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  1. 🌻 Keeping positive, sunny, and health-filled wishes headed Joe's way. ⚾ Baseball season's here, so watch out for Joe!
  2. I don't usually gravitate towards detective shows, Old Man, so haven't seen True Detective, but am curious as to why you think it's Millenniumistic? That could tip the scales for me, which would be good since the one show I'm watching these days finishes its season next week. I like Fargo, too:) I think late night is usually the best time for many serious tv watchers as there are fewer interruptions or distractions. Good TV shuld require some attention and concentration.
  3. Believe it or not, I don't like awards shows. Too political. too self-congratulatory. I just like it when my own opinions on what's the best are confirmed (and they rarely are)!
  4. Bohemian Rhapsody got four awards last night it very much deserved, inc. Rami Malek who did a great job playing Freddie Mercury. The other three were for editing/mixing sound and editing the film footage, all which had to have been very challenging. It didn't deserve, IMO at least, best picture or best directing--it was just a standard biopic after all. Rami's work and the technical aspects of selling him as Mercury were outstanding, however. Just my take on it.
  5. The new year is going to be good to Joe, I'm certain! He's been through so much and I know we're all hoping/praying for a positive outcome soon.
  6. Just saw "Bohemian Rhapsody" last night, the biopic about Freddie Mercury from Queen, where Freddie is played by Rami Malek, who also plays Elliot Alderson in Mr. Robot. He's a really talented actor, IMO, and I enjoyed him in this role, too. Recommend the movie if you like stories about rock stars.
  7. Yes we will! We'll take all the good news we can get. Do I understand correctly that this improvement was before the beads were put in his bloodstream which was originally scheduled for next month? That could be very hopeful. Yay!
  8. That sounds more hopeful than he's sounded for a while and I'm so glad. Having confidence in the doctor AND the treatment is so very important. I have very good vibes from this news Walkabout, thanks for posting it!
  9. It's a horrible disease and the treatment is almost as bad the disease. I can appreciate Joe being worn out and tired from all this. Keep strong, Joe. We're all rooting for you and sending you strength and encouragement through the interwebs.
  10. Sounds like the numbers are going in the right direction, at least, but yes, will keep sending healing energy in his direction and hope it helps because he's been through so much already. Thanks for the update Walkabout.
  11. I have not seen Carnivàle, but have heard elsewhere it was very good. Have you seen The Deuce? Similar, but different. I like it, don't love it. Watch when I can. Walkabout has a goo DVD collection:)
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