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  1. Hear hear Mark! Agree 100% that Donna was indeed a great addition to the Whoniverse I need to run out to the store anyways this afternoon, I'll be picking up some jalapeño Pringles for sure! though from the clip I saw on BBC news this morning, I'm not sure Donna is going to get a great send-off...well, at least from the clip they showed she was still in pre-Doctor/Donna mode, head burning up...hopefully that scene turns around
  2. Jaja! Good points Mark, Whovians are so prone to more speculation that's way out in left field...that as we should know from the series so far under RTD, there's really nothing so far that goes so far to make overt nods to classic Who canon or introducing big new things to canon (most is "off-camera" like the Time War or within new continuity refs like Bad Wolf and Saxon scattered about). Well just hours left before we see how it all wraps up!!!
  3. back on-topic I just read a little something that was noticed about Wilfred Mott:
  4. I agree wholeheartedly with Graham! Nice review Mark! :) though you missed one vital part: I worry that maybe Part 2 will have too much packed into it, as I imagine some of us know there's some subplots still to come, hinted already in Part 1 and from leaked spoilers of guest stars to make an appearance for the next special. Though it's a fun ride so far from Part 1, I expect Part 2 to be equally if not more entertaining...and well then the loooooong wait for the mighty Moff to take the helm w/ Matt Smith!
  5. MM made me a Patti Smith fan...both Horses and Walking Barefoot became favorite songs almost immediately! (sidenote: and in turn I came to appreciate PJ Harvey who channeled classic era Ms. Smith on her 2000 album "Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea". I had friends that liked PJ Harvey and I heard her stuff and was kinda lukewarm to it...but it was really my introduction to Patti Smith via MM that led to my deeper listening of PJ Harvey) Also, wasn't there a Blur song in a season 3 ep? I know I wasn't much of a fan of theirs back in their 90's heyday, but at some point there I picked up 13, which is a masterpiece of decent experimentalish mainstream rock.
  6. had a great time over El Dia de los Muertos weekend in the Lake Patzcuaro area

  7. OT: yeah Mark/4th is a definite Bonanza. I'm pretty familiar w/ the band (listen to stuff influenced by FoN, becoming a fan of Richard Stanley's work (FoN video director)) though still need to listen to more of their stuff...
  8. pretty cool Mark! thanks for posting it P.S. - I've finally been listening to a little Fields of the Nephilim
  9. I've been mostly lurking around here lately (though I'm really digging the BTFK interviews! Thanks Mark for keeping everyone up-to-date!), but a friend had shared this article today, of course I thought of the tiwwa forum! Gotta love the title of it: "Even the Maya are getting sick of 2012 hype" https://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/33261483/ns/technology_and_science-science/
  10. For sure Eth, Dust Devil isn't a masterpiece, though there's a lot of great material brought forth. And for a film made in 1992 on a shoestring budget and many other problems, it makes me appreciate more how the overall "final" product turned out despite the flaws. And I think you really need to be in the right mood to watch Dust Devil....I tried a couple times to give it a go, but stopped before entering the first 5 minutes seeing that maybe I wouldn't last through the whole film. Did you happen to catch any of the Stanley documentaries?
  11. Actually it was before you were around Laurent! We might've both have read an old old post referencing Dust Devil (or you posted one too that I missed). Though it's funny about Stanley...I had no idea he directed Fields of the Nephilim videos until I watched some of his interviews on the DVDs, and well, I kinda already knew who he was, as I saw Hardware years and years ago (and really impressed me in it's last montage, and the fact Lemmy Kilmister was in it :-P) when I was in high school. And it's seeing a new DVD re-release if you didn't know: https://twitchfilm.net/site/view/cover-and-specs-for-the-upcoming-hardware-remaster/ I really like Stanley's interviews and commentaries...definitely need to pick up this DVD!
