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  1. Gotham Gal

    High Plains Drifter, Joseph McBrayer

    Sounds like the blood counts are good, which is excellent news. If I recall my high school biology, the red cells carry oxygen and white cells fight infection, both super important. Do hope the swelling goes down so if a port is needed for chemo, he can get it safely and comfortably. What a nightmare this has been especially for joe but also his family and friends. Hopefully, more good reports are forthcoming. Thinking of you, Joe, and best to your family.
  2. Gotham Gal

    The Handmaid's Tale

    'm not sure exactly what it says about our times that we need so many super heros, but surely it says *something.*
  3. Gotham Gal

    Mr. Robot

    That should be interesting.
  4. Gotham Gal

    Mr. Robot

    Old Man and Earthnut, I think you jumped the gun too early on this one. I think I know the scenes you didn’t like. It’s one thing to be dark; another to be depressing and the drug scenes were the latter. But be assured it’s not a major focus of the story. I can’t speak for Sam Esmail, of course, but I suspect these scenes were put in to show just how unreliable a narrator Elliot is. Without spoiling, I can say the rest of season 2 ends with a twist some of us saw coming, but what was really fun to watch unfold as it also gave us some backstory on this character, who really is intriguing. Season 3 received much better reviews than 2, though I liked both. Season 3 gets darker, has some really interesting reveals, provides insightful backstory for some characters who we wouldn’t necessarily consider major. And I got the gift of having my least favorite character off the show. If Rule#1 of screenwriting is : Don’t Bore Me, this show succeeds in spades for me. I’m just never bored watching it. It’s original, intriguing, and dark—all the things I value in tv. Plus in season 3, Kor Adana made sure the tech was real, a plus for you, Old Man.
  5. Gotham Gal

    The Blacklist

    Don’t feel bad earthnut, I haven’t seen one episode of the blacklist yet though I heard it’s very good. One show I am current on and would recommend is Homeland.
  6. Gotham Gal

    The Handmaid's Tale

    I like it because it seems like a new story for tv anyway.
  7. Gotham Gal

    All of my Millennium comics!

    Awesome! Did you see my millennium movie script? I’d love to get a movie poster made for it:)
  8. Gotham Gal

    The Leftovers

    The leftovers is supposed to be excellent, but as usual, I’m behind the times and haven’t seen it yet. It’s on my list, though. That’s the thing with the golden age of tv: it’s hard to be caught up! I just finished Silicon Valley two weeks ago. A wonderful comedy that also manages a solid drama.
  9. Gotham Gal

    High Plains Drifter, Joseph McBrayer

    Hope the liver scan is negative for cancer. Joe needs a break. Will say a prayer for him tonight.
  10. Gotham Gal

    The Handmaid's Tale

    I had never even heard of the movie. Since, I've heard the movie wasn't that good and the TV show is much better. I never read the book, either, so I've got nothing to compare it to!
  11. They may very well be glad Catherine died from the Marburg virus as she had a clear abhorrence for the Group and tended to keep Frank's eyes open, but they would've wanted to keep Frank in tow and bring Jordan along down the road because of her gift.
  12. Gotham Gal

    The Handmaid's Tale

    Thought some might want to chat about this show. The new season (2) is off to a good start. Elisabeth Moss plays her role so well.
  13. Gotham Gal

    High Plains Drifter, Joseph McBrayer

    Appreciate the update. He's been through so much and I'm so happy he's home!

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