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  1. A couple of my favorite Terry O' Quinn movies are ones that I think the members here might like- The Stepfather and The Stepfather 2 (skip the third, he's not even in it!). He plays a very very evil Stepfather. As I remember it, he was also in a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode that was very good as well.
  2. I wish they would have kept the old man around for at least one more episode- it would be a good opportunity to explore the question of 'why' Frank, jordan and maybe even The Old Man have the "gift" (some would call a curse). Is it genetic? Or a gift from on high? Were they chosen?
  3. Very good discussion here... I like the theory of Watts' wife being in the Millennium group,, sounds like something that could have been explored and made for an interesting episode. We only get to see brief glimpses of Peter's family, but there had to be something darker going on under the happy family surface that we saw on the show. The MG had their claws into Peter, who knows if they involved his family in any way. And there is always the question of what happened to his wife and family during or after Peter was killed in his own home. Were they killed too? I would have to think that if the family was in the house at the time, they would be murdered too, to remove any witnesses. Or maybe spirited away by the MG before the fact and put into some kind of "witness protection" type program... "We will spare your lives, but if you blabb about Peter, you and the kids are next!" who knows but it is very compelling to think about.
  4. I do like the humor if its well done, like Jose Chung, but for me like X-Files, the comedy episodes are hit and miss (more misses)
  5. Great photo of Lance with KISS... although I admit their inclusion in that episode was very strange. Seemed like a last minute addition.
  6. Looks like Frank is doing his best Cher impersonation. "If I could turn back time..."
  7. I think it takes a lot of bravery to do something like that and put yourself out there like they did in Behind the Candelabra (a very clever movie that I enjoyed). They're not actually having sex, in fact in sex scenes the genital regions are always covered, and it was a truthful portrayal of their trouble relationship.
  8. Don't get me wrong because I do like the character and she is an important part of Frank's character too. I think the show just did not give her enough to do. I forget the name of the episode at the moment, but there is an early episode where Catherine is at the Seattle Public Safety Building helping solve a case with either Geebs or Bletcher.. a situation that a social worker like Catherine would not be in. they would put her into these situations sometimes it felt like they were grasping for things for the actress to do. She's one of the stars for the show, I think they should have let her character be more natural.. she's a social worker and we so rarely got to see her at work, like we did Frank. Lots of murders on the show, and lots of families torn apart. Frank catches the bad guys, and ideally Catherine should be healing the victims or victim's families or loved ones.
  9. Here here... I hope you are allowed to do your work unbothered by Fox or a ceast and desist. Do they have a history of sending C&D to Millennium fans, like when VS4 and 5 came out?
  10. I will be sensitive to spoilers for anyone who reads
  11. Hi all, it sounded like a fun idea so I thought I would start a new thread for discussion of the first season 4 episode "Genesis" written by Dan Owen, Kevin Patterson, and Matt Asendorf. I'll be rereading it myself and sharing my thoughts but I am curious what anyone else thought. Maybe we could keep the thread title format to distinguish these new discussions from the older ones? (imaginary) Airdate: July 2, 1999
  12. Sounds like a fun idea... maybe like a book of the month club deal where we read one script a week and discuss it or something. I'm only a few into season 4 so I don't mind starting from the beginning.
  13. I've read the first few episodes of Virtual season 4, and I was blown away how true to the series and true to the characters it was. As long as the comic stays true as well that is all that matters I believe.
  14. I'm also liking the sound of the bigger page count... for comics like X-Files and Millennium it feels just right. i'm not a fan of the 22 page a month things (I prefer to get it all at once in a collected edition).. your page count sounds good because a TV episode's script is about 50-60 pages (in general), so for something like Millennium it is perfect. Will these comics be available in PDF or .cbr form so it could be read on my iPad?
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