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  1. A bit of bad reporting, observer error/lack of knowledge of lightning sequences. I learned a little about lightning strikes in a geography class recently, someone on the news station's website made the comment about the error and added this link https://hyperphysics....htning2.html#c1 so what was actually seen were 3 flashes that kinda looked like 4 at the end of the video, which I guess the last flash shimmered a bit or the last dart leader part of the sequence was more visible than usual before the final return stroke to look like two flashes? The video footage though verifies it's the same lightning strike as it has the same exact form, not separate strikes (which would have to have at least a slightly different shape/angle).
  2. Yep, the Mayans did have many calenders, though 3 were most important for our purposes here in date calculations used commonly: the long count (unique to the Mayans in its usage, perhaps developed by the Olmecs in the Formative period but not used by other civilizations contemporary with the Maya or later) which measured time linearly; the 365-day solar calender (equivalent calenders found in Mesoamerica though like with the Aztecs they had thought of it like 360 days +5 extra days), the Haab'; and the 260-day ceremonial/lunar Tzolk'in calander (common throughout Mesoamerican history)...the conjunction of the Haab' and the Tzolk'in gives us 52 year cycles or calender rounds (equivalent to centuries), which is called a b'ak'tun. There are 13 b'ak'tuns the comprise the time of this present age (starting in 3114 BC) up to the end of this 13 part cycle in December of 2012. and I was looking for a good graphic to show how calenders interlock, this roughly was was I was in search of: https://theabysmal.wordpress.com/tag/maya-calendar/ I'm more knowledgeable on the Aztecs and other areas of central Mexico, Mayans I'm only basically familiar with, but this is about the extent of what I've learned about the Mayan calender systems. :)
  3. As I think I've already mentioned a couple times, Mayan/Mesoamerican/Native American (and I guess also Asian religions/belief systems) worldviews do not really share the Western/Christian idea of apocalypse/end days. Massive destruction? Yes. But there's an idea of death and rebirth that goes hand in hand with each other dovetailing with their calender system...Mayan scribe's workshop has dates calculated well into the future beyond 2012 it seems... https://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2012/05/120510-maya-2012-doomsday-calendar-end-of-world-science/
  4. Seen Asylum and that has to be the best Dalek episode since "Dalek" maybe better actually. This was one of the strongest openings of a season to date! As much as I like David Tennant as the Doctor, I have to say Matt Smith I'm liking even better. He bring a maturity to the role that was absent with Tennant to a certain extent...while still being goofy...maybe goofier than Tennant (which illicits some eye roles from me)...there's very subtle complexities and dark side to Smith's Doctor over the angsty writing (and very contained dark moments) of Tennant's Doctor. And overall I really do like Moffat's writing and direction of the series more than RTD's tenure with Tennant...which the latter tended to be more uneven, Moffat definitely has a steadier beat and I do love the clever (over the top clever) timey-wimey storylines (even if there is a fair amount of recycling of ideas) over more plain storytelling we had previously and over-the-top saving the world stories under RTD. So it should be interesting to see where this season goes, drawing in the grandeur the Doctor garnered in previous seasons since he's now presumed dead, the Moff has already taken another step in the series opener to bring the Doctor down a notch and reinforce the "Who" in Doctor Who. And with no two-parters 2012 and 2013, we'll have no series arc necessarily and more self contained adventures. Already with the first episode it's feeling less like RTD-era and more like Classic Who which IMO is a good thing :)
  5. So very sorry for your loss Walkabout, condolences to you and your family in such a horrible tragedy in Colorado.
  6. So tragic and sad...having lived in CO for graduate school and a good friend of mine grew up and lives in Aurora, it hits a little bit closer to home for me. Also pisses me off too, the mentality of these mass killers overly self absorbed with a lack of conscience for others, and the opportunity they have to get firearms so easily and mastermind an attack, rig an apartment (and possibly a university campus) with explosives...for what? He hit some rough patches in his PhD program? So what better way to deal with it than trying to try and copycat a comic book character psychopath? Grrrr...I knew about what happened since yesterday morning, but only now in the wee morning hours am getting a chance to read about the whole thing. My prayers go out to those that lost family members in this senseless violence, so heartbreaking. :(
  7. Me too Earthnut...it wasn't exactly what I expected either. I actually thoguht there not to be much in the way of actual aliens running around nor gruesome scenes...expectations that it'd be more like the X-Files black oil type monster or microscope plague or something like that based on the previews...which not to spoil it for anyone but this a component of the film but there's much more to it. And well, given the legacy the original Alien movie had with chest-bursting xenomorphs, to not expect something on par in this "prequel"....well played! that previews did not give away too much, and most were probably surprised! I have mixed feelings about the film. I liked it, definitely was the best alien sci-fi on the big screen in the last decade or so (Avatar was brilliant in the scale of special effects, but IMO no masterpiece of sci-fi, it was rehashing real-life colonialism and ecodestruction in a shmaltzy and a bti half baked way), special effects were pretty spectacular, Michael Fassbender was brilliant, the storyline really appealed to me though translation to screenplay had some problems, many of the characters were just too uninteresting and unlikable, even though it was not a short film, it seemed like it was rushed at times. Good, should've been better given it was Ridley Scott though the film still wins me over w/ the basic story and SFX and Fassbender :D And it'd be worth seeing in "4D" with the seats moving...first film I saw in such a theater, really added to the experience :D
  8. Sooooooo...I'm sure folks must've seen it by now how'd y'all like it?
  9. Probably more of an omen of how much Fox has riding on this movie and the current economy and business trends. I kinda spoiled myself a little looking at the early screening reactions...not quite as hyped up about it as I was though will still see it on an IMAX screen at the very least...
