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  1. This guy was replaced because of money of course. I hate to say this, but a petition is not going to do a thing when it comes to getting him back. It's about money, he wants a certain amount, they corporate folks think it's too high and neither side will negotiate. So, they just hired someone else and locked him into a contract. I seriously doubt the original guy will be back.
  2. Honestly, it wasn't about testing out the viewers or anything like that, it had to do with schedules. David was working on Aquarius and that had to wrap and Gillian was the one that would have been most affected. Because of her schedule, she could only commit to 6 episodes.
  3. there is a Millennium tweetathon thing going on now at 20th Century FOX using the hashtag #Millennium20th if anyone is interested...
  4. manderson

    New Millennium Comic

    the comics didn't sell well, so they won't be continuing the series unfortunately...
  5. manderson

    Hannibal - Clarice

    Hannibal has no chance of coming back..if people wanted the show to survive, they should have watched it. If you want a show to live on, it has to do better than 1.5 million viewers per episode, that's almost as low as a CW show and on several occasions, it was beat out by programming on Univision. Add to that the fact that NBC didn't own the rights to the Clarice character which would have been an issue in season 4 if there was one. Netflix and Amazon, which were the best bets for the show to live on, have passed on Hannibal ,There is plenty of good television on cable and network if you look and slam the stupid people if you want, but there shows are still airing. )
  6. manderson

    The X-Files: the upcoming mini series

    The Home Again track is on the I Want To Believe soundtrack...
  7. manderson

    The X-Files: the upcoming mini series

    I'll see if the folks over at TVWise have any idea about this...they have broken alot of news on this new event series including confirming it happening before any other news site..
  8. La La Land Records have just announced that they are releasing a new volume of Millennium music and reissuing the first volume..both on June 5th. The advertisement says June 2nd, but it will be on June 5th!
  9. manderson

    New Millennium Comic

    A better interview is Joe with Back to Frank Black about Millennium and the comic.... http://www.backtofrankblack.com/archives/3463
  10. manderson

    New Millennium Comic

    Endoftheworld, well now, everyone is a critic. You are expecting them to cram so much stuff into ONE ISSUE? Relax, this is the first of 5 which also may lead to a complete season. Oh, but I am sure you have released a comic right? Can you send us a link so we can take a look at your work? Wait, no comic? Not surprised...those who can't do, criticize. Give them a chance to get the story going and wait and see what's in future issues..
  11. Well first, anyone who reports or works for a news site knows "exclusive" does not mean one on one. That makes no sense, Second, i'm not a Brit, so just sayin' means just sayin..
  12. Actually, the record for highest opening ever on cable belongs to The Closer...AMC tooted their horn a bit too early..
  13. Not sure what sites you are referring to that go too far...
  14. No offense, but it cracks me up when people call an interview an "exclusive" when he's been interviewed many times about all those subjects by bigger, more mainstream sites. Just sayin'...
  15. I wouldn't really count on sending a request for a signed photo...

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