  12. This is a real call back to the old days of the forum.... Back when strictly lurking through the board (now I'm just mostly a periodic lurker :-p), I recall a few forum members suggesting in the Millenniumistic Movie thread the film Dust Devil. I kept this in the back of my mind, intrigued by the cult status of director Richard Stanley and that the movie was released in the US in a 5 DVD/CD set...and FINALLY got my hands on the collector edition set and watched it last week. BLOWN AWAY Really an amazing film, with the way it handled Zulu/African mythology, serial killer ritualism, forensics...really ahead of it's time in what it was doing though on such a small budget and many pitfalls it encountered in the filming process. And then I just watched Stanley's documentary The Secret Glory, about Otto Rahn who was one of the first people to investigate the holy grail, the Cathars, and became instrumental in establishing the SS and Nazi mysticism framework...quite interesting how it dovetails with the mythology sequence that ran throughout MM season 2. So has anyone seen these films that's still active in the forum now? I'm up for a discussion of them!
  13. No tanto Creo q pa' todos es mas facil mantener el foro en ingles, pero bueno soy hablante nativo de ingles tambien bienvenidos todos de sudamerica/Fracia!
  14. Wonderful interview/discussion, thanks for the heads up Laurent.! Can't wait for part 2...and me thinks I need to rewatch some of season 1, some of the eps I don't usually turn to...
  15. Sorry if this is old news (as I've been a less frequent visitor to TIWWA lately), but I accidentally came across a news story on a Latin American tv website about Lance to star on NCIS (guess he's drawn more attention here with that role on that Brazilian Heroes-esque show?)...and googling for more info, Lance will guest star on an upcoming episode of NCIS as a local sheriff. One article is here: https://www.tvguide.com/News/NCIS-Lance-Hen...2063.aspx?imw=Y
  16. Ah ya got to the bottom of it before I could reply! Kudos to Alfredson for voicing his opinion of the whole Hollywood remake machine. I'm not sure how it works out for Let the Right One In (as to who own the rights and the process of how they "okay" remakes of foreign films), but a recent Spanish movie, [REC], likewise will be remade, though in this case, the writer/director was prepared for the probable remake and I believe actually had a rewrite in the works or done, to be sold to a US production company. I guess that's one way to capitalize on Hollywood!
  17. I REALLY REALLY want to see this film, I hope it sees a release at a film festival at the very least in Mexico...and *rolls eyes* there'll be a US remake soon.
  18. I so wish Universal or someone would release The Others on DVD....
  19. I finally got to see "Appaloosa" earlier in the week (I spaced and forgot to catch it the week before in the "nice theaters" and had to settle for the "cheap seats") and indeed, Ed Harris did a great job in capturing the essence of the classic Western. Maybe a little too "paint by numbers" type Western, but the script was good, funny dialog, and the injection of realism added a lot to my enjoyment of the film, no crazy stunts or gun fights where the protagonist amazingly comes out unharmed. Lance fits pretty well in this genre, very believable as an anti-hero in the Old West, from his portrayal of Cole Wilson in "Dead Man" to his role here in "Appaloosa".
  20. Holy...! That's a truely disturbing story...as if it didn't start off insane it just continued to get worse and worse! I'm completely dumbfounded as to what was going through these women's minds...obviously they were wanting to commit suicide or perhaps these women believed they were invincible? But more importantly, what do they have to say to how the whole incident impacted other people's lives? I'm hoping on one else was hurt as a result of the stupid acts of these twins...
  21. I second that...though don't just wait for a rainy day It's a very well done movie all around....for some reason reminded me a lot of "The Changeling" w/ George C. Scott not only because of they're both ghost stories involving children, but the overall "old school" feel of it really resonates in both films me thinks...
  22. Well I remember being brought around by friends of mine in college to watch TXF with them Friday nights, then news of MillenniuM being developed got one of our group and I excited (since it was Lance Henriksen who we knew best as Bishop)...though initially I was a little turned off by MM (and my friends even more so) due to it's pretty violent nature in the 1st season, and I didn't have that much time to watch TV anyhow with classes and then I went off to Spain for a semester. But I came around later just before the start of season 2 and was hooked. So I was 21 at the time I was hopelessly a MM fan!
  23. Hear hear! Dead Man is one of my all time favorite films, due to the witty script, the cast, the music by Neil Young...and Lance really came through as a psycho bounty hunter!
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