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  1. X-Files 2018

    Yes, Earthnut, I think you'll find it's worth the effort. even if you weren't overjoyed by last season. Beer, I, too, liked William's role and was really surprised I did. I was dreading it when I saw the pre-season interviews saying he'd be a big part. It was tied in well, though at this point, I think we need to see him in more than the finale, especially if it's the FINALE finale as it's rumoured to be, due to Gillian's statement she won't be doing X-Files anymore. (Maybe though, they just kill Scully off or have her take a hiatus like when she was pregnant. Who knows?) Mr. Robot's ratings weren't great, but it's gotten a lot of deserved critical acclaim. Kor Adana won't be back, but I think Sam can get by on his own creation just fine! Excellent TV, I think--one of the very few I watch live.
  2. X-Files 2018

    Yes, I watched the 2/7/18 episode late last night. I liked it a lot. Some of these characters, like Skinner, have needed some backstory for a while. Not sure I totally understood the teeth thing, though. Will have to rewatch. I liked the premiere a lot. Good use of voice over with Smoking Man, but got too much with all of Mulder's. Still, the conflict was set up wonderfully, and it wasn't always in this show. They've gotten the hang of it just in time to retire it:) Beer, did you happen to make it through Mr. Robot this year?
  3. Owls/Roosters

    Wasn't CC working on the X-Files movie during S-2? I think so. He shouldn't have bothered, really...
  4. Owls/Roosters

    I always allowed plenty of room for the writers' prerogatives and imagination., but I didn't dig the Nazi/WWII connection because even though it *could* be an interesting story, it wasn't well developed. I don't think the writers knew where they were going with either, but that's just the sense I got.
  5. X-Files 2018

    I didn't see where anyone has put up this topic, yet. Is anyone bothering with the X-Files anymore? I haven't seen tonight's episode (6) yet, but so far, it's been a much better season than last and I'm really enjoying it. A really nice hybridization of mythology and stand alone stories and much more tightly written. Car chases and voice overs maybe too long, but I don't want to nitpick. I should probably sign up at some X-Files site somewhere to discuss it, but by the time I get to it, the show will be over! So sad:(
  6. Owls/Roosters

    The story all looks quite quaint today. People would say the show dropped in ratings and that's why it was cancelled. My own take on it was that it was hard on an audience to not know what to expect season to season. My fave was season 2, but many seem to prefer 1. To some extent, X-Files had that same thing with mythology vs. monster of the week episodes, but to me, episodic changes are easier than seasonal ones, though arguably, MM was a better show (or at least I could make that argument--whether I'd convince anyone is another matter altogether.)
  7. New Homes

    Considering how dark the show was for it's day, the optimism in that yellow house always amazed me. I always wanted to think Jordan would stay so happy.
  8. Howdy Folks

    Yeah, I liked Lara a lot!
  9. Howdy Folks

    Welcome Jabbapop. Yes, the change with how The Group is depicted changes markedly, due largely I think to the fact Chris Carter became less involved in Season 2. Personally, S-2 is my favorite for that very reason, but plenty of people have debated that here! Morgan-Wong period was so wonderfully dark.
  10. Never been a big Google fan myself, though I guess the stock has made people some big bucks over the years:)
  11. Sounds like a great article, but Business Insider along with Financial Times and Forbes are impossible b/o ad blocking, seesthru. I don't even try with them anymore and I'd like to read it. Bet it shows up elsewhere. Good find earthnut.
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