quite a lot for an episode! I like the opening- The camera pans along a long wall that leads to the sea. We recognize a naked figure in the water, which leads a pocket. It's Nick. Dried and dressed it moves through a via ranntes refugee camp. He quickly ordered up a walker and turns a blood red, so as to transform the spirit among the dead. Of course I also like the rest of that episode... it remains exciting.
  3. Okay Darlene then i still chose Glenn, Michonne 2nd and just in case Abraham 3d. The biggest impact would be with Glenn.
  4. My money goes to Abraham and Glenn.Agree!!! Michone maybe ´cause Rick is kind of a James Bond with the women :P possible!
  5. Agree Frank! There are now so many theories let's just wait and see.
  6. I think Victor is part of an organization, group or else. He is smart and like a psychologist by the time when he was arrested with Nick. I don´t think he is a bad guy, he´s got a plan and want to survive but there is still something else. It´s not only a house with some walls around i think
  7. So,... "ouroboros"... let's get a step further in our story Darlene! Victor is definitely a member of the Millennium Group- since the new created virus got out of control - the group need not infected, healthy people to develop an antiserum, so victor concerned them. What do you think ?
  8. Sounds great ! "Ouroboros" cross over episode with the MillenniuM-Group who created the zombie virus
  9. Well it took awhile for me to find again in the series but after "Monster" my expectations are fully met. I think some people just approach this series with false expectations. "Fear" get by less violent scenes and remainins exciting and entertaining. I like the different characters and the actors convince. Looking forward to episode 3 !
  10. Agree ! "This song you will not forget" was the statement of the radio message heard by Alicia and was not my statement but i like this song
  11. Thank you, the imagination is very hard also because maggie must watch and can do nothing for him, no one.
  12. You want escape from the permanent question "who is now dead" in twd s6 ? Time to watch season 2 of FEAR ! First episode "Monster" is released... will still express myself later about that episode ! "This song you will not forget" - Agree! Good choice!
  13. Agree, there was the locks of michonne and arrows from Daryl but if i remember correctly nothing from glenn or rosita.
  14. I´m not so sure about the hair thing- it´s a good point but if they want a big change in the storyline...then it is glenn in my opinion.
  15. Me too Darlene I just think that it does not have such a great effect when it is Abraham who meets lucille. I like him and it would be very sad but the greater emotional pain would be if glenn dies.
  16. Good point about the hair...could be but certainty we have to wait to be sure. For me Abraham was my 2nd choice, we´ll see.
  17. I do not know if it is helpful... here's the order in which they kneel ( left to right in the eyes of Negan ) Glenn,Rosita,Daryl,Michonne,Abraham,Maggie,Rick,Sasha,Aaron,Carl and Eugene. Negan passes over Rick, Carl and Eugene and startet again from left so it is Glenn- i think he´s is tough enough to take a hit by lucille think about the governor, when Merl beats him- if I remember correctly. But no matter what we think now, certainty we have to wait.
  18. Exactly what I had previously suspected Darlene ! I can also imagine that Ricks loses his hand....a warning by Negan - what do you think?
  19. Thank you Darlene but i think this would confuse me toomaybe I read the comics when the series is going to end someday. I am satisfied with a few hints and then i let myself be surprised ! But a least, thanks for that hints Darlene
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