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  1. BBC´s Luther might be crossable too, or Aurelio Zen, with the church background.
  2. Seesthru: I always believed that Denis Hoffmann was just overwhelmed, perhaps awed, by the fact that he now was facing someone that had lived with the same thoughts and ideas he himself had had, but hadn´t stayed idle. It was a dream given form, in a way. And that Dennis would be overwhelmed, sort of, and sharing a moment of understanding and kinship with the man is understandable,
  3. Perhaps you could throw 'Alcatraz' into the Millenium group mix, the group the driving force behind the experiments? Just an idea, I didn´t like the series actually... Hm, 'what if'(I use this words often :-) ) Max Black was an unknown grandchild of Frank´s brother(the one mentioned only once) and the reason she let stay Caroline in her apartment was that she saw a gruel vision of Caroline´s death on the subway in episode 1? Yep, Max has the 'gift'....ah, yes, that would be a 2 Broke Girls Crossover
  4. Thanks, seesthru, but 'Bardo Thodol' is out of the Question. I watched the series chronologically, and the prayer stick tickled my brain while watching 'Blade of Grass', so it must have appeared before.
  5. Watched 'Beware of the Dog' and the prayer stick I was looking wasn´t mentioned there. Hmm...perhaps it was in season 1? But thanks for the input-
  6. Okay, I have a new one. 6. What shows could you tie in with Millenium if you´d evolve it further? Hehe, I just imagined Jordan and her old man doing a supernatural profiling similar to Jordan Cavanaugh and her father :-)
  7. Yeah, the prayer stick got screen time in SBoG, but I vaguely remember a prayerstick mentioned before. I could be wrong though.
  8. Well, there is one thing mentioned much later in season 3 about the mother. When Emma is asked if her mother should be contacted because of the deteriogating state of her father, she mentions that the woman walked out of their lifes 20(I think) years ago, hinting about some bad blood between her and her mother. b) About Emma´s father, yeah, I think you are right. I just rewatched the episode, and, yes, Tamra is never actually called a sister. A more distant relative seems likely. Paternal I´d say, considering the bad blood between her mother and Emma.
  9. 5. Tamra Caffrey: maternal or paternal half-sister?
  10. ad 2: I think I am responsible for that one. While talking about the coyote being mentioned I talked about a 'Gargoyles' episode that I think featured the trickster. Eliza Maza´s father I think impersonated him. So this was not about gargoyles in the millennium series Sorry.
  11. Wow, a chilling background story for this test. Nope, not a psycho. I thought along the crossdresser line too, then it being the boyfriend of the sister.
  12. Yes, that was my second thought, after 'Blade of Grass'. Though Frank doesn´t actually fit 'The Trickster', doesn´t he?
  13. it was just mentioned, not a character itself appearing. I remembered an episode of 'Gargoyles' were the coyote appears
  14. Come to think about it, I think there was the coyote mentioned somewhere, the trickster...
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