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  1. Very glad you all liked them! I really like watching photos of the sets. In the dvd (the extras dvd) of The Big Lebowski (love that movie) Jeff Bridges shows his own photos. He always takes photos from the movie sets that he works. Jeff has a camera name Widelux that takes panoramic photos that is great. Here is a few of them. I think he is really good! https://www.vincidg.com/jeff-bridges-fotografo/
  2. hello there! I leave U a couple of photos from some movies that you may enjoy :)
  3. Amazing work! This is why you are THE OLD MAN. This site is great and works really good.
  4. yeah! totally! Come on Mr. Carter! hahaha. We are still here! Btw, I read this in Lance´s facebook. It´s going to be a podcast, so he will answer the questions :) "LAST CALL! We are looking at doing another ASK LANCE podcast. Do you have a question you've been dying to ask Lance? Well, here is you chance. Email ONE question to asklance@outlook.com and include your name and where you are from. We'll be accepting questions for the next several days! Once Lance's schedule slows down a bit, we'll record the podcast. Send in your questions!"
  5. Emma´s father...now what great character...and the actor was great too. Those scenes with Klea Scott when his mind was lost for a while and suddenly got back...was so powerful and yes, so sad. Very good analisis from the characters. I think Jordan as an adult is going to understand more his father because of the gift that they shared. We can see that in an episode when Catherine sees that bound and she feels like an outsider. A thousand years ago...I wrote just to spend some time travelling in bus a few very bad ideas for a 4 season and the only one that I thought that could be interesting to explore was starting the new season showing an aged Frank now as a "New Old Man" or an "Elder" of the MG. And then, going back to tell the story how and why he got there. I wrote a few lines as a hobby about that but after watching an episode of the show and see the talent of some of the writers, the amount of preparation that they must had, and information that they give in most episodes (especially Glen Morgan and James Wong)...well...I felt embarrassed with all that I wrote haha. Maybe it could work for "Arrow" or some crap like that! hahaha.
  6. I wanted to leave something positive. So I attached the mp3 of the Millennium theme that I used for the video. I wanted the video to look and sound like if you were watching a movie trailer...with real strings and voices and not with sounds of keyboards (except for the percussion sound because that is the trade mark. I couldn't change that). So I searched through the net and I found places that had the midi archives of tv shows. I "corrected" them, add a few notes ;) and then, used virtual instruments. Imagine yourself sitting in a cinema...the lights fade out and then, the London Philharmonic plays "Millennium". What a marvelous ride that would be... MillenniuM strings version.mp3
  7. Yes, we are getting used to hear this kind of violence all over the world and that is terrible. I always remember when I hear this kind of news one moment of Frank and Catherine that make me think: how do we get into this? It is from "Wide Open" CATHERINE: (smiles) That's me. (pause) You thinking? FRANK: Yeah, thinking about my parents, my grandparents - forty or fifty years ago - they never locked their doors, day or night. We seem to have accepted it so gracefully, so naturally - the security systems. We've allowed ourselves to become almost besieged by our own fear. CATHERINE: If you're not afraid, you're living in denial. The world's changed. FRANK: Yeah, I know. Can't turn it back. But we wonder... (sighs) Where are we headed from here?
  8. very nice! That would give peace to Frank...and he really deserves that. Quite a romantic point of view :) 2 things: if Watts is alive, I know that the MG represented his whole world but it would be hard for me to think that he is still with the them because they tried to kill him. If it wasn't the MG, who could want him dead? and "He thinks that this is how Eddie must feel, wherever he is, with his girls. He wishes them well". sorry to ask but this is from "Omerta" right? thanks seesthru! This was very pleasant to read :)
  9. Hi. When I read that Lance Henriksen was going to answer the fans questions, the first one that I got in my mind was what would he (Lance H) think that Frank and the others characters (Hollis, Lara and Watts-if he is still alive) would be doing now? I would like to ask U that question too to see what U have in mind. Plus, what direction should the show take...you know...to keep it more "real" like the 1 season, more mystique and full of conspiracies like the 2 season or more like the 3 season, which I think is a mix of both seasons. And finally, what things about the show would you choose to leave behind and why. Cheers!
  10. I recently saw an interview of Mr. Craven in a documentary called "Trespassing Bergman". He was one of many directors that appeared. Very interesting. Someone on the net drew this nice pic.
  11. you got me there Earthnut...I guess I believe that he will answer because he has always been very kind to his fans (that is what I read about Lance from all the people that has photos with him and from interviews too).
  12. hi people :) Just passing by to tell you that Lance´s facebook says that he is going to answer some questions of the fans. Here is the email to send them: asklance@outlook.com have a greAt weekend people!
  13. Frank Black Jr


    I don´t know what to say hahaha. I was watching those magazines articles and I liked that photo of Megan. That is all I have!
  14. yes, I think the same way. That is why I enjoy it so much. It gets very dark but beneath there's always someone trying to find the right path, no matter what the cost. I have always found that inspiring.
  15. hi there! I wanted to show a little of the positive side of the show. If there is shadow, there must be light somewhere. Cheers!
  16. I found it in Lance´s facebook. It is the first video (the one with 117 likes and 29 commentaries). In fact, if you want to download the video, first: play the video and then click the right button of your mouse and use "save as" option :) It is very small. Only weights 1.4 mb.
  17. I didn't remember that Frank was holding a gun (I´m trying to forget all I can so I can watch it again soon!)...maybe because he didn't usually use it in the show. The link issue...beats me...I just paste the link and as I saw it working I thought it was okay.
  18. Don´t click Lance name. That is why you see the hannibal clip. Just click play from image of the clip.
  19. haha, yeah! maybe this is why we still want the show to be around...so much things to think about, so much information...great scripts... btw...it's been a while since I don't watch the show...why was Frank holding a gun? Didn't he stabbed that polaroid freak??
  20. yeah. It is strange how people seems to have this need for exposure. Didn't see that coming really.
  21. totally agree with everybody :) the great thing about the net is that it is a wide ocean but sometimes, that is the bad thing too. I don`t recall how the critics review the show. But the thing that I would like to remember is when the show was on the air, if in my country (we speak spanish) the show was in english or in spanish.
  22. I haven´t thought about people been so different only because they are left handed. The first that came to my mind was Hendrix. That got me thinking. And then, the best two football players in history, Messi and Maradona, are left. Paul Mccartney, Ian Paice, Bowie, Einstein, Da Vinci...and Mr. Carter too? haha. MMMmm...not sure about some presidents but let´s keep that out. Anyway, I found this detailed list: https://lefthand.wikia.com/wiki/Famous_left_handers
  23. thanks all for passing by :) yeah, Earthnut, me too. In fact, I don´t even have a facebook. I share my music with my band and that is all I wanna shear with the world. I opened a twitter account just to add one more voice to this matter and, frankly I hope I did it ok because I really have no idea how that works (and I don´t care haha!) Plus, it´s pretty annoying having junk mail telling me to add people to twitter and stuff.
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