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  1. I found it in Lance´s facebook. It is the first video (the one with 117 likes and 29 commentaries). In fact, if you want to download the video, first:
    play the video and then click the right button of your mouse and use "save as" option :) It is very small. Only weights 1.4 mb.

  2. totally agree with everybody :) the great thing about the net is that it is a wide ocean but sometimes, that is the bad thing too.

    I don`t recall how the critics review the show. But the thing that I would like to remember is when the show was on the air, if in my country (we speak spanish) the show was in english or in spanish.

  3. I haven´t thought about people been so different only because they are left handed. The first that came to my mind was Hendrix. That got me thinking. And then, the best two football players in history, Messi and Maradona, are left. Paul Mccartney, Ian Paice, Bowie, Einstein, Da Vinci...and Mr. Carter too? haha. MMMmm...not sure about some presidents :eyes: but let´s keep that out. Anyway, I found this detailed list: https://lefthand.wikia.com/wiki/Famous_left_handers



  4. thanks all for passing by :)

    yeah, Earthnut, me too. In fact, I don´t even have a facebook. I share my music with my band and that is all I wanna shear with the world. I opened a twitter account just to add one more voice to this matter and, frankly:;): I hope I did it ok because I really have no idea how that works (and I don´t care haha!)

    Plus,  it´s pretty annoying having junk mail telling me to add people to twitter and stuff. 

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  5. Hello Millennium freaks ;) Just passing by to say that this Saturday 15 the guys from BTFBC are asking people to twitter Netflix to add Millennium to the list of their shows. With this, I guess the idea is to make Fox know that there are still a lot of people out there that loves the show. And maybe, if we gather a big number, Fox could be interested in asking Mr Carter to do something about it, like they did with the X-files. 
    Here is their link with the info if you want it: https://www.backtofrankblack.com/archives/3651

    Btw, I made this photo for them as a small way of thank them to keep fighting for the show. Hope you all like it!

    Cheers and have a great weekend everybody! 

    ps: Mr. Old Man :) I answered you question about my video a few weeks ago but I´m not sure if you saw it. I think I sent you a message because I dind´t know how to answer in the post. Sorry for that :p


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  6. All the things that you said is why I hoped she would appear in the 3 season but...you know the rest.
    Btw people, have you seen the movie "the calling". I didn't particularly liked it but the movie could be a Millennium episode. It has Susan Sarandon, Donald Sutherland, and other good actors.



  7. hi! I think I´m going to choose "midnight of the century" because in that episode you can see a glance of what is really going on with Lara. I know in the episode with Catherine we can see more of that but I don't particularly enjoy that episode. It was too explicit for me taste. I think all the spiritual part was too much in the face, nothing was left to imagination. And there were parts of the script that were too easy for this show. The scene that really made said "what?" was when the girl told Catherine-who didn't believe her at all- all about the polaroid story and after that, she didn't react a bit. Wth? How in the world could she knew that? Okay, she knew your daughter´s name I will give you that, but the polaroid psycho? She didn't surprise you with that?? That really annoyed me. Too far with the non-believer position. Okey, you need her to be in the oposite side of Lara, fine: take that line away.

    Anyway in "Midnight..." Lara really opens up with Frank about her ability and what is going to happen with Jordan. I think maybe her character ended up filling the void that Watts left as a companion to Frank, though at the end, Peter redeemed himself helping -or saving you might say- Frank and Jordan at the end of the 3 season. 

    Plus, that episode for me is a jewel. Anyway I always enjoy Lara´s episodes. If some day all the planets finally align and we have a movie, I really hope to see Kristen once again as Lara. She was great in that roll, plus she is beautiful :)

  8. Hi! I kind of disagree here. I liked McClaren character. Maybe because I think the actor was great. And sure, his character was used to stop Frank. I think that is a resource of the writer. You have to have someone to get in the way of the hero because, if you don´t have it, you would have to end the show in 2 episodes. The hero must have limits to become an actual hero. Anyway, I think in many ways, he was scared for Frank and maybe, the way that he confront him was his way to protec him. Frank was pointing always to the major leagues. It's natural to be scared, come on. And keep in mind that the audience knew who Frank was plus a lot of information that, most characters simple didn´t know. We have seen what the Group is capable to do but Andy hasn't. You can´t expect him to react like Frank does. Baldwin was kind of a cliche but in the last episodes, when he started to understand who Frank was, he was making an interesting turn. Too bad they had to kill him because the writers had the idea of Emma turning into the head of the FBI because of the MG. And as a possible succesor, Baldwin had to go. Another idea that I enjoyed.

  9. Yes, but anyway I don´t think Lara is gone because of the Mg. If she wouldn't have joined them like Frank, she would probably be dead. I think they probably saved her giving her the vaccine. She must be in therapy with other candidates that probably lost their minds maybe because they couldn't handle the info that the group gave them.

