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  1. In the original photo, Lance was listening to I guess who must have been the director (on the right side of the photo). That´s why he looks so concentrated. So that was perfect.
    I wanted a reflexive, mature, wiser Frank. That is how I imagine him today.
    That was also the idea of that little act that I wrote in the The Miscellaneous Thread , (that now Frank is in the MG as an "Elder").


  2. 55 minutes ago, Earthnut said:

    Love the gif.  I believe that's what it's called.  Bet you posted it because of my signature image.  Thank you.

    haha, yes. I figured you like the Black family moments. Very glad you liked it.

  3. mine 2 :) one of the best of the 3 season. Have you seen that Michael Keaton movie that is about hearing stuff on white noise?? It was quite Millenniumnishh.

    btw:  yesterday, I sent this pic and the animated gif above by twitter to Megan to wish her a happy birthday and today she put a like to the twitter. What a kind gesture of her :-)


  4. The painting by Thomas Cole The Course of Empire is a five-part series of paintings created in the years 1833–36.

    I use the the fourth painting named  "Destruction". This is from wikipedia:
    A direct source of literary inspiration for The Course of Empire paintings is Byron's Childe Harold's Pilgrimage (1812–18). Cole quoted this verse, from Canto IV, in his newspaper advertisements for the series:[2]

    There is the moral of all human tales;

    'Tis but the same rehearsal of the past.
    First freedom and then Glory – when that fails,
    Wealth, vice, corruption – barbarism at last.
    And History, with all her volumes vast,
    Hath but one page...

    And that for me sounded "Millennium" so, I use it :-)


    M OURO.gif

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