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  1. Heh, well I'm not so sure I myself caught most of those little details on Lost...at least not by watching an episode without taping it. There are some rabid Lost fans out there with nice digital gadgets and some time on their hands to put online some screen shot stills. Like the "brand" on the tail of the shark....I never saw that till someone else posted it on a Lost message board! But ya know...nice observation on the Sarah "miracle"! That is interesting how this might come into play once we see Locke maybe opening up to Jack about his condition and ability to walk after the crash.... Is there maybe even a connection between the two miraculous healings? Hmmm...
  2. Thanks for the welcome...I've been here for a little while, but mostly as the occasional lurker. Hope you get caught up w/ Lost soon...this new season is really shaping up to better than the 1st season. About Locke not getting killed by the creature....the theme is revisited (though no real answer as to why yet) but let's put it this way: Locke mirror's Peter Watts in some respects, that they both have experiences that draw them into a deeply held faith in something that might betray them. Locke's personal belief's might be what saves him in ep. 4...or maybe it was just a fluke. The 3rd ep. of season 2 looks like it'll get more into the mind of Locke with the realization of what the bunker is all about....and how that ties into the "creature" on the island.
  3. There are a few new puzzles...a bit Twin Peakish (1st season dream sequences, visions (like the recennt one of Walt speaking backwards) but I'd say the new season has much more Millenniumistic overtones now! S P O I L E R S We get much more insight as to why Desmond is under the hatch....he believes a virus has killed the rest of the world....while he has some sort of vaccine. Sound familiar? Also, has anyone else noticed the logo on Desmond's jacket, on the food, and on the doors of the bunker? It looks like an I-Ching symbol...an ancient symbol ...with a swan in the center with the word "Dharma" in the center. And the computer and countdown timer...that's rather strange. Countdown to what? The way everything's been presented with Desmond and the underground bunker almost makes me think that the island is like some sort of "Noah's Ark" for the apocalypse...
  4. ...premieres tomorrow night on ABC. i'm going to try to catch it.... Everyone post your comments here when ya get a chance!
  5. Lost's season premiere is one of the best I've seen! The 2 hour season ender was pretty millenniumistic, with impending danger w/ the supposed coming of "the others", the raft folks are hijaked by strangers who kidnap Walt, leaving the rest for dead. And the hatch get blown open by Locke... To add to bonnie's post... S P O I L E R S . . . . The beginning of the episode opens like a Morgan and Wong ep. of Millennium, with a classic Mama Cass Elliot song playing while we watch a some unknown person waking up to a beeping computer and proceeding with a morning routine...without us seeing his face. He also injects himself with a serum...just as there's a big bang. The guy's in the bunker under the hatch! Some antiquated "periscope" device is used by the stranger to look up at the hatch where we see Locke and Jack looking down. I don't think it's anything like an alien ship or anything. In fact, all things in the bunker seem pretty dated to the 1980's.... And of course we find out later in the episode that Jack had an encounter with this newly introduced character in the 80's.... Fantastic season opener definitely!
  6. I was surprised no one had started a new topic for Lost's new season yet! Though I did see Bonnie's post on the summer Lost thread...I'm reposting her comments to start things off here:
  7. Has anyone been keeping up with the show? Terry O'Quinn has landed yet another great role to portray, wonderfully introduced as quiet, esoteric, and somewhat creepy. I think one of his 1st lines on the show went on about backgammon being one of the most ancient games, archaeologist having found evidence for the game in Sumeria... later he talks about how a miravle has happened to him... reminscent of a season 2 Peter Watts. And Terry's character, Locke, has had an episode to shine, where we get his backstory, that he was on his way to embark on a walkabout in Australia, and we find out that in fact a miraculous event has occured to Locke upon the crash on the island, not to mention his life seems to have been spared by the creature on the island while hunting some boars. He still remains somewhat mysterious, but seems intent on aiding everyone on the island with problems they might have. When helping the Dominic Monghan character in the latest episode, Locke says that his 'faith' has been the impetus through which somehow the island has bestowed miracles upon him. Ooook, am I alone in how much Locke seems to be a lot like Peter Watts circa Season 2? Is this a nod to Millennium by the Lost writers? I'm enjoying the parallels quite a bit regardless! And while the show overall might not be fast paced or all too cleaver, it has it's shares of twists and possibilities of interesting explanations of the wierdness on the island. The show's definitely worth checking out! If not just for Terry/Locke!
  8. Hi all, I've been lurking for a while now, browsing occasionally for the last year or so (and wasn't there an older forum as well?). With anticipation of the season 1 DVD release, I've been frequenting the board so much more this summer, watchin for news and comments! With the reality of MillenniuM on DVD now, i figured the time is now to join the forum! I've been a big fan of the show since about the end of Season 1...loved the show when it premiered but lacked the time to really follow the show as I was a going into my junior year of college/university. However catching a summer of season 1 reruns before the new season started...and the Season 2 opener really grabbed my attention...I was definitely hooked! Just some amazing amazing television that I'm so glad to have enjoyed...and enjoy again on DVD format! I went thru some pains to get some of season 1 eps taped off FX..and season 2 eps taped off of FOX are probably not going to see many more years... So i best stop yammering about "how i fell for MillenniuM"...and a little about me, I'm 28, born and raised in Chicago area (aye, an american), living in Colorado for the past couple years, in grad school, continuing my goal of working as an archaeologist in Mexico, big movie geek/artfag, music freak... I'm hoping I'll have some time to post from time to time, this is a sharp looking forum, and many of ya really on top of the latest developments with MillenniuM! so.... Bruno
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