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  1. hi there! ( I must sound like Dr. Nick Riviera from the Simpsons XD ). I was doing a backup from an old PC and I found something that I wrote 10 thousands years ago when I was (and still am) frustrated with the end of the show. No, it is not a suing letter to Fox! And yes, I know it's not even close to be good hahaha but in case you are at home boring... It is a first act. Open scene: city. today. People running. Total chaos. We can see from far away, the backwards of a man. He is talking/yelling on the cellphone. The camera approaches to him (sounds a melody of a cello) and show us an older Frank. "Yes...hello? I hear you ... hello... Jordan?". He hangs up and comes inside the car. Frank thinks for a moment. Then the cell phone rings and interrupts him. It is a message. Frank regains consciousness and reads it. He throws the phone to the passenger seat. Opens his wallet and takes a photo. We can see Frank with Catherine and a young Jordan. Behind the photo, there is a credential. We can distinguish an Ouroboros. Frank breathes heavily and starts the car. The camera shows the message of the cell: "The time is now." ************************************** Millennium open titles ************************************** Black screen with text and audio from The Doors -The soft parade "When I was back there in seminary school, there was a person there who put forth the proposition that you can petition the Lord with prayer (flashes like Frank has of today's chaos, mobs protesting) petition the Lord with prayer...(flashes of war, chaos, mobs protesting faster) petition the Lord with prayer...(more flashes of war, chaos, earthquakes, floods, even faster) YOU CANNOT PETITION THE LORD WITH PRAYER!" . The doors - "the Soft Parade" white flash title: 5 years ago - Seattle Open sequence: Cemetery. It rains. We can see a group of people gathered in a semicircle around a new headstone. A man says prayers in english and a few words in latin. The camera moves to show the people of the semicircle and stops at a woman with her face covered in a black veil. In the distance, we see a silhouette of a man witnessing the ceremony. The voice ends saying "Rests in peace. This is who we are". Everybody throws dirt and then, leaves. Finally the man comes closer. He stands in front of the tomb and says: "We have our differences. But in the end, you protected me and saved my daughter's life". Then, he throws dirt. "Thank you. Rest in peace my friend...". Frank walks away. The camera shows the name of Peter Watts on the tombstone. From a distance, the woman looks at Frank leaving. Frank gets inside his car and drives around to clear his mind. A car is following him but Frank doesn't realize it because his gift has been sleeping for too long since he left town with Jordan many years from now. He lives in a very quiet town, retired. He usually makes pottery plates as a hobby. The rain is worst now so Frank stops in a small restaurant. He sits down all wet and hang his classic jacket on the chair. He thinks about Peter. How he saved him and Jordan giving him the MGroup files as a final warning to leave town immediately. The waitress interrupts. "Hello. What are you having, dear?". "Hi. Just coffee please." "Sure" she says and leaves. Frank decides to go to the bathroom to dry up a bit. Meanwhile the person who was following Frank gets out of the car. It is the woman covered by the veil. She walks into the restaurant, notices Frank´s jacket and left a usb flash drive inside its pocket. Frank comes back and sits down. He drinks his coffee and suddenly, he has a flash. He got scared because he didn't have one for a very long time. Frank looks around because he can feel that someone is staring at him but his gift is still a little numb. So he stands up, throws some money on the table, catches his jacket and leaves. "Something wrong dear?" the waitress asked. "No, thank you" Frank said and left in a hurry. The woman sitting in the background watches him go while she drinks her coffee. Late that night, Frank returns home . He listens to his messages. The camera show us old and current photos of the Black family. Frank smiles while he listens to her granddaughter's voice saying: "Grandpa, are you there? Remember that tomorrow is my birthday!". The camera stops at a photo where we can see Frank next to a grown up Jordan with her daughter. "See you tomorrow Grandpa! Mom sends you a kiss. Bye!". Frank takes off his jacket. He empties the pockets: wallet, keys and then notices that there is something else. His hand grabs the usb flash drive and suddenly he has a flash and a clear image of the MGroup. Frank regains