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  1. Very good discussion here... I like the theory of Watts' wife being in the Millennium group,, sounds like something that could have been explored and made for an interesting episode. We only get to see brief glimpses of Peter's family, but there had to be something darker going on under the happy family surface that we saw on the show. The MG had their claws into Peter, who knows if they involved his family in any way. And there is always the question of what happened to his wife and family during or after Peter was killed in his own home. Were they killed too? I would have to think that if the family was in the house at the time, they would be murdered too, to remove any witnesses. Or maybe spirited away by the MG before the fact and put into some kind of "witness protection" type program... "We will spare your lives, but if you blabb about Peter, you and the kids are next!"

    who knows but it is very compelling to think about.

  2. I think it takes a lot of bravery to do something like that and put yourself out there like they did in Behind the Candelabra (a very clever movie that I enjoyed). They're not actually having sex, in fact in sex scenes the genital regions are always covered, and it was a truthful portrayal of their trouble relationship.

  3. Don't get me wrong because I do like the character and she is an important part of Frank's character too. I think the show just did not give her enough to do. I forget the name of the episode at the moment, but there is an early episode where Catherine is at the Seattle Public Safety Building helping solve a case with either Geebs or Bletcher.. a situation that a social worker like Catherine would not be in.  they would put her into these situations sometimes it felt like they were grasping for things for the actress to do. She's one of the stars for the show, I think they should have let her character be more natural.. she's a social worker and we so rarely got to see her at work, like we did Frank. Lots of murders on the show, and lots of families torn apart. Frank catches the bad guys, and ideally Catherine should be healing the victims or victim's families or loved ones.

  4. Hi all, it sounded like a fun idea so I thought I would start a new thread for discussion of the first season 4 episode "Genesis" written by Dan Owen, Kevin Patterson, and Matt Asendorf. I'll be rereading it myself and sharing my thoughts but I am curious what anyone else thought. Maybe we could keep the thread title format to distinguish these new discussions from the older ones?

    (imaginary) Airdate: July 2, 1999


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  5. I'm also liking the sound of the bigger page count... for comics like X-Files and Millennium it feels just right. i'm not a fan of the 22 page a month things (I prefer to get it all at once in a collected edition).. your page count sounds good because a TV episode's script is about 50-60 pages (in general), so for something like Millennium it is perfect.


    Will these comics be available in PDF or .cbr form so it could be read on my iPad?

  6. Harbinger Down is in my netflix queue. I hope to watch it soon, I was following the development of the movie for a while because the effects are done by the guys who did the monster effects on the Aliens movies... from a story perspective it doesn't seem very interesting, but hopefully the monster effects are cool.

  7. I think the chances are very slim for a new Millennium show... but my hope is that the new X-Files series catches on like wildfire, and they come back later with more episodes, maybe like a full season - hopefully one of these episodes would be right to bring back Frank Black as a guest role. Frank has guest starred in the current X-Files comic book series, as well as starred in his own 5 issue Millennium comic miniseries (which Mulder guest starred in!).

  8. Mostly I use Facebook for communicating with my friends who live far away... I never post personal things on Facebook, they are not to be trusted one bit. 


    P.S. if you use Facebook messenger on your phone, close it when you're done! While the app is open, it is actively recording (which is why that app drains the battery so fast). The so called purpose of the recording is to catch what you might be talking about while the app is open, or what's on the TV while its open, to custom tailor ads to things it thinks you're interested in. For instance, if you turned your television to the spanish station, and opened up messenger and left it open all night next to the TV, you may start getting Facebook ads in spanish!

  9. There is definitely a dark influence in the Vatican, whether it is actually demonic or just the corruption of man I don't know. The late Father Malachi Martin also claimed that there was something evil happening in the Vatican, and he may have been killed for it.

    Another interesting fact, maybe a connection, maybe not- on Mt. Graham, the vatican has an observatory (Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope). This observatory shares space with other organizations, one of which operates a spectroscope called by its acronym... Lucifer. 

    LBT Near Infrared Spectroscopic Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research


  10. Sorry to bump such an old thread, but this is all stuff I'm interested in. If you want to read or hear some interesting things about missing people in the U.S. state parks, google David Paulides. He wrote a series of books called Missing 411 about people who have disappeared without a trace, and all of these cases occured in state parks around the country. He has lots of interviews on youtube too. He doesn't have any answers, he's never come out right and said what he thinks the cause is, though he subtly leans towards bigfoot/sasquatch (he may just be out to sell books) but it is true that lots of people strangely disappear, and he tells a good story!

  11. We had rain in Oklahoma, and since then it's been cold outside, and a very welcomed change.

    Mabius, where in California do you live?  I was raised in Encino, in the San Fernando Valley (L A area), a very long time ago...LOL

    About 7-8 hours north of L.A. area... I have family in the L.A. area (lots of nice places) though, not Los Angeles itself (I can't stand that city, so many rude people!) The effects of the drought can be best seen on the drive between my location and L.A... its like a post apocalyptic wasteland.

  12. Not sure what to think here... if this was real, wouldn't there be more than just one video? If a city in the clouds was hovering over a city in China, I would think that more than one person would have taken a video with their phone- just look at something like 9/11.. there was video from nearly every angle of the building. 


    I am bit of a conspiracy nut... not saying I believe in any of it (just some!) but I am fascinated nonetheless... there is a supposed secret government project called Project Blue Beam, and it is said that its a project involving holographic projection into the sky. The public can be controlled appropriately by projecting say, the image of God ("It's the rapture!"), a fleet of UFOs, or anything they choose, into the sky.

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