  10. Hello there :) I don´t understand why consider that Catherine could be alive. In the show it was pretty clear that she died. Even Catherine´s father hated Frank because she was dead and he wasn't. Anyway, let´s say that the MG has her...what for? What could they gain with that? And after all the period that passed between the two seasons...sorry people: we all loved her but she is gone.
    Btw, in the Millennium dvd set Megan talks about when they told her that she would die in the second season. She actually said that she was ok with that.
  11. I think Chris Carter didn't want her dead. In fact, he was pretty mad with a lot of stuff of the second season. In the extras of the dvds of Millennium he talks about that. That he was absent during the 2 season because of the X-files movie and when he came back -it was for the third season- he couldn't ignore the changes of the show and he did what he could. Despite the fact that I really liked Catherine, I have to say that I enjoy a lot when the writers do such tremendous changes. Think about it: to sacrifice a main character...man....that is something. As an audience, my head says "wow...everything can happen in this show" and that keeps you sharp. Maybe like the walking dead. I don´t read the comic book, so I have no idea what is going to happen. And when a character suddenly dies, that is always shocking because of that: anything goes in that show.
    Lara...such an interesting character. It was always great when she was around. She was the only one that knew what Frank was going through. Maybe that´s why they were so connected.

    Btw, regarding Lara (Kristen) I read that there was a post of something like the most Scrumptious Female Guest Star...well...of course she wasn't a guess, but I got to say she was the most beautiful woman that ever appeared in that show. Ok, so she sees angels flying around...emmmm..but again...who is perfect anyway :p

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  12. I would like to add another one (I didn't care too much for "the judge" either. That could be a Steven Segal movie...anyway... :p ) that I remember it was kind of annoying for me in those days (actually, I still skip what episode) and that was "Omerta". I still don´t know what they wanted to do with that show. The only thing that I can think of that I actually enjoyed was the last dialogue with Lance and Jon Polito (playing the mafia guy who was cured by Lhasa). Maybe it was too X-files for me. Anyway, I will never understand why the writers have always the obligation to write a Christmas episode. This show isn't "friends" guys come on. But, one second thought, if they managed to write "Midnight of the century" -fantastic episode- maybe I´m wrong.

  13. I remember when Frank said "she was a friend..." I thought: "what? she tried to kill u!" But...didn't she actually save Frank in one episode? (correct me if I am wrong). Anyway, this episode is one of my fav of Season 3. It was like a movie all along. Very complex shoots, great acting. And the tension between Emma and Peter was great. And how she started to understand why Frank reacted the way he did when the MG was near. And it showed Emma what happened to dissidents. Also I liked the way the MG turned into something awful in the name of good. That bipolar thought is very scary and interesting. And all the stories that indicates that they were behind of a lot of things that happened in the past: good or terrible was very clever because that gave the audience an idea of the magnitude and power that these people had. Maybe that amount of people that they killed was also made with that intention, to show the impunity and power that the MG had. And again, that idea of "this terror must be done to protect people" is still terrifying because we all know that it is real. People considered threats because of the way they think is still out there and for me, this is one the reasons why I think Mr Carter says that he still considers to bring back Millenniumm. Let´s hope the x-files works again...maybe his little brother could join it later :)

  14. it´s natural to get confused because it is amazing how many stories and info the show managed to deliver in only 3 seasons. Yes, Watts wife totally new about the Group. I recall Peter telling something to Catherine in a sarcastic tone, about being more supportive to Frank. I think it was in "luminary", like Seesthru said. Great episode. Is it too much coincidence to think that episode was based on the book "Into the wild"? The book is from 1996. I didn't know about that book until I saw the movie (wich is from 2007). I thought: "Hey....this is a Millennium episode...wth? Even the character name is the same.

  15. I think Peter in some episode noticed Jordan ability but I couldn´t say for sure...
    thank u Earthnut! The thing is that I lost the original (psd) file but I have the base of that pic in a email that I share with the guys from BTFB. It's bigger but it has different color and way less quality. Anyway, I´ll try to match it with the avatar and then upload it to the gallery for U. Also I had a few more pics that I did. Hope U like them too. cheers!
  16. that is kind of odd for me because Catherine character was great! It was sad when she left but it opened the door to a lot of changes to the show. I didn't think: "Great! Now that she is gone the show will be better!" No way. I thought "Ok. let´s see what happens to Frank now that she´s gone". I remember that in some episodes Catherine was feeling distant from Frank and Jordan, as they were getting more tied because of their gift. That side could had been very interesting to explore. Anyway, for me Catherine was Frank´s rock. Maybe that´s why they killed her. They knew she would never trust the MG. After Catherine left, Frank become more vulnerable to the MG. He was alone against them with Jordan. Maybe Jordan was also the back up plan to get Frank. I think Frank knew that. That´s why he got so mad everytime Peter was near her. Even Jordan could have ended up being a new candidate!

  17. totally agree with both of U. Also, about Catherine, I remember that the assistant Director Andy McClaren told Frank in one episode that he liked Catherine because she keep him sane (what a great character and actor, btw). And yes, that show when Frank remembers that he was with her in the woods when she died, was kind of a relief for all us viewers. It was a little less sad, you could say.

  18. you know, after watching the photos that Simon Black uploaded, I remember the scene that Frank gathered with Watts in the forrest, remember? Watts was wearing different clothes but during the rest of the episode, I think it was clear that more days went by and Watts doesn´t appear anymore. Even Frank changes clothes.

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