consciousness and furiously presses the usb flash drive inside his hand. He turns on his laptop. He sits and waits. He plugs it. Nothing happens. Frank relaxes for a minute but out of nowhere, the classic ouroboros logo appears and it says: "Welcome Frank". Frank violently closes the laptop. He watches a photo of Catherine and takes the cellphone thinking of calling Jordan. We can see her name on the cell phone but he changes his mind and decides to open the laptop again. He does that and clicks the ouroboros logo. The audio check comes along. Frank thinks for a moment and says "Soylent green is people". Now the screen changes and shows us images where we can see the Old Man's cabin in the woods. Then, another photo comes along to show us the interior of the cabin, filled with boxes with documents, files, books. The camera then, goes to Frank´s face watching them closely. Then he sees an image that gives him a flash so powerful and frightening that makes him staggered back. When he got recovered, he sees the screen with the logo of the MGroup. Frank finally closes the laptop. (following day) Frank drives to Jordan's house but he still remains restless. He goes out of the car, take the present and walks to the door. He rings the bell but we can see in his face that his mind is thinking about what he has seen in his laptop or wondering what could the MGroup want with him after all this years. Then, his granddaughter opens the door and takes him by surprise. "Grandpa!". Frank smiles now, more relaxed. "Hi!", he says. Then he kisses her and gives her the present. "Happy birthday beautiful" says Frank. His granddaughter takes the present, kisses Frank and runs happily to show it to her friends. Then Jordan appears and hugs his father. Jordan knows something is wrong so she asks: "Dad, what is it?". Frank says "They've found us". Jordan´s face turns pale. "Mam! Mam", her daughter shouts. She looks at her and smiles. "I see you honey", she says to her daughter and asks Frank "what do we do? Should be leave again?". "No, not this time", Frank says while he is watching his granddaughter dancing and now smiling at him, like a younger Jordan once did. "Not this time". At the next day Frank sets up his classic bag and decides to go the Old Man´s cabin. After a long journey, he found the cabin. When Frank gets out of the car, he immediately finds himself facing the vicious dogs that always surrounded the house. He relaxes and passes through them and then enters inside the cabin. After a few minutes of looking at some of the ancient things that the OId Man had, Frank starts looking through the boxes. He knew that there was something in those boxes that MGroup wants him to find. He stops in front of one box with a strange mark. He has seen that mark before. Frank was about to open it but he suddenly stops. He knew that there was someone else in the cabin. So he says aloud: Why did you give me those photos? Why now, after so long? - No answer. So Frank says: "Talk or I leave now". A voice finally says: I knew you would come (The elder's voice). Frank: I came for my family. Not for you. What do you want? The elder: We need your help Frank. Frank breathes heavily: "You want ME to help you?". The Elder looks at Frank in silence. Frank still without turning around, and looking to an ancient ouroboros says: "It was always about control. Nothing more. And you know that". The elder: Today is all about control. I´m not going to lie you about that. You are absolutely right Frank. And he (the camera shows the staff of the Old Man) knew that too. Frank didn't expect that kind of answer. The elder: The MGroup was founded to help mankind. Our mission was to understand Evil so we can recover our humanity and the course towards the light. Then our mission became to maintain and protect that course, no matter what the cost. Frank: You mean to control it. The elder: No. To guide, Frank. Over the centuries, we have been gathering information and preparing the best minds, and the people with gifts like you so we can come to understand the path that is laying ahead of us. That is why the MGroup looked for you and helped you. So you can develop that gift. And today, we are here for that reason. Franks finally turns and seats down and says: "Helped...like you did with Andrews? What about Lara Means? You promised to help her to control her gift...another lie. Now her mind is broken. And Peter Watts? Mmm?. (Frank gets up to face The Elder). Frank: Let me tell you what the MGroup did for me. You came to me in my weakest moment and used me, like you did with others before me. A voice interrupts from the back of the room and says: "The Old Man trusted you Frank. That is why I