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  1. Check out what I found. DC Direct Batman HUSH action figure (Discontinued) **LAST ONE** http://t.co/WYb5Ms7WPI via @eBay_UK

  2. Check out what I found. DC Direct Batman Gotham by Gaslight figure (Discontinued) **LAST ONE** http://t.co/beYRFgONhL via @eBay_UK

  3. Like @lancehenriksen? Get this, brilliant service from dealer: http://t.co/zco932BYGU

  4. Check out what I found. Royal Crown Derby figurine Rugby Bear Mint in Box http://t.co/WMIDDXTLig via @eBay_UK. EBAY cat says get it Meow!

  5. Universal Monsters DARKMAN action figure (Discontinued) http://t.co/5clfoALIi7 via @eBay_UK. Ebay Cat says"BUY IT MEOW"

  6. My daughter is downstairs watching The Avengers. To my great shame it is the American lot, there is not a Steed or Mrs Peel to be seen :-(

  7. RT @back2frankblack: BacktoFrankBlack is in the house with @lancehenriksen #MeganGallagher and #MarkSnow at Creature Features! #Millennium

  8. I have met nice and complete ares holes from all creeds and walks of life. Keep an open mind about everyone you meet and try and get on.

  9. Not long now till @lancehenriksen starts signing New #Millennium CDs at #CreatureFeatures! I've ordered mine! #lalalandrecords

  10. Check out what I found. Star Trek Art Asylum Wrath Of Khan Captain Kirk action figure - Discontinued http://t.co/xYas7Awelk via @eBay_UK

  11. "Did You Know Your Energy Drinks Contain BULL URINE?" So that's why they taste like piss!

  12. Chris Evans fronts #TopGear! Yeah, like he needs the money. Doubtless he will bore us all to death about what he owns. Like his radio show.

  13. "@BigChiefStudio1: @Livid1701 He's on route to us right now and is on course to be with us right at the end of the month, if all goes well."

  14. Check out what I found. Royal Crown Derby figurine Jack in the Box Mint in Box http://t.co/lItgwrDjy1 via @eBay_UK New Low Price!

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