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  1. Given that I always took Doctor Fabrisham to be Chris Carter's version of Hannibal Lechter, I think Lucy involved herself with him at first out of curiosity and later to show him exactly what true evil can be. She may have been originally impressed by his deeds but in her eyes he turned out to be a second rater...still he served her purpose.
  2. I think the problem with that cross-over was having Frank someplace he may have been after season 2 and before season 3, but not after the way the series ended. With both of them on the run, Frank would never have left Jordan and checked himself into a hospital at that point. It just made no sense.
  3. Knowing it was Chris Carter's show I tried several times t watch THE X FILES.....but I could never warm up to it. That doesn't mean it was a bad show, it just wasn't for me.
  4. A great episode...my only qualm is that Frank, knowing the tapes can affect a person's perception of reality, tests that theory while driving! Aside from that it was a touching farewell to Catherine, as Frank is allowed to remember spending her last moments with her. Knowing she didn't die alone sets him free from the guilt he was carrying.
  5. The darkness of the group, the threat that they represent is almost dragged out of the shadows on this one...yet Peter is clearly still with them at the end even though it nearly cost him his daughter. He is torn by his loyalty to the group and his love for his child throughout the entire ordeal, yet once she's home safe he has gone silent again, literally and figuratively. His wife can only offer a loving smile from across the table to his prayer of thanks, and one can only imagine that she has long since buried any questions, any doubts any fears so deeply she could not ever let them see daylight even if she wanted to. The silence that follows Taylor's last question to her father is almost deafening....
  6. I just watched this episode tonight. I like the fact that they replaced the ominous "bumper" tone with Christmas bells...The lasting effect that losing someone you love can clearly be seen in both Frank and Jordan, who goes from being ( most understandably) anti-Christmas at the beginning of the show to most poignantly giving Rose and Lhasa the gift she had been keeping for her mother. That Frank allows Eddie to escape with the girls provides the perfect ending for his seasonal episode. Frank and Jordan both arrive at the conclusion of the show with the understanding that, although Catherine may be lost to them forever physically, emotionally & spiritually she will always be with them. For a program that never failed to show viewers the horrors that the world is capable of, it was a stroke of genius to show us two beloved characters, each alone in their own grief, starting to heal not only through love, but indeed through what can only be called a miracle. Well done.
  7. For all the darkness that surrounds Frank, Lance himself has an incredible sense of humor and it comes out on the CT's...I believe it was Megan Gallagher who said once he used to do his Elvis impersonation for her between takes!
  8. I just started watching season 3 this week, and Lance & Klea provided a great commentary track for "The innocents"....Lance said at one point that he hated how the writers pitted the group against one another. BTW, If you've never heard them, Lance also assisted in some memorable CT's for ALIENS ( his reaction to co-star Bill Paxton's story of how he was hired for the film is priceless ) and for AVP, during the CT his daughter calls his cell phone! :)
  9. You raise an excellent point yourself Earthnut...the fact that the group will come to you when you seem to be at your most vulnerable ( Peter's "son" that was found in the cooler, forcing him to face true evil, Emma's Father....) to be honest if they had approached me many years ago with a cure for my mother's dementia or my father's cancer I'm not sure I would have been able to refuse them...
  10. They never really did say how Peter kept his marriage going, did they? Peter does reveal to Frank his reasons for joining the group in S2, which I believe helped create a very special bond between them, but any scenes Watts had with Catherine ( which were few and far between ) always seemed ( to me, anyway ) to have a tension, a "coldness" if you will...in one episode she says to Peter "I feel like I'm meeting with the other woman" yet I wonder if Peter felt the same about her...not in any personal way, but as if he thought of her as a bad influence ( for lack of a better term ) on Frank....as if his own wife and family had long since learned not to ask him about his work and he wished Catherine could do the same...
  11. Just watched Owls/Roosters tonight, first time in many years...I had forgotten the Old Man had died, and sadly so brutally. On the one plus side it did , at least temporarily, heal the rift between Frank & Peter & Lara....If only the writers could have kept it that way, and not kill off Catherine ( although I know Megan in an interview said she was OK with it...I'm sure many besides myself weren't ) On the other plus side it did introduce me to a beautiful piece of music. The old man was right, BTW...the thing is 4 and a half hours long!
  12. If this had been a season 1 episode I'm sure he would have been on that plane...Catherine may well have come out with Peter to find him. But the separation, the alienation from his family AND the failure of the Group to back him up may well have led to the anger you mentioned.
  13. I know I was a little disappointed! Everyone kept saying Y2K was going to be IT...computer systems shutting down and not being able to recognize the new date...widespread fear over banks going down, people actually stocking up on canned food and bottled water waiting for "the end"....midnight came and....nada. Zilch. Zippo. I can only imagine how poor Dennis must have felt.
  14. Also agree. I think during the course of the episode he put himself into Alex's head to try to find him...and since Alex wasn't the serial killer he usually did that with he must have found Alex's head a good place to be. When the rescue plane came he couldn't bear to be among other people again any more than Alex could...
  15. That's kind of eerie, since I think the bus scene in DIRTY HARRY was inspired ( at least in part ) by the real life serial killer Zodiac's threat "Children make interesting targets...I think I'll wipe out a school bus some morning" - fortunately he never made good on this threat.
  16. An interesting question indeed...was he in fact "Adam" or were a couple chosen by him ? If he was looking for perfection in humanity then his ailment would have eliminated him ( that's not me saying that BTW, but that might have been his train of thought). Create a new race of survivors and have control over a new Garden of Eden....
  17. Dennis was quite an interesting character...it's too bad we didn't see more of him. I don't know why Peter would discourage his interest in the Millennium Group, with a little honing he could well have been an asset to the Group.
  18. I'd like to think not...whatever else may have happened between Peter & Frank, he did put a target on his back by giving Frank his & Jordan's files.
  19. It took more than one viewing for me to grasp the implications in this episode as well....yes, by the end of it Frank has truly begun to acquire his first real "understanding" of the Group, of the tenacious grip it and humanity in general have against evil...especially ( only my opinion ) when he says "That's what I'm trying to tell you Michael...there's always going to be one more dog..."
  20. Personally I think Jordan had Frank's gift. I started watching the show again recently after quite some time and last night I began season 2 ( was it just me or when Frank and Catherine are sitting in the police car at the end, and Frank sees Peter sitting in the other car, did Peter look disappointed / angry at Frank's actions with the poloroid man? Peter does say to him on the phone "Just wait a few more hours, let's do this right"....did Peter want to bring the PM in alive? My other thought: I'm not there yet, and it's been a while since I've seen it but in the Christmas episode, wasn't it hinted that Frank's mother had his gift, only to be made to believe she was insane?
  21. A case well stated. FOX may be a bit gun shy after the X files letdown, but hopefully they appreciate those who still watch and wait and hope all these years later.
  22. I don't think Frank would have re-married. In all 3 seasons of the show it was never mentioned that he had an ex-wife, so I believe Catherine was his one & only...as to Jordan, we know that she has Frank's "gift" to a certain degree, so him finding her again ( assume an adult Jordan might have blamed him for Catherine's death, and cut him out of her life...) and making peace with her, and mentoring her with her ability. Are we positive that Peter Watts is dead? Because if not, I'd love to see him return as well.
  23. Welcome to the group Captain! I'm sure I can speak for all of us when I say we look forward to your input!
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