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  1. by all (Lara) means :P haha... very glad you like it :-)
  2. For Catherine :)

    © Frank Black Jr. and Fox :P

  3. haha, agree but I will always be thankful for trying to give the fans some kind of closure towards Frank and Jordan. I don´t think they have time to include Peter and also, it would be too complicated to the X-files fans to explain who he was. I think he is alive because he knew, like you said Seesthu and also because Tv always shows from every possible angle when they kill a very important character.
  4. yes Earthnut, you've said it :) Reading other people´s thoughts is always interesting for me. Many times, I don´t notice things or maybe misunderstood them. In fact, this is the main reason why I am here :)
  5. go for it Libby! Maybe it would be better if it starts with someone who actually liked them...honestly, I reaaally don`t like them a bit :P
  6. yes, I have this conversation with other fans...haha...about Jose, the Kiss episode and the other with the demons dancing and talking drinking and eating donuts...not for me...totally unacceptable hahaha. We can discuss this if anyone think it may be interesting: The pros and the negative of those episodes :)
  7. I appreciate the info Earthnut :-) but...mmmm...for me, the reaction was too small. Imagine your reaction if someone who is supposed to have a gift, someone who claim to see as you well said :) Mary Magdalene. And tells you something about you that almost no one knows...I will freak out! hahaha.
  8. It was something like...Kiss had a contract with Fox to promote their new cd with Peter and Ace "Psycho Circus" so they appeared in a lot of Fox shows. This one is one of them. I like Kiss because my brothers listen to them so I kind of grew up with their music. With that said, for me, I always skip that episode while I watch the dvds. It is terrible :P I really don´t like humor in Millennium or stories that has nothing to do -in my opinion of course- with the show.
  9. ok : -) I really like Peter Watts character so I wanted to know what he thought about the changes that his character had towards the relationship with the MG and Frank. I think he is a great actor. In fact, he was the only reason for me to consider watching "Lost". But I won't xD
  10. I guess Frank changes from season to season. In fact, I think that is one of the reasons why Lance didn't like the direction of show after season 1. "Borrowed time" (I believe that is the name of that great episode, the one that has the train accident and the man with the watch) Frank talks with that man, who is an angel or more likely Death because he is coming for Jordan. And if U know that...and still remain agnostic...well...But again, I think Frank changes. His best partner for me was Lara and she sees angels. And also knows that Jordan is going that road. But now that U mention one of the episodes that really bothered me was that one with that girl that sees a virgin. When she talks to Catherine ( who of course doesn't believe her) and tell her all about the polaroid man. And then, Catherine doesn't react a bit. How in the world could she knew that if she doesn't have some kind of a gift? Did she saw it in Catherine´s facebook? Wth? hahaha :P
  11. I agree. Not a fan of religion but I really like when the writers search historical things, or why not religious, and the second season is full of amazing info. Lucy was too in the face for my taste. I liked the first episode, when she was married with that terrible Dr. And the idea of being a regular/common person of the other episode was very interesting. "Love is blue". The others when it was more about evil...not my kind of thing...to easy for this show. But the actress was great so I liked them anyway. Of course this is an opinion but I enjoy more the idea of evil rather than see a woman/man acting as the devil. In every season, I have episodes that I like and others that I will never undertstand what they were thinking hahaha.
  12. mmm...there was a woman...in that episode where they talked about a nuclear bomb...She was part of the MG and was very angry with them. I remember she was very agressive with Peter Watts. I liked her hahaha. Remember? That episode that starts with the suicide of an agent. And it was about the first atomic explosion. Cool episode. btw: that pic freak me out. It was the episode when Catherine was kidnapped and was under the car.
  13. Yes. The Millennium dvds have a couple of interviews and commentaries for each season. A lot of actors, directors, etc...except Morgan and Wong. Those documentaries say that decline the offer to appear. Anyway, in that documentaries, they talked about the Kiss episode and also show a bit of backstage of the episode. If I don´t recall badly, there was a video with Lance and Gene that was very funny. Btw, Terry O' Quinn doesn't appear also. Have U noticed that there aren't (I would dare to say) any videos or interviews with Terry talking about the show? Only a few when the show was on the air. But I couldn't find nothing when the show ended...you know...some video or audio where he talks about the show. I´ve always wonder about that.
  14. interesting ideas here...I've always been suspicious about Peter Watts wife...U know...if she was also in the MG
  15. here is another nice photo that I haven´t seen before. It was in Lance´s facebook :)
  16. Catherine was great. But again, I like almost every character of the show. So...you know :P I missed her on the 3rd season. And to see her again in "the sound of snow" reminded me why. Like seesthru said: she was Frank´s stone. Btw, Megan was fantastic with Lance.
  17. yes, also Andy McClaren ;) told Frank that he liked Catherine because she kept him sane. The MG was interested only in Frank and Jordan.
  18. glad you liked them seesthru :) about Catherine, it was amazing how that line was kind of an anchor of Catherine´s character. As they changed the writers and producers, I'm not sure if they knew about that...how in the very beginning she knew immediately that they were dark people.
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