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  1. But it would be fitting. Some even say, they saw a demons face in the smoke... But i was pretty much surprised, that they dare to relate to this incident in this context. Im not criticising it, i just was surprised by it.
  2. Mine arrived today and i immediately read it Its awesome, but damn its short! I finished it in about 10 minutes... Its very cool drawn, dark and menacing like the show. I like that. I also love, that they went the "demon way" I still dont know, what the beginning means I cant wait for the second issue.
  3. I think "next of kin" could be another example, couldnt it? I mean i really like the sound of it and think its very cool, but you could also have a single, easier word for that. There are a lot of german words, that you use instead of "own" english waords, like "Kindergarten" (translation would be "Childrens' garden") or "Poltergeist" (rumbleghost ).
  4. Yes! Really great news. That makes me very happy
  5. Yeah Baby! I havnt got my shipment confirmation, xet, but i also ordered much later than you Simon. Enjoy the reading! Frank is back.
  6. Hallo Nicole! Nice to have another fan from Germany! Hope to hear a lot from you. My warmest welcome wishes, William.
  7. Heres some custom made fan stuff, that i designed and ordered on a print-shop page Just arrived today:
  8. Hey Simon, where did you order it? Can you send me a link? Thanks!
  9. Im going crazy! I just found this on schnittberichte.com: Akte X - Mögliche Wiederbelebung der Kultserie Die FOX Television Chefs Dana Walden und Gary Newman haben eine riesige Welle auf die Fans der Kultserie Akte X losgelassen. Nach dem überraschendem Erfolg mit 24: Live Another Day, einer limitierten Wiederbelebung der Serie 24, würden sie auch gerne die Mysteryserie Akte X wieder ins Leben zurückrufen. In einem Interview mit Deadline haben sie gesagt, dass sie mit dem Schöpfer Chris Carter und den zwei Hauptdarstellern David Duchovny und Gillian Anderson darüber reden müssen. Fakt ist, dass sie dieses Reunion ohne Chris Carter niemals machen würden. David Duchovny antwortete einige Tage später bei USA Today mit... "I'm assuming that it will happen sooner rather than later now. We'll see what form, how many (episodes). Certainly I can't nor would I be interested in doing a full season. It will be in some kind of limited form. We're all old, we don't have the energy for a full season." Klingt ganz danach als ob David Duchovny schon mit im Boot ist. Wie Gillian Anderson und Chris Carter über diese Wiedervereinigung denken, ist zurzeit noch nicht bekannt. Auch dass es schon sehr bald geschehen wird ist etwas unglaubwürdig, denn David ist zurzeit mit seiner neuen Serie Aquarius beschäftigt. Chris Carter hat ebenfalls einen vollen Terminplan und Gillian Anderson übernimmt eine Hauptrolle in der dritten Staffel von Hannibal. In english (roughly): Fox TV Bosses Dana Walden and Gary Newman said, after the big success of the limited revival of 24 with the miniseries 24:Live another day, they would like to do the same with the X Files!! In a Deadline Interview they said, that they will have to talk with Carter, Duchovny and Anderson about that. They wouldnt do it without Carter. Duchovny answered a few days later: -enqlish quote above- It sounds like hes already in! What Anderson and Carter think about this revival isnt know at this time. Its also not to believe that this will happen very soon, cause David is busy with his new show Aquarius, Carter has some jobs to do and Gillian plays a leading role in the third season of Hannibal. Isnt this hilarious? What i heard was, that Gillian was the one who started this whole thing, so i dont think we have to worry about her It would be so great! And this also brings closer the opportunity of a MLM Movie. Or a Frank Black in this new Miniseries, just like in the comic. Im speechless. It would be the best thing ever, if this would really happen.
  10. Someone with a twitter account (i dont have one) or a facebook account (i dont have one neither) could just send him some messages or a link to our board. Im sure he would check it out. I dont think he would create an account and write, but he would read it, and i think it would make him happy, that we still care
  11. Hi Ichabod and a warm welcome to this wonderful site! I dont know how the board looks on your computer, but when you scroll down to the very end of the page, you find a button, that says "change theme". Maybe you got a weird theme? Try the TIWWA Default Theme 3.4.7 Thats the standard. BOOM BOOM to you.
  12. Well Amazon just canceled his ordered series "The after". Maybe now he stops "surving" and makes the damn movie! Just do it Chris! I bet half of the crew would make it "pro bono".
  13. Im with you on that manderson, but if theres someone out there who would answer that request if he can do it, than i bet its Lance From all the interviews ive seen of him, he really seems to be the ultimate dude-guy, that you just wanna be friend and hang out with and i think that he would absolutely answer to that request if he gets it and has some time to do it.
  14. Thanks for the compliment! Well, thats a nice idea of yours, but i think that wouldnt be worth the effort I havent checked yet, but maybe i can find some pumpkinpie in a good selected bakery one day... Then i'll let you know how i liked it, but i bet yours would taste better
  15. Thanks Simon! She took yours as a guideline She has a lot of the white spray to spare, so she told me, that she will make me a second glass with an owl-ouroboros. I pretty curious about it
  16. I think the only time you can find pumpkin in a can in regular supermarkets here in germany is at Halloween Here you can see my and my familys christmas tree with presents:
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