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  1. THANK YOU tremendously Earthnut for indulging my curiosity. It was a perfect treat to wake up to. I love showbiz stories. I've heard similarly horrendous things about people meeting Jerry Lewis. Acts like a real jerk, especially to  his volunteers during his many TV telethons. What a delight it would be to meet the one and only Elvis too... I would have been delighted as well to meet Jack Lemmon. Wonderful comic and dramatic actor.. his performance in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross is stunning.

    The one pleasant experience I myself have had was meeting Robert Picardo at a convention - he played the doctor on Star Trek: Voyager, the coach from The Wonder Years, many other TV and movie roles. Every other celeb I saw at this convention looked bored out of their mind, wouldn't even move from their chair. Robert got up from his table himself and walked over to me! Such a kind man, and it was great getting to meet him briefly.

  2. I like the look of this. Which is odd, as I mostly, these days, don't like movies. But I did like one Japanese movie I saw a while ago, the name of which I can't remember, so perhaps I should explore Japanese movies. I like this bit on the imdb page:

    I've just checked on amazon.co.uk and it'll be released on DVD here on 18 January next year. I've add it to my wish list.

    There's lots of treasures to be found when getting into international cinema... its a whole new world. Especially if you like horror movies... Japan and Italy make some of the most unique ones I've ever seen.

  3. Doesn't look very good, but it certainly has an interesting look... for a direct to video movie. If I could flex my nerd muscle a bit... I recognize the directors name, Mamoru Oshii, he directed some of the great anime movies like Ghost in the Shell (give it a try Millennium fans... you might like it, kind of a Blade Runner style crime story) and Patlabor. I didn't know he did live action movies too.

  4. @SadEyes thank you a lot for the info and the Mark Snow videos. Its my favorite Millennium track so I'll hold out *futile* hope that it sees the light of day someday. Originally I thought the track may have been reused from an earlier episode, or maybe the X-Files, but it felt so unique that I can't remember it from anything else. I would say the closest Mark Snow track it comes to in style is "Eaten by Light" from the episode "Soft Light".

  5. I know I am about 10 years too late, but I have recently begun to read season 4. I also recently finished my second full watchthrough of Millennium and this was perfect to quench my thirst for more. I've only read the first three and enjoyed them all, but of them my favorite is Gestalt. It could have alternately been called "Mr. Black Goes to Washington"! If the writers of these scripts are here at these boards, then I say very loudly THANK YOU!!! Excellent work! So professionally done. You should be very proud of your work and know that even in 2015 your scripts are still being enjoyed.

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  6. Hi all, I'm brand new here and thought this might be the best place to ask- I'm looking for a piece of music that I heard in "Exegesis". Its that dark... I guess "industrial" it reminds me of.. its in the sequence where Frank and Emma are down in the missile silo sneaking around. Its one of my favorite Mark Snow compositions. I don't have the recent CD soundtracks, but I see that no music from Exegesis is on there- was this track played in an earlier episode? I really appreciate any help.

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