offered as your Patron, to guide you and to help you become a member of the Group". Frank turns to look to the shadow of a man that comes out to the light. It was Peter Watts. Frank stands before Peter in silence. Watts looks at Frank almost in shame and says: "I had to disappear Frank. Not for me...for my family". Frank looks at Peter for a moment and then says: "I understand Peter". Peter bows his head to Frank. The elder: For centuries, we have fought against the darkest hours that the world suffered so when the Time came, the world would be ready to take the right path. But when the MGroup divided between Owls and Roosters, we lost our own path and you know the rest. Look at the countries around the world Frank. Look at our own. Economies collapsing, wars, terrorists, famine and diseases that are growing stronger everyday. Governments spying and manipulating their own people with the media corporations. Telling people what, when and how to think. Even if you were there, they will tell you what really happened. (The elder continues). Now look what happened to the world in the last ten years: Year 2000: Mozambique Flood: more than 800 people died. 2001: Gujarat Earthquake: 20,005 people. 2002: Hindu Kush earthquakes: at least 1,166 dead. 2003: a 6.6 earthquake in Iran, killed 31,000 people and over 10,000 injured. The Heat Wave in Europe killed 70.000 people. 2004: Asian Tsunami across southern and southeast Asia. 230,000 people. 2005 Hurricane Katrina: 1,800. Kashmir Earthquake: 86,000 people. 2006 Java Earthquake: 5,778 people. 2007 Cyclone Sidr in Bangladesh: at least 3,000 people. 2008 Cyclone Nargis: at least 138,000. The Sichuan Earthquake: 68,000. 2009 The Sumatra earthquake: 1,115. 2010 The Haiti Earthquake: approximately 222,000 people. 2011: Great East Japan Earthquake: 15,882 people. 2012: Nigeria Floods:363 killed and displaced over 2.1 million people. 2013: Typhoon Bopha, Philippines 6,340. And I can go on and on. ..So you see a pattern here. The world goes where we choose to go. And as the MGroup is broken, the world is running blind towards the end. You know Frank that every path has a beginning and has an end. You saw it. That is why you are here. This is who We are. ********************************************************** that's all I have :)
  2. Laurence Fishburne voice is fantastic...Morpheus character is legendary. Of course, Morgan Freeman´s voice is awesome. I saw the movie "The witch". There was an actor there that I haven´t seen before. The first time he spoke...wow...now that is a voice. His name is Raph Ineson.
  3. I did this for Lance´s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The painting is from Francis Danby. It is called "The Deluge".
  4. yes, I agree :) https://variety.com/2016/tv/news/the-walking-dead-andrew-lincoln-interview-rick-negan-season-6-finale-spoilers-1201745165/ Andrew Lincoln:" We link arms, bow our heads and pull each other through it. I suppose that’s what they call omerta, the code of silence in the mafia".... small world.
  5. yes, also I don´t recall if I read it here or somewhere else a comment of someone who is supposed 2 work in the show that said it is actually Abraham who dies. https://www.inquisitr.com/3034892/the-walking-dead-spoilers-abraham-killed-by-negan-says-on-set-source/
  6. I think if they really want to make the audience hate and have a notion of what this guy Negan is, they have to put down a main character. Otherwise, it will be kind of a rip off. My money goes to Abraham and Glenn. Michone maybe ´cause Rick is kind of a James Bond with the women :P
  7. don´t buy it hahaha...I think there is still nothing too certain.
  8. I really like this one because this is our hero in the year 2015/2016. When I tweeted this photo I've said: "This is the face of the only TV hero worth watching: Lance as Frank". I still believe is true.
  9. thanks Earthnutttttttt !!!! :-) ps: scary but still a sexie zombie :P
  10. in case you have to stay in bed, this is a cool place to watch movies. The place is in spanish but the movies are in their original language and no need to login in or add mail. https://miradetodo.net/
  11. can´t watch the 2nd due to country rights or something like that :P
  12. yes, it is exactly what I thought. Did´t noticed the hair...good 1 :)
  13. yes, it is exactly what I thought. Did´t noticed the hair...good 1 :)
  14. yes, I can understand that. Also, I have no sense of orientation, so the cellphone sometimes have saved me. The pic is very good. I found it sailing through the web. It didn´t have a name (https://media.hollywood.com) Sometimes I look for news about Chris Carter regarding the show and I ran into those pics. Like this promos.
