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  1. Even this old Remedy game is fun. http://t.co/qFjKv0S021

  2. Didn’t know this was originally going to be Wolfenstein 2. http://t.co/bfJ4CedlYL

  3. Classic game where your mullet and mustache sporting hero battles THE CRITTERS. http://t.co/a68nbC1DEg

  4. The Art Bell hype continues. MitD coming soon.

  5. Hamburglar is either The Question or The Spirit, deep undercover.

  6. http://t.co/wxUjibw4SM This new Star Wars will be filth.
  7. RIP BEAN. Auburn Alabama's true master. Years later, I still remember and miss you.

  8. People sure love to fight over the racial appearance of of King Tut. I had no idea arguments were that heated about it.

  9. Getting back into the hang of things. http://t.co/f***kIQtNm

  10. 8 minutes until Insurgency. Haven't played in months. Loads of new content waiting.

  11. FINALLY, reinstalling Insurgency!

  12. My health problems have become so severe, I may give up and go to a hospital. Sad it's a debt v death debate.

  13. Saw this in my feed, from Garry’s Mod. Photo by YoungFlutterShy… http://t.co/c8VqFsIBej

  14. Awesome, now Todd Gurely can get away with charging for autographs. UGA blows.

  15. LOL. Joystiq Podcast. Such memories. http://t.co/ehFM1QlRZv

  16. I got the hockey temper and I don't know why.

  17. The TF2 community is the worst. This hat crap ruined this game. Tired of mean little kids and teens. It only took a day & 1/2 to quit again.

  18. I really want to play Verdun on steam. Looks right up my alley.

  19. Five Nights at Freddy's guy needs to be a CEO at Activision.

  20. Anyone want to play Super Hotline Miami at work? http://t.co/DXBrooH8zf fun browser game max payne meets hotline.

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