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  1. Thanks, I think this was just photoshop. I might have done a pencil of the face making it darker too and blended it for contrast but I did a few like this so not sure which stage I was then up to for this one. But glad you like it :-)
  2. Id prefer if he wasn't but I remember quite a few instances where Frank was getting visions that in no way could be attributed (via level of accurate detail) to an intensive rational evaluation of evidence. From the pilot where he knew exactly how the girl was killed from opener without looking at body through Single Blade of Grass (I seem to remember a bunch of visions in that one). Maybe im wrong but I always felt Carter saying 'he's not psychic' was backpedalling as they had set it up that way, maybe by mistake in S1 but by S2 they seemed to just run with it. I agree with the 'no psychic' sentiment though, would make the character much more interesting that just having a silly magic power which diminishes Franks critical prowess.
  3. Im actually really excited about the comic. As Sigil said however yeah I think its IDW Publishing which isn't a big publisher anyway so promo wont be huge. Would be nice to know what kind of numbers they would like to sell in order for them to extend the series.
  4. im boring. just a flat white, doubleshot does me just fine.
  5. ha yeah my bad. I make these up when im on a job a lot and infuriate co workers to no end. thanks for giving it a go!!
  6. each person in the picture is either playing a character called 'shepherd' or is called shepherd in real life (jack shepherd from lost, dr shepherd from greys anatomy, commander shepherds from mass effect, and cibyll shepherd). millennium quote: 'we are all shepherds'. urrgghh I think in retrospect my game needs a little work, not very clear. ;-)
  7. I don't know if folks want play this or not but I like doing these things. Below is a picture that alludes to a Milleniumistic quote, anyone know?
  8. Captain Estrata

    Millenniumistic stuff

    Ive got more, will just have to see what computer they are on...
  9. Looks like its been yanked from its timeslot :-( that never bodes well so early on...
  10. Oh I really like that Seesthru! the payoff for that moment, yes I completely get that now. I also think it was a great way to connect the Frenchman to Frank in terms of occupation, meaning just a few more steps in the wrong direction... I enjoy how many of the disturbed Frank comes in contact with are shades of Frank down a different path. I am really loving being able to chat about this show, man im gutted i didnt join sooner!!!!!
  11. My two cents: at this point Frank is still on the fence about corporeal evil, he has been quoted scripture before and someone naming themselves from biblical stories usually meant delusions of granduer so I feel Frank just let him talk. Legion in the show seems to be a demonic entity, many in one I am not sure if it is like a group so much as multiple faces (as we see in powers, principalities...) a collective of evil seen as one (I suppose a comparison could be made to the catholic trinity). Legion as seen elsewhere also shows an ability to be two places at once. I am not sure I see the judge as part of the Legion arc so much as a precursor, he is a phoney, his mask is made of cloth, Legions is made of flesh. The real Legion is not so easily beaten. I felt he was an agent of evil however as the series progressesd we went from agents of evil to evil incarnate with Butler (Even her name is well written: Lucy being a play on Lucifer and Butler a mockery of humility, or even 'Lucifers servant'), the only early exception to physical evil is the villain in Gehanna who Frank suspects of being more than man but is not ready to take that Kierkegaardian leap just yet. Man, when this show fired on all cylinders it really kicked ass!!! Also Butler never had to spell anything out to Frank, she made the truth unmistakable, the Judge however seemed to be pushing for his own authority to be respected, a sure sign that he did not actually possess any.
  12. Man I still love this show! Frank Black in Trinity, North Carolina face to face with Lucas and Lucy... that is a crossover I would have loved to see.
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