  15. never seen a pager. not a fan of tecn with phones and all that. I don´t like the idea of anybody can reach me when or where ever I am :P
  16. I think it will depend on what kind of impact does the writers want...if they want to hit the audience killing an important character or someone like Eugene (the only character I think in the history of the show that I still don´t understand what is supposed to be...yes I remember that first he was supposed to be a nerdy weird guy who has the cure. That Terminator/child way of talking, what is that? who talks like that? Am I supposed to feel sympathy for this guy? I don't think so. Remember "Get Smart" Hymie the robot? I saw something like that every time this guy comes out and for Hymie I actually feel sympathy. I bet the writers will strike hard because they know there are a lot of fans that are not happy with this season. Also, I think if Glenn goes, so will Maggie. And the fact that they have again the situation of a pregnant woman is also, if U ask me, a doom sentence for her because they already did that with Laurie (RIck´s wife). So...the same thing twice or another kid in the set? I don´t think so... ps: that was kind of dark, wasn´t it? sorry :P
  17. I've listened to the actual ending with headphones and there is nothing there, not a single clue at least that I could hear. I even separated the channels because I could hear weird things that were panned. Also, I think they added some backward stuff that also reveals nothing. And those lines are from Negan saying "Awww...look at that! Taking it like a champ...damn!, after that there is a hit and then a little strange backwards stuff that I mentioned. So, I think the fans will have to wait! A scene like that...I'm sure that the producers were extra careful to protect the secrecy. Now, if I have to bet, though Glen might be the one, I think Abraham is the only one that I can imagine that actually could take 1 hit of that terrible bat...or Maybe Eugene´s hair could stop it! hahaha.
  18. you know, I saw the last 5 minutes yesterday by chance and this might be interesting for you. (Big spoiler alert) In the end we know that someone is dead for sure but not a clue of who. Here, due to the language we might have one little clue. Sometimes the writers use "you" in a way that they can hide information...in this case as if it is female or a man who was beaten to death. And again, sometimes the people who do the translation in Spanish can achieve that trick but in many cases they can´t or they do it wrong. So they give U the genre of the person. In this finale, the translation went as "he took it like a real champ". So, there´s a very high probability that is a HE who actually died. I think you might find that interesting :) ps.: I found this nerdy of LOTR pic.
  19. sad 2 say no surprises here...they have done that kind of things all the season... Maybe one day clicking I´ll see something. Meanwhile, I´ll guess I will stick with Seinfeld hahhaa and old tv shows.
  20. don´t want to be mean but this show turns so quickly into something boring and systematic. I used to watch it because I found very interesting the way that the characters changed due to the circumstances (never really cared about zombies stories). But there is a point when the show turns into a dead end. You have to fight zombies or people. And that is all. So...isn´t that kind of boring? And to the producers: this is the year 2016 btw. We all know that if the director doesn´t show you the actor actually dying then it is not dead. Specially this kind of show that is so gory. Noah´s death or Hersel are 2 perfect examples. That is also why (regarding to Millennium) I can understand why people maybe don´t like the 2 season of the show because it made a huge change. But if that change didn´t happen the show would turn into "the killer of the week" and become boring like CSI. The same case that TWD is for me now. And that thing that they do in most episodes that nothing happens until the last 2 minutes (specially in the final chapter of every the season)...man that is so annoying. And there are so many things that make you said: come on! what?!!! Quick example: that episode when the only doctor that the group not only had decided to go out to find whatever...she starts screaming to Daryl and Rosita in the middle of nowhere like they were having a sunny day in the park...that was too much, almost funny... Who wrote that? Who would let the only doctor in town go out for a mission in the middle of nowhere? It´s like sending Napoleon or Alexander the Great as a scout to see how many soldiers are outside. Hilarious. And suddenly the writers decided that every character must have a relationship. That was the end for me. What is ? Friends?
  21. wow...how weird is that even in 2016 no one has succeeded to find out the code. So I guess the question what is that book about has no sense :P Interesting article. Thanks Old Man!
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