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  1. Definitely no one's watching, or at least not talking about it, so I'll just post here for posterity that the penultimate midseason finale (or whatever you want to call it) was really good and sets up for a great second half where we'll finish the story of Jimmy/Saul/Gene somehow or another. It's been a great journey.
  2. Yes they do. The magic of the makeup department?
  3. Anyone watching this? I kind of lost interest and wonder if I should get back to it once Saul's over.
  4. Guess no one's watching it, but 4 episodes in, I'm liking it a lot. Yes, the show takes some indulgences that are sometimes annoying, but the story is intriguing and characters rich. We get some revisiting this season that I'm happy to see again. Maybe the ending will be good. They have no excuses: plenty of time to prepare for a known end date.
  5. I agree. I liked it, though it aged better than it premiered for me. MM was one of only a few shows that could get away with these tonal shifts and it served it well, I thought. You could go from dark, to broody, to thoughtful, to mysterious, to humorous, to campy in a season and it almost always worked. Can't think of any show that does that today, but X-Files did it, too, back then, and it seemed to be a signature Chris Carter TV treatment. I loved Mikado. One of my favorite episodes. Met all the conventions for the genre and was new and scary for the times.
  6. Frank always thought Peter was a "true believer" with respect to the MG, who he did not trust, thought was a cult, and believed was responsible for Catherine's death. But while Peter was enamored w/MG, he wasn't a bad guy (though could've become one I think) and didn't wish ill on Frank at all. He was torn in his loyalties, as I saw it, and did eventually come to have some insight into MG that he hadn't before. Haven't watched it in years, though, so I'm just responding from memory. "The Time..." was a major cliffhanger episode, so it wouldn't have all been clarified in S3E1 though I doubt the writers had it all figured out either. There were a lot of changes in writers and direction of the show between the two seasons, as you no doubt know.
  7. I really liked The Lone Gunmen. It was quirky, clever, and most importantly, fun. It was never really appreciated IMO, nor was Harsh Realm, which I also really liked. Thanks for remembering it.
  8. @Voidprime: your poll is interesting in that we are apparently mostly luddites here!:) (cable/satellite users) That surprises me. I'm definitely w/you Graham, only watching news live these days. (Way too much of it IMO and none good.) And yes, it's because of all the commercials. I can't take it, I lose my train of thought. You'd think the ad agencies would realize there's a law of diminishing returns, but I guess not. Skipping thru is a pita b/c you have to do it so much. I go to my mom's and the cable company apparently knows her age so she gets targeted for all these disease/drug commercials that is scary, upsetting, nagging, and depressing. I hate it. Full HD is way to go, TV in my LR is, but not the TV in my BR, which is the one I watch most. I'd swap them, but space-wise it would be a waste. I should at least get a nice sound system for the BR TV, though, and maybe to celebrate the return of my fav series, I will! With Covid delaying new series, I did watch more short form, like YouTube videos. I didn't so much before, just occasional music videos. I actually have quite a few YT channels I watch now, though, and expect I'll continue. One I really like is a photography post-processing series that I get a lot out of. There's room for all this media in the world, I think.
  9. Hard to get thru Covid w/out streaming, @voidprime:) I think we're finally starting to get back to some semblance of 'normalcy,' tho. Personally, I love DVDs/BluRays. No commercials, exc. maybe on the 1st disc, good picture quality, indicia of ownership/can watch whenever. Live TV has too many commercials, so I often find another way to watch. Just have mid-tier cable and Roku box (1st gen, BioN). Stuff adds up price-wise.
  10. Better Call Saul returns April 18th on AMC. Finally. Better dust off the last season DVDs I've got! I honestly remember where we left off. Yeah, I do, just not well. Should be wonderful!
  11. I'm so looking forward to the return of TV. Yes, there's been stuff on, I guess, but so many delays b/o Covid. I was reading an article on Picard's return, and it could go off the rails if it isn't done really skillfully. (https://screenrant.com/star-trek-picard-season-2-release-date-story-cast/). This alternate reality angle could get preachy and woke and if it does, I'll be signing off. Hopefully not...
  12. @davidmarx2000I can imagine they "never really talked about it," because I was always under the impression people were a little stretched on that show. Certainly C.C. had a ton going on and some of the writers who went on to have good careers later on were kind of left hanging on MM, it seemed. I never sensed there was a whole lot of oversight and delegation came easy. No inside info on it at all, just my guess. That would certainly explain the divergent paths the show had in varying seasons.
  13. @voidprimeTotally agree about getting interviews w/Morgan and Wong. (Season 2 my clear favorite.) Would absolutely love to hear Terry O'Quinn talk about Millennium, too, but he has been so absolutely silent on the subject. I don't think he interviews much anyway, but as for MM, I don't know what has him so recalcitrant. Maybe he hated his job??? I have no idea...
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