  10. Here's the most recent 2 1/2 minute full trailer that was unveiled last Friday:
  11. Has anyone heard about this new film by Abel Ferrara about the end of the world? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1707391/ and check out the facebook profile that I guess Ferrara did himself: https://www.facebook.com/pages/444/101289896623290 nice choice of a pic :D
  12. I watched the pilot on my Chicago-Houston flight after x-mas. It was a fun ride, certainly will hook an audience...actually I think as a pilot it was an overwhelming success (compared to Fringe and PoI, this had a much better pilot). What has me more hooked than anything is the female investigator and her father's backstory more than the concept itself of the missing people from Alcatraz and how that will be revealed. Jorge Reyes is a likable guy but not sure I buy his role as a brilliant historian. Hurly was a part that was made for him, he comes off more as the everyday guy and joker rather than some kinda wacky academic. Oh and walkabout....I'm sure Sam Neill will be in more than just two eps. Bummer that he doesnt seem to be billed in ep 3 to whatever is currently being shot, he'll certainly be back by the end of the season I'm certain :)
  13. Exactly, nothing is laid out as concrete fact. It's about interpretation and the loaded terms and preconceptions that we have today of "apocalypse", "armageddon", "doomsday"...and prophecy that come along with future events coinciding with specific times. Archaeologists and it seems Mayan sages themselves are trying to unload and debunk the popularization of the forthcoming end of the Mayan calender being the start to prophetic end times as its been sensationalized largely by the media without much in the way of critical thought or contextual interpretation. A lot of what comes from biblical apocrypha is being misapplied to another cultural worldview...and to me it seems that's painting something black that's in fact white
  14. Oh I missed that post! Well I read it quickly and will need to give it another look, seems rather insightful and good to see a rebuke to the doomsday predictions from folks that I don't think know jack about the Mesoamerican conception of time and their worldview...how it's not really like the Western conception of apocalypse with a single year event/end of calender. I do believe (or maybe more hopefully wish) that 2012 onwards might see the some major changes in the world we live in, not sure if a political shift, or some kind of environmental change (not that we havent had enough of an environ change with global warming...regardless of how it's happening seems like there is agreement from the right wing too that its there...what causes it is still the topic of debate). So hmmmm
  15. Nice article... https://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/45438811/#.TtHtOanNlGV
  16. 1. Lamentation 2. Curse of Frank Black 3. Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions 4. Thirteen Years Later 5. Gehenna
  17. Just saw the pilot tonight accidentally (was waiting for a Fringe rerun before the new season starts in Mexico) and I can say I'm intrigued where they're going with it. Not really my type of show in terms of the overall feel, but the concept is interesting (a little Millennium group-istic, that there's information about people's lives...did anyone catch at the beginning the reply by Caviezel's character about crime "you can't stop it" to which Emerson's character replies "but what it you could?"), shocked to see that the show's creator and main writer is Johnathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan's brother and co-writer of many of his films, and well the combo of the main actors. Definitely can be a GREAT show, pilot was decent enough that I hope they really bring in some witty plotting and interesting backstory to allow the show to grow. Otherwise it might be a run-of-the-mill thriller crime drama...
  18. I hope the schizophrenic pace of the pilot will not hold over to the rest of the eps....that was my only quibble, that so much was crammed into the pilot in haphazard way (sometimes seemingly gratuitous like the catfight scenes at school...teenager stuff is a bit cliche too I guess) that was also reflected in the camera work and editing. A bit overwhelming. Just with the stuff presented in the pilot they have a few seasons worth of material to explore
  19. That was about the most disturbing thing I've seen produced for television....and for a pilot? Wow. i'm looking forward to where else they're going with this series, but it's probably alienating a large audience...
  20. "The Wedding of River Song" That was unbelievably good end season finale in only 45 minutes! great twist and brilliant way to forage onward into the following seasons going back to perhaps a more "Classic Who" feel!
  21. I watched it this morning...and I'm in complete agreement, great way to start off the second half of the 6th season! Really didn't see the twists and turns thrown at us...maybe would've worked a little better if Mel was introduced earlier in the series, but still. Nutty episode that did a lot to explain certain things and keep us hanging as to what will happen next.
  22. well I got through 1/2 of N7...so it's kinda a long set-up for the series, I'm actually liking the homage M&W were making here....I like the comic book page shots at the end of scenes :) Won't be able to see the rest or TWC until next week, as I'll be camping on the beach this weekend despite havign so much stuff going on, but also a lot of waiting and a lotta nothing over the weekend too, so might as well make the escape! :D
  23. a bit of delay after having to reinstall windows on my laptop but finally now going to give N7 and TWC a look! well maybe late late tonight or tomorrow, there so much going on at the moment...
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