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  1. I think it will depend on what kind of impact does the writers want...if they want to hit the audience killing an important character or someone like Eugene (the only character I think in the history of the show that I still don´t understand what is supposed to be...yes I remember that first he was supposed to be a nerdy weird guy who has the cure. That Terminator/child way of talking, what is that? who talks like that? Am I supposed to feel sympathy for this guy? I don't think so. Remember "Get Smart" Hymie the robot? I saw something like that every time this guy comes out and for Hymie I actually feel sympathy. I bet the writers will strike hard because they know there are a lot of fans that are not happy with this season.

    Also, I think if Glenn goes, so will Maggie. And the fact that they have again the situation of a pregnant woman is also, if U ask me, a doom sentence for her because they already did that with Laurie (RIck´s wife). So...the same thing twice or another kid in the set? I don´t think so...


    ps: that was kind of dark, wasn´t it? sorry   :P


  2. I've listened to the actual ending with headphones and there is nothing there, not a single clue at least that I could hear. I even separated the channels because I could hear weird things that were panned. Also, I think they  added some backward stuff that also reveals nothing. And those lines are from Negan saying "Awww...look at that! Taking it like a champ...damn!, after that there is a hit and then a little strange backwards stuff that I mentioned. So, I think the fans will have to wait! A scene like that...I'm sure that the producers were extra careful to protect the secrecy.

    Now, if I have to bet, though Glen might be the one, I think Abraham is the only one that I can imagine that actually could take 1 hit of that terrible bat...or Maybe Eugene´s hair could stop it! hahaha.


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  3. 20 hours ago, Earthnut said:

    Well, I for one was disappointed in the finale.  There were so many times they dragged it out, no where near the suspense they claim there would be, except at the end when we finally met Negan and the group knew someone was getting killed with Negan playing "eeny meeny miny moe" to pick which one.  And now we have to wait until next season to find out who because they left us hanging, which probably won't start until the Fall.

    OMG, Jeffery Dean Morgan was fantastic as Negan.  No Negan cussing like in the comics, but from what I hear, the DVDs will have all the F this and M F that in them.

    During The Talking Dead the writer explained that this finale was all about Rick losing his power and that next season it will be about who got killed.  Obviously that's from the writer's perspective and not the fans.  Abraham was too ready to die, and Negan noticed that, so I'm sure it's not him.  Rick hasn't kept a woman yet in his life, so it could be Michonne, except for the fact that she is a fan favorite.  Negan pointed out how pathetic Maggie looked, and may very well have finished her off, which would be devastating since she's pregnant.  As popular as Daryl is, I'm thinking it's him since he blew up Negan's men, but it could still be Glenn, following the comics, especially after all the hype with him surviving under a dumpster.

    By the way, in the comics, Rick had his right hand cut off.

    We also have to wait till next season to meet the people of The Kingdom, King Ezekiel and his Tiger.  We managed to cross paths with 2 men who took Carol and Morgan with them to help her after being shot around 3 times by a savior.  Obviously we knew neither one of them were going to meet Lucille.

    Obviously the "war" won't begin until next season, and who knows how long they will drag that out.

    I'm still a fan of the show, especially the characters, and will continue to watch it, but hopefully next season they will do a better job and not drag things out too much longer.  I think it's time to wrap things up.

    you know, I saw the last 5 minutes yesterday by chance and this might be interesting for you. (Big spoiler alert)
    In the end we know that someone is dead for sure but not a clue of who. Here, due to the language we might have one little clue. Sometimes the writers use "you" in a way that they can hide information...in this case as if it is female or a man who was beaten to death. And again, sometimes the people who do the translation in Spanish can achieve that trick but in many cases they can´t or they do it wrong. So they give U the genre of the person. In this finale, the translation went as "he took it like a real champ". So, there´s a very high probability that is a HE who actually died. I think you might find that interesting :)

    ps.: I found this nerdy of LOTR pic.


  4. don´t want to be mean but this show turns so quickly into something boring and systematic. I used to watch it because I found very interesting the way that the characters changed due to the circumstances (never really cared about zombies stories). But there is a point when the show turns into a dead end. You have to fight zombies or people. And that is all. So...isn´t that kind of boring? And to the producers: this is the year 2016 btw. We all know that if the director doesn´t show you the actor actually dying then it is not dead. Specially this kind of show that is so gory. Noah´s death or Hersel are 2 perfect examples.

    That is also why (regarding to Millennium) I can understand why people maybe don´t like the 2 season of the show because it made a huge change. But if that change didn´t happen the show would turn into "the killer of the week" and become boring like CSI. The same case that TWD is for me now.

    And that thing that they do in most episodes that nothing happens until the last 2 minutes (specially in the final chapter of every the season)...man that is so annoying. And there are so many things that make you said: come on! what?!!!

    Quick example: that episode when the only doctor that the group not only had decided to go out to find whatever...she starts screaming to Daryl and Rosita in the middle of nowhere like they were having a sunny day in the park...that was too much, almost funny...
    Who wrote that? Who would let the only doctor in town go out for a mission in the middle of nowhere? It´s like sending Napoleon or Alexander the Great as a scout to see how many soldiers are outside. Hilarious. And suddenly the writers decided that every character must have a relationship. That was the end for me. What is ? Friends?


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  5. I agree with everyone here. I also believe that Lance loves to work so...if he sees something in his character and get along with the movie crew...he goes for it. The thing about independent movies is that the script must be real good. If that fails, nothing will save you. The directors are usually new in the business or too young so she/he won´t be able to look after the actors. And a bad director kills any actor. (even Marlon Brando had that movie called "Candy"...amazing :P wtH was that? I think he did because of the girl hahaha). Also...forget about the fx/sound quality. Maybe a good editor is the last life jacket.

