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  1. To start this 2017 I wanted to give U something special. This song is called "Volver" (1935) that means to return. I tried to translate it the best I could and also I took another translations from other pages to make it better. The bad thing is that of course when you have something written like poetry, you always lose something. And in Tango music, lyrics has been always very important. They even have a language called lunfardo...but that is another story....haha. They way is written is amazing...right in the heart..

    Aaaaaannyway,  this song always got me...and for me Carlos Gardel was or better yet, IS out of this world...I've always called him the Martian haha. So, here is the lyrics and the song. Hope U enjoy them!!


    To return (1935)
    Lyrics by: Alfredo Lepera
        Music by: Carlos Gardel

    I imagine the flickering
    of the lights that in the distance
    are marking my return.

    They are the same ones that illuminated
    with their pale reflections,
    deep hours of pain.

    And though I didn't want to return
    you always return to your first love.

    The tranquil street
    where the echo said
    yours is her life,
    yours is her love.

    Under the mocking gaze of the stars that,
    with indifference, today see me return.

    To return
    With the withered forehead,
    the snows of time
    have silvered my temples.

    To feel
    that life is a puff of wind.
    that twenty years is nothing,
    that the feverish look,
    wandering in the shadow,
    looks for you and names you.
    To live...
    with the soul clutched
    to a sweet memory
    that I cry once again.

    I am afraid of the encounter
    with the past that returns
    to confront my life.

    I am afraid of the nights
    that, filled with memories,
    shackle my dreams.

    But the traveler that flees
    sooner or later stops his walking.

    And although the oblivion, who destroys all,
    has killed my old illusion.
    I keep concealed a humble hope
    that is my heart's whole fortune.

    To return
    With the withered forehead,
    the snows of time
    have silvered my temples.

    To feel
    that life is a puff of wind.
    that twenty years is nothing,
    that the feverish look,
    wandering in the shadow,
    looks for you and names you.
    To live...
    with the soul clutched
    to a sweet memory
    that I cry once again.




  2. I liked that episode...yes the girl was kind of Jason Bourne suddenly...but her dad worked in the FBI so let´s think that maybe she knew stuff.
    Thinking about that scene, the cool think about it is that once again the Watts seemed like regular people but in a second they are danger. Even Peter´s wife looked weird in my opinion sometimes...So I guess the daughter was no exception.

    Anyway I liked it because we got to know more things about the MG and we could see also Frank helping his friend. Yes, they had conflict but they always helped each other when times got really bad. And that is what friends do.

    The scene that finally Watts ask Frank for help was great acting. Terry and Lance were fantastic. And the last scene was strong. No words. Everybody knew what was going on. But they choose not to say it. That kind of things made the show special. They trusted the audience. We know what was going on.
    So, they don´t have to explained everything like most movies or shows that explain 10 times what you just saw (I hate that XD)

    ps: it´s been a long time since I can´t attach images :-(  don´t know why

  3. Kind of disagree here hahaha :P    I can understand using Jordan as a link to Frank but like I´ve said before, I didn´t like the idea of a "gift".

    And Lucy´s character was very interesting in her first appearence. For me, that is all. Then, it became cartoonish. If you give the devil a face and "I am evil...blablala" for me it becomes boring and silly. In "Lamentation" you knew that this woman was something else...but that was it. Of course, Redmond was awesome in all her episodes and it would be a pleasure to see her. In fact, if the devil has those eyes...mmm...I´m definitely in trouble XD

    Maybe that is the reason why I didn´t like one bit the first comic of Millennium. (spoilert alert). It was based on Jordan´s gift and Lucy hunting Frank. Too supernatural for my taste. It fits perfectlu with those boring shows that are taking over the TV. I like the supernatural when it is around, like MG history. But beneath that, it was the lust for power and control. And that will be always there as long as a human lives.

