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  1. hi everybody! wow...so many details and ideas here...I think the writers left the door open concerning Peter Watts character (one the best characters in my opinion) to have a chance to decide, in case there was a chance to make a new season or movie, if Peter was going to be a part to the following story. But if I had to vote (and I did) I would say that he is alive because if they writers decided to kill such an important character, I'm positive that they would show it, like they did with Catherine, Bletcher, Baldwin and even Andrews...now she is a good example. They did a great episode with that and the audience didn't know what had happened to her after she was arrested while she tried to kill Frank. And then, they told the whole story to show Emma what kind of people was the Millennium Group.
  2. hi there :) I know it was a parody and yes, they do had some good ideas but I just think that they didn't belong in that show. If you try hard to make a show with a dark character, to get the audience involved, to make them believe in a character so complex like Frank and understand why the characters do what they do, you can´t do Chung's doomsday or having Frank B. talking to a guy who is making a parody of him. You just destroyed the show, there goes the credibility of the character and the show. This ain´t Scrubs. I mean, it´s hard after that episode to get involved again in the Millennium group and take it seriously because the chapter before was like a SNL mockery of Millennium. Anyway, of course, it´s just an opinion. In fact, every time that someone tell me that they liked those episodes I think "cool, at least someone enjoy it!" Yes! I´ve heard that Meghan married that actor in a dvd extra or maybe in podcast of Back to Frank Black. Also, I remember that actor from a Seinfeld show playing the saxophone. He was very funny. Thanks for that!
  3. hello everybody. I love the show but I´ve got to say that "Jose chung's doomsday defense", "somehow Satan got behind me" and "Thirteen years later" were awful. Like Lehah said before, Millennium with sense of humor? No chance. And you may say that they could be funny or have a few good ideas but they were totally against the show style. You can not put on the air a chapter like "the hand of St,. Sebastian" and next friday follow it with "Jose chung's doomsday defense" and after that "Midnight of the Century". I mean, wth I am watching? That really annoyed me...waiting a week to know what will happen with Frank with the Group and then, they air a show about some ridiculous guy who censures tv shows, who suddenly sees a demon dancing and shoots Scully and Mulder. Wth? You can expect the audience to take the show seriously after that. And the show with Kiss was terrible too. After that awful episode, they did "skull and bones", a flawless episode. So, you have to wonder if that kind of decisions influenced the low audience. You can´t do both, it is like a Seinfeld show with George Constanza shooting down Kramer while Jerry says something funny.
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