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  1. I think it makes a lot of sense for Jordan to be in the Millennium Group. It was really a matter of when, not if, that would happen. They were bound to recruit her when the time came and while Frank was not around to protect her despite his paranoia. And since the MG was fractured, it needs repairing. I think the group we saw in this comic is the 'good' side who are trying to restore things back to balance while the other wants chaos. Frank can't stay in the safe halls of the FBI office again. They really need to bring Mabius back. I think the one flaw that the series had was its '
  2. Or Frank gets manipulated/possessed by a demon to do such a thing. But I agree, he would never raise a hand on Jordan. I think the writer made an oversight on his characterization. Now, if the angel from " Borrowed Time " returns, that would be an interesting repercussion. If I'm not mistaken, isn't Frankie on 'borrowed time' and not Jordan since Legion is now taken care of? Or maybe not. After all, smacking Jordan Is Not Who He Is.
  3. I managed to finish the series with the last issue as an iPad download. I thought it was interestingly put together but could have been a little longer than 4-5 issues. The return of Butler was a nice touch and bringing the Group back on the good side with Frankie was a long time coming. I liked it when he was with the Group, not outside of it. As for him being psychic, it's a given that he is, including his daughter. I think it's a generational thing in his family that's carried on over the centuries, perhaps early on with the Millennium Group knew of his ancestors. I do agree with the
  4. I think the story will end in one or two more issues to be resolved but don't be surprised when Mulder jumps out back to his X-Files-verse. What they're doing is re-introducing Frank Black by starting with Mulder. Mulder is the 'warm up' act and then he'll be part of the resolution of the story, I think. After that, Frank Black and Jordan are on their own and I greatly suspect new supporting characters from the Millennium Group will carry the book and have Frank Black's back ( see what I did there? ). They will then move on to the second story arc after this. I knew all those years that th
  5. I downloaded it via Comixology and saw that cliffhanger. Oh, yes, indeed, this is gonna be goooooooood. Things are about to get extremely interesting. This is truly the return of the Season 2 flavor.
  6. I got issue #3 by downloading from Comixology. Let me just say that this issue is awesome and does confirm what I had suspected for some time in the direction of the new 'season'. I KNEW there was something amiss and does our boy Frankie have a very interesting problem in his hands :). I had a feeling Jordan is exactly where I thought she'd be . This Is Who We Are.
  7. I'm the same way but back during the AOL chat rooms, I looked forward to Friday nights and after each end of the episode, we just gabbed throughout the night. Good times. The one with the Rosicrusians or " The Family " featuring Katherine Black was fantastic because I was reading about the Rosicrusians on that exact same time, along with Freemasonry and Knights Templar. The show 'spoke' to me. This Is Who We Are.
  8. Glad to be here, Walkabout. It's been years since I've been in a Millennium forum ( AOL, for that matter ) or chatroom. I believe there is a discussion board devoted to the IDW comic of Millennium? There's some interesting things going on in this story which I'm starting to suspect what's happening. And a Millennium movie or exclusive series to Netflix would be so awesome. This Is Who We Are.
  9. Hello all, I've been a long time fan of Millennium and am so happy to find this forum here. Since the early days of AOL's chatroom based on the show, chatting about into the wee hours every Friday night after the end of each episode was great fun. Once it was cancelled, I was bummed and recently now it has returned as a comic book by IDW Publishing which made me so stoked. It was funny because I did an ink drawing of Frank Black way back in 2000 for Brian Dixon, whom I believe was responsible for the Fourth Horsemen Press site. I think he was in the middle of trying to create a comic based
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