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  4. That scene when Sauron speaks to Aragorn (trying to seduce him like he did before with Isildur) and then Aragorn turns to Gandalf (who´s face has turned to stone fearing that Aragorn has turned into evil) and says: "For Frodo" and starts running forward facing the end. To watch your King doing that...plus the next to follow him are the 2 little hobbits screaming...always gets me :) 
    No matter if it is a movie, to see people facing the worst and saying: "F***** it, I have to go anyway!" always inspires. Maybe that is why I like Frank Black character so much.

    ps: sorry about the f**** but I think that is the exact expression for that kind of situation XD


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  5. "A day may come when your courage and mine will fail.  A day may come when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship.  But it will not be THIS day.
    THIS day we fight".

    Did you know Earthnut that exact speech was used in "The Return of the King" (LOFT)? Aragon gives that speech to his army when they are standing outside Sauron's fortress, trying to make them fight outside  to give clear road to Frodo to reach the Mount Doom to destroy the ring. (yes, that was totally nerdy hahaha)


    Anyway, everytime Mr. Carter was asked about Millennium possible return, he said that he could do that but it would be focus in Frank's character, not in the MG. That it would have to be something new. So, I guess it would have "the Pilot" spirit. I'll bet the first scene with Frank would be him taking the newspaper, like he did in "the pilot" and in the first episode of the third season. I always thought that Mr. Carter did that scene in the third season as a statement like "I'm back in the show" (due he was out in the whole 2 season).

    And though I loved most of the ideas of the 2 season, (all the mystique around the Mg and the idea of controlling the world)  I didn´t enjoy the idea of Jordan having also the "gift". The original idea was that Frank could do what he did because of his hard work and knowledge of evil people, not because he was somekind of clairvoyant. He wasn´t born with a gift.
    So I understand and support why Lance was mad about that change. I think Mr. Carter was also annoyed by that because that changed completly the character (in my opinion, baddly. It turned him in some kind of comic hero with powers). And doing that, you can´t relate with the character and that, I think is one of the keys of Frank´s character. To sympathize with a person who suffers and loses everything to protect his family and all that is good.

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  6. thanks seesthru! :)


    Imagine if someone could gather Carter, Morgan, Wong and some of the other writers of the show and have a director like...Chris Nolan or better yet, David Fincher (from Seven, the inspiration of the show) to make a movie...and have Lance with actors like Gary Oldman, Ralph Fiennes, etc...damn! I wanna a MoVIE! XD

  7. On 6/11/2016 at 2:21 PM, Earthnut said:

    Frank, Libby, I can't believe I missed this conversation, and yes, I have met psychopath and sociopaths, while working in a prison as an officer for awhile in a high security men's unit.  I slowly began to hate my job and left.  It was more about the officers as to why I left, and the way they worked then the prisoners themselves.

    I too prefer staying away from real cases.  They are disturbing and some can stay with you to the point where you lose sleep.  Give me Science Fiction, Fantasy, monsters, children's, heartwarming, animation, and a good mystery.  I too don't like war documentaries either, mankind killing each other, but every once in awhile there's an exceptional movie out that I will watch, and always a true story, but only once, like Green Zone, Lone Survivor, or 13 Hours: The Secret soldiers of Benghazi, to name a few.  Not a fan of horror that glorifies Satan, or blood and gut movies.  I prefer not to see the graphics.  I think that's what made MLM such a great show, the violence was there, but we rarely had the graphics, just the suspense and terror the character was experiencing.

    M. Scott Peck wrote in "People of the Lie," "If we seriously think about it, it probably makes more sense to assume this is a
    naturally evil world that has somehow been mysteriously contaminated” by goodness, rather than the other way around: the mystery of goodness is even greater than the mystery of evil."

    you worked in a prison??? Damn!

    changing the subject, I recently found a site where I could finally download the Millennium Comic. I have only seen the covers because as U can imagine, I can´t find it in my country :-(
    Now...I´ve got to say... I think it is terrible. The story was way too X-files, too paranormal and boring. I think it focus in the wrong spot. I wish they did like Peter Jackson did when he was shooting the Lord of The Rings. He consulted the fandom periodically.

