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  1. I started to watch the show mostly ´cause of the X-files. The funny thing is that later I lost total interest in the X-files but I was captured by Millennium. The music intro, the mood of the show, the scripts, and of course, Lance Henriksen as Frank Black. The thing about this show is that at first the psychological side of people, the why and the how, was very interesting and it was kind of new on tv to explore the dark side of the human mind. But what got my eye were the struggles that Frank had. How he was devoted to his family and how he tried to separate the 2 worlds apart: one full of hate and darkness and the other a loving fragile home. Still today, the Black family feels the more believable family that I´ve ever seen on tv. And as time went by, the show got better and better with all the story of the MG, Peter Watts, etc...And the whole idea of control is always interest because it will always be there. Maybe that is one of the reasons that this show is still making us think. And also, why we want it back almost 20 years after. By the way the guys from Back to Frank Black are gathering people these days on twitter to ask Netflix to put the show online to make another grain of sand to make the show go back.

  2. Hi everybody. Maybe the idea of Frank killing that psycho was to make him more human and not the classic "Ned Flanders" hero that forgives everything. If he decided just to arrest him, it would turn the whole story (from the beginning of the polaroids to its end) into just another case. It would have lost the effect. I seem to remember that Mr. Carter was annoyed because of that episode because he couldn't use anymore the polaroid fx for the beginning of the episodes (or something like that). Anyway, I think that episode was so well done. And Catherine´s reaction was right. Come on, after that you can´t just say "well Frank...let´s go home and eat the chicken". That situation with the photo stalker had been stuck with them for years so it had to have a big impact to their relationship. It was the core of Frank´s decistion to come back and join the MG. Plus, it was a breakpoint in every way for Frank. Great episode.

    "FRANK: I was on a serial case in Minnesota. The killer’s name was Ed Cuffle. He would choose a neighborhood and he would go up to a door. If he found it unlocked he considered that an invitation to go in and kill anybody home. He would take Polaroids of his victims which he’d send to the police. Took us months, but we caught him. He’s serving triple life sentences.

    BLETCHER: And that was it.
    FRANK: A year later, I reach into my mailbox and I take out the mail and there’s a letter addressed to me - no return. Inside are Polaroids of Catherine at the supermarket, Catherine at the school. Suddenly the psychic novocaine wore off. The numbness became paralyzing fear.
    BLETCHER: You ever find who sent them?
    FRANK: No. But I couldn’t leave the house. Why should I go to work when I can’t even protect my own family? My little girl was a miracle. We weren’t supposed to be able to conceive. I couldn’t let her out of my sight.
    BLETCHER: But you beat it. How?
    FRANK: I was approached by a group of men who helped me understand the nature of my facility, my gift.
  3. her wife...haven't thought of her...good thinking seethru! Watts was such a great character so let´s hope that he is still alive. And the relationship with Frank was always interesting to watch. I really hope some day we have the chance to watch them again and see where the story goes.

  4. thanks everybody again for such a warm welcome. You are all too kind :)

    I agree with Libby about that german detective...I remember thinking "what is wrong with this guy?". I enjoyed "the hand of st Sebastian" because I like when a show decides to push things a little and take risks like finding a piece of wood that was a part of Jesus cross or in this case, the hand of a saint. Not a religious guy but I always enjoyed the amount of historical information (true or not) that the show gave. The level of investigation to write such complex lines must have been real hard. Anyway, I understand U (when it gets too religiosity) because in some episodes when the spiritual part got to close to the camera, like Lara and the other girl watching angels or a virgin, for me was kind of annoying. Of course, this is an opinion but when you materialized those things, you left the audience imagination out and that is kind of a mistake. But like I said before, I respect and admire the risk to push things. In art, sometimes works, sometimes it doesn't.

    "Loin" was more of a typical Millennium episode. I agree with you Seesthru, it wasn't a good one. I liked “In Arcadia Ego”. And also, I can imagine that in those days write a whole episode about a female couple who was in love with each other and then, get it actually on air must have been difficult. Though the end was sad, the episode showed a couple who was totally committed to each other till the end. And the baby ended up in a loving family. And remember Libby that they left a mystical door open about the baby: the guard did abuse her but the dna did´t match.
    That was the strange dark/light tone that Millennium had that was so special for me. The whole "hero" concept (Frank): a man who loves his family but end it up losing them in order to protect them from the evil that surround us. That is such a bittersweet thought. I still don´t know how Mr. Carter convinced Fox to make this show...maybe we have to thank the X-files success.

  5. hi everybody! wow...so many details and ideas here...I think the writers left the door open concerning Peter Watts character (one the best characters in my opinion) to have a chance to decide, in case there was a chance to make a new season or movie, if Peter was going to be a part to the following story. But if I had to vote (and I did) I would say that he is alive because if they writers decided to kill such an important character, I'm positive that they would show it, like they did with Catherine, Bletcher, Baldwin and even Andrews...now she is a good example. They did a great episode with that and the audience didn't know what had happened to her after she was arrested while she tried to kill Frank. And then, they told the whole story to show Emma what kind of people was the Millennium Group.

  6. hi there :) I know it was a parody and yes, they do had some good ideas but I just think that they didn't belong in that show. If you try hard to make a show with a dark character, to get the audience involved, to make them believe in a character so complex like Frank and understand why the characters do what they do, you can´t do Chung's doomsday or having Frank B. talking to a guy who is making a parody of him. You just destroyed the show, there goes the credibility of the character and the show. This ain´t Scrubs. I mean, it´s hard after that episode to get involved again in the Millennium group and take it seriously because the chapter before was like a SNL mockery of Millennium.
    Anyway, of course, it´s just an opinion. In fact, every time that someone tell me that they liked those episodes I think "cool, at least someone enjoy it!"
    Yes! I´ve heard that Meghan married that actor in a dvd extra or maybe in podcast of Back to Frank Black. Also, I remember that actor from a Seinfeld show playing the saxophone. He was very funny. Thanks for that!
  7. hello everybody. I love the show but I´ve got to say that "Jose chung's doomsday defense", "somehow Satan got behind me" and "Thirteen years later" were awful. Like Lehah said before, Millennium with sense of humor? No chance. And you may say that they could be funny or have a few good ideas but they were totally against the show style. You can not put on the air a chapter like "the hand of St,. Sebastian" and next friday follow it with "Jose chung's doomsday defense" and after that "Midnight of the Century". I mean, wth I am watching? That really annoyed me...waiting a week to know what will happen with Frank with the Group and then, they air a show about some ridiculous guy who censures tv shows, who suddenly sees a demon dancing and shoots Scully and Mulder. Wth? You can expect the audience to take the show seriously after that. And the show with Kiss was terrible too. After that awful episode, they did "skull and bones", a flawless episode. So, you have to wonder if that kind of decisions influenced the low audience. You can´t do both, it is like a Seinfeld show with George Constanza shooting down Kramer while Jerry says something funny.

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