    Lake Eerie...I remember watching the first part...that boat scene thinking...how and why on Earth is Lance acting here? This is lower than a B movie. Don´t wanna be mean but the rest of the cast...let´s say that compare to them, the cast from "Friday the 13" is the cast from "Goodfellas"...I couldn't watch it anymore. There was a movie called It's in the Blood that wasn't an amazing movie (it was pretty good. Very short story but it was well done) but I think Lance was real good. In fact, I just found that he won the "New York City Horror Film Festival" as best actor with that movie. Also, he won recently best actor with Fragile Storm...not sure from what festival. Haven´t seen that movie yet.


    Btw: I know some of U don´t have twitter so, this is a video that I did to twitt...there´s something that you sure missed in the pilot... XD



  6. yes BillQS! First for the amazing success that it had all over the world (the level of audience was insane) and another thing that might gives me a little hope is (big X-files spoiler alert...3...2..1..ok)

    that mess that Mr. Carter did in the last episode. Let´s say that the level of Conspiracy that he did was...I don´t know...it left the MG as Boys Scouts. That's why there might be a liiiiitle door open for a character like Frank to appear to balance the forces. I mean, it is kind of the apocalypse. So it would have a lot of sense.

    M OURO.gif

  7. I will go of course with Mr. Carter and it would be great if they team up with some of the others producers. Thomas J. Wright is my fav Millennium director.

    Btw, that kind of questions sometimes makes me think: too bad a well known director hasn't got enthusiastic about this show because...think about it: if a director like Chris Nolan (to name someone great and famous) says: I was a huge fan of the show and I would definitely would like to make a movie with Frank Black character".

    That could change the whole equation...Fox would definitely think about that.

  8. yes to all! hahaha. Let's hope the X-files keeps getting stronger...maybe we could have a break after all this years and have Frank back. I think Fox own us a few episodes. The good thing maybe due to the long period of the show gone is that if Mr. Carter decides to ignore some points that he didn't like about the show, it would be "fine" with the audience ´cause most people have forgotten things. Not the same if he would have tried to avoid some issues right after the 3 season. That could help  for Mr. Carter to decide to come back.

    Mulder Watts.jpg

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  9. it´s a good start but Way too far yet...Until a deal is made...no party hahaha. Anyway, Mr. Carter has said that he would be more focus on Frank Black character and not so much on the MG. More like the first season, which was clearly his view of what the show should be.

    If  this happens, if they give us 6 episodes like the X-files,  how would you imagine it will be? (in my opinion, even darker than the original).
    One of the things that I would like to know is what would be this time Frank´s yellow house...I guess Jordan is the answer. Or maybe, he could have a new wife.


    ps: Let´s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best :)


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  10. haha yeah! You know...the other day I was clicking and I saw a bad movie of Clint Eastwood who was something like a EX-Fbi agent (spoiler alert) and yadadada...the guy had kind of flashes like Frank about the crime scenes and made commentaries about the murderer...bad movie...the kind of movie that there is a killer somewhere hidden and the whole cast of the movie is the "hero", the victims and his friend who goes around with the hero. I wonder who the killer is...come on...specially if the hero´s friend is a great actor like Jeff Daniels...

    cat photo.jpg

  11. Tv shows have always shown close ups when something happened to an important character of a show. For example (spoiler alert TWD) the most near that comes to my mind is Glen´s death. They show him yes, but not in a clear way...like they did with the poor Noah or the rest that have died. So for me, it was clear that he wasn't dead. The same here. If they didn't show it is because they might not be sure if it was a good idea to have him killed specially keeping in mind that they were ending the season. The same with Lara. We know she got mental but that was it. So, if someone had an idea for her, they could bring her back and add a backup story. Peter the same. If Fox wanted now a new season and the new writer wants Terry, they could bring him back with an explanation.

    Aaanywayyyy...I took a few snaps from the last episode. When Frank went to Peter´s home to kill him because of Jordan´s video, I got to say that Peter´s clothes looked too much alike of the dead guy had in the last scene. Today, if I had to vote, I think I will change my vote for dead. The trousers and the shoes look the same. Too bad...


  12. The only thing that doesn't fit is the position of the body. Because first I thought: they were eating...Peter heard something, got near the window to see and bang, the family got scared and then they MG killed the rest...but the position of the body wouldn't be like that. It's clear that something unexpected happened if we see the table mess.

    One that could work is: they were eating and someone entered Peter's office. He heard him, got up entered and struggled with the guy and ended up killing him. He came back, gathered his family and run. And then, gave Frank the briefcase. That is the key for me to justify the theory that Watts is alive. The briefcase. What? Are you telling me that after giving Frank the briefcase as a warning to escape, he thought: I'm tired...I'm going home to have a soup...".

    Come on! Even before giving Frank the warning - if he confirmed that the Mg were after them- Watts surely bought airplane tickets to Figgi to get the hell of out Seattle.



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  13. that episode was something for the fans...to see Frank and Jordan together and alive. That was kind of the idea. Let´s keep our finger cross for maybe a clue of Frank in the new X-Files episodes...maybe the last one...who knows...
    btw: this is the nerdiest pic I've ever posted hahaha. It´s from Frank Pc, when Catherine was looking for something for Frank and Peter came out and turned the connection off (Luminary episode)

    frank pc mill icono.jpg

  14. First I thought who knows...maybe he decided to stay home knowing what was going to happen to him in order to protect his family -sacrifice himself for them...but the room was kind of a mess. The clothing doesn't count because it passed time from the last time we saw Peter talking in the woods with Frank.

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