    Anyway, even the drawings are awful. In fact, I actually have to read in the dialog to find out who was supposed to be Frank (Lance). I guess the person who did the covers didn´t draw the rest of the comic ´cause the covers are pretty cool.

    have anyone read the comics?? Thoughts?

  8. Hi Libby! and yes, be my guest and start it :-)
    And though I know for example that this show is based a lot of stories on real cases, it is not the same for me to read testimonies of real people talking about them. I rarely watch war documentaries for example...too much for me. If it is fiction bring it on, like horror movies haha but real people, real cases...mmm...nop thanks :P

  9. In our country (Argentina) we have an artist that among other things composes music and sings, write books and has a great radio show (the show must be at least 30 years old). And because of the knowledge that he has (he talks about world history and philosophy in the show and later he does improv humor with magazine articles or made up stories) they asked him in an interview how did he see the world, the things that happen nowdays, the new technology. After mixing a serious talk with some funny remarks, finally he ended up saying something like "Yes, mankind sure evolved but also evolved everything that goes with it. So, we can say that evil evolved too".  "Evil evolved too". I remember thinking that was totally a Frank Black line.
    That´s why I still believe that we can use a character like Frank nowdays. I think he can help us better than watching another crappy marvel superhero, that seems to ruled Hollywood now.
    At least for what, the last 15 years?

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  10. On 5/21/2016 at 2:52 PM, Earthnut said:

    I wonder how long this will go on.  The only reason I would choose Daryl is, besides the fact that he's on in the comics, he's the one that blew up Negan's men.

    I do appreciate you comments Frank, thanks.

    don´t mention it :)

    I was going to leave a pic but I can´t upload it. It says "you can only upload 0mb". I guess it´s right hahaha :P

  11. hi there! ( I must sound like Dr. Nick Riviera from the Simpsons XD ). I was doing a backup from an old PC and I found something that I wrote 10 thousands years ago when I was (and still am) frustrated with the end of the show.

    No, it is not a suing letter to Fox! And yes, I know it's not even close to be good hahaha but in case you are at home boring... It is a first act.


    Open scene: city. today.

    People running. Total chaos. We can see from far away, the backwards of a man. He is talking/yelling on the cellphone. The camera approaches to him  (sounds a melody of a cello) and show us an older Frank. "Yes...hello? I hear you ... hello... Jordan?". He hangs up and comes inside the car. Frank thinks for a moment. Then the cell phone rings and interrupts him. It is a message. Frank regains consciousness and reads it. He throws the phone to the passenger seat. Opens his wallet and takes a photo. We can see Frank with Catherine and a young Jordan. Behind the photo, there is a credential. We can distinguish an Ouroboros. Frank breathes heavily and starts the car. The camera shows the message of the cell: "The time is now."

    Millennium open titles

    Black screen with text and audio from The Doors -The soft parade

    "When I was back there in seminary school, there was a person there who put forth the proposition that
    you can petition the Lord with prayer (flashes like Frank has of today's chaos, mobs protesting)
    petition the Lord with prayer...(flashes of war, chaos, mobs protesting faster)
    petition the Lord with prayer...(more flashes of war, chaos, earthquakes, floods, even faster)
                                                                            The doors - "the Soft Parade"

    white flash
    title: 5 years ago - Seattle

    Open sequence:
    Cemetery. It rains. We can see a group of people gathered in a semicircle around a new headstone. A man says prayers in english and a few words in latin. The camera moves to show the people of the semicircle and stops at a woman with her face covered in a black veil. In the distance, we see a silhouette of a man witnessing the ceremony. The voice ends saying "Rests in peace. This is who we are". Everybody throws dirt and then, leaves. Finally the man comes closer. He stands in front of the tomb and says: "We have our differences. But in the end, you protected me and saved my daughter's life". Then, he throws dirt. "Thank you. Rest in peace my friend...". Frank walks away. The camera shows the name of Peter Watts on the tombstone. From a distance, the woman looks at Frank leaving.

    Frank gets inside his car and drives around to clear his mind. A car is following him but Frank doesn't realize it because his gift has been sleeping for too long since he left town with Jordan many years from now. He lives in a very quiet town, retired. He usually makes pottery plates as a hobby. The rain is worst now so Frank stops in a small restaurant. He sits down all wet and hang his classic jacket on the chair. He thinks about Peter. How he saved him and Jordan giving him the MGroup files as a final warning to leave town immediately. The waitress interrupts. "Hello. What are you having, dear?". "Hi. Just coffee please." "Sure" she says and leaves. Frank decides to go to the bathroom to dry up a bit. Meanwhile the person who was following Frank gets out of the car. It is the woman covered by the veil. She walks into the restaurant, notices Frank´s jacket and left a usb flash drive inside its pocket. Frank comes back and sits down. He drinks his coffee and suddenly, he has a flash. He got scared because he didn't have one for a very long time. Frank looks around because he can feel that someone is staring at him but his gift is still a little numb. So he stands up, throws some money on the table, catches his jacket and leaves. "Something wrong dear?" the waitress asked. "No, thank you" Frank said and left in a hurry. The woman sitting in the background watches him go while she drinks her coffee.

    Late that night, Frank returns home . He listens to his messages. The camera show us old and current photos of the Black family. Frank smiles while he listens to her granddaughter's voice saying: "Grandpa, are you there? Remember that tomorrow is my birthday!". The camera stops at a photo where we can see Frank next to a grown up Jordan with her daughter. "See you tomorrow Grandpa! Mom sends you a kiss. Bye!". Frank takes off his jacket. He empties the pockets: wallet, keys and then notices that there is something else. His hand grabs the usb flash drive and suddenly he has a flash and a clear image of the MGroup. Frank regains consciousness and furiously presses the usb flash drive inside his hand. He turns on his laptop. He sits and waits. He plugs it. Nothing happens. Frank relaxes for a minute but out of nowhere, the classic ouroboros logo appears and it says: "Welcome Frank". Frank violently closes the laptop. He watches a photo of Catherine and takes the cellphone thinking of calling Jordan. We can see her name on the cell phone but he changes his mind and decides to open the laptop again. He does that and clicks the ouroboros logo. The audio check comes along. Frank thinks for a moment and says "Soylent green is people". Now the screen changes and shows us images where we can see the Old Man's cabin in the woods. Then, another photo comes along to show us the interior of the cabin, filled with boxes with documents, files, books. The camera then, goes to Frank´s face watching them closely. Then he sees an image that gives him a flash so powerful and frightening that makes him staggered back. When he got recovered, he sees the screen with the logo of the MGroup. Frank finally closes the laptop.

    (following day)
    Frank drives to Jordan's house but he still remains restless. He goes out of the car, take the present and walks to the door. He rings the bell but we can see in his face that his mind is thinking about what he has seen in his laptop or wondering what could the MGroup want with him after all this years. Then, his granddaughter opens the door and takes him by surprise. "Grandpa!". Frank smiles now, more relaxed. "Hi!", he says. Then he kisses her and gives her the present. "Happy birthday beautiful" says Frank. His granddaughter takes the present, kisses Frank and runs happily to show it to her friends. Then Jordan appears and hugs his father. Jordan knows something is wrong so she asks: "Dad, what is it?". Frank says "They've found us". Jordan´s face turns pale. "Mam! Mam", her daughter shouts. She looks at her and smiles. "I see you honey", she says to her daughter and asks Frank "what do we do? Should be leave again?".
    "No, not this time", Frank says while he is watching his granddaughter dancing and now smiling at him, like a younger Jordan once did. "Not this time".

    At the next day Frank sets up his classic bag and decides to go the Old Man´s cabin. After a long journey, he found the cabin. When Frank gets out of the car, he immediately finds himself facing the vicious dogs that always surrounded the house. He relaxes and passes through them and then enters inside the cabin. After a few minutes of looking at some of the ancient things that the OId Man had, Frank starts looking through the boxes. He knew that there was something in those boxes that MGroup wants him to find. He stops in front of one box with a strange mark. He has seen that mark before. Frank was about to open it but he suddenly stops. He knew that there was someone else in the cabin. So he says aloud: Why did you give me those photos? Why now, after so long?
    - No answer. So Frank says: "Talk or I leave now".

    A voice finally says: I knew you would come (The elder's voice).

    Frank: I came for my family. Not for you. What do you want?
    The elder: We need your help Frank.

    Frank breathes heavily: "You want ME to help you?". The Elder looks at Frank in silence. Frank still without turning around, and looking to an ancient ouroboros says: "It was always about control. Nothing more. And you know that".
    The elder: Today is all about control. I´m not going to lie you about that. You are absolutely right Frank. And he (the camera shows the staff of the Old Man) knew that too. Frank didn't expect that kind of answer.

    The elder: The MGroup was founded to help mankind. Our mission was to understand Evil so we can recover our humanity and the course towards the light. Then our mission became to maintain and protect that course, no matter what the cost.
    Frank: You mean to control it.
    The elder: No. To guide, Frank. Over the centuries, we have been gathering information and preparing the best minds, and the people with gifts like you so we can come to understand the path that is laying ahead of us. That is why the MGroup looked for you and helped you. So you can develop that gift. And today, we are here for that reason.

    Franks finally turns and seats down and says: "Helped...like you did with Andrews? What about Lara Means? You promised to help her to control her gift...another lie. Now her mind is broken. And Peter Watts? Mmm?.

    (Frank gets up to face The Elder). Frank: Let me tell you what the MGroup did for me. You came to me in my weakest moment and used me, like you did with others before me.

    A voice interrupts from the back of the room and says:

    "The Old Man trusted you Frank. That is why I offered as your Patron, to guide you and to help you become a member of the Group".

    Frank turns to look to the shadow of a man that comes out to the light. It was Peter Watts. Frank stands before Peter in silence.
    Watts looks at Frank almost in shame and says: "I had to disappear Frank. Not for me...for my family". Frank looks at Peter for a moment and then says: "I understand Peter". Peter bows his head to Frank.

    The elder: For centuries, we have fought against the darkest hours that the world suffered so when the Time came, the world would be ready to take the right path.
    But when the MGroup divided between Owls and Roosters, we lost our own path and you know the rest. Look at the countries around the world Frank. Look at our own. Economies collapsing, wars, terrorists, famine and diseases that are growing stronger everyday. Governments spying and manipulating their own people with the media corporations. Telling people what, when and how to think. Even if you were there, they will tell you what really happened. (The elder continues). Now look what happened to the world in the last ten years:
    Year 2000: Mozambique Flood: more than 800 people died.
    2001: Gujarat Earthquake: 20,005 people.
    2002: Hindu Kush earthquakes: at least 1,166 dead.
    2003: a 6.6 earthquake in Iran, killed 31,000 people and over 10,000 injured. The Heat Wave in Europe killed 70.000 people.
    2004: Asian Tsunami across southern and southeast Asia. 230,000 people.
    2005 Hurricane Katrina: 1,800. Kashmir Earthquake: 86,000 people.
    2006 Java Earthquake: 5,778 people.
    2007 Cyclone Sidr in Bangladesh: at least 3,000 people.
    2008 Cyclone Nargis: at least 138,000. The Sichuan Earthquake: 68,000.
    2009 The Sumatra earthquake: 1,115.
    2010 The Haiti Earthquake: approximately 222,000 people.
    2011: Great East Japan Earthquake: 15,882 people.
    2012: Nigeria Floods:363 killed and displaced over 2.1 million people.
    2013: Typhoon Bopha, Philippines 6,340.

    And I can go on and on. ..So you see a pattern here. The world goes where we choose to go. And as the MGroup is broken, the world is running blind towards the end. You know Frank that every path has a beginning and has an end. You saw it. That is why you are here. This is who We are.



    that's all I have :)

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