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  1. Just read it--good article. Neo-gothic sums it up, though unlike the writer, I wasn't "frustrated" by the characters in In Arcadia Ego dying at the end. There's that inevitability for so many characters in MM, but in this case, made the story that much more poignant. Thin White Line was a Morgan and Wong episode, and I usually liked theirs the most, but I just don't remember it, but it HAS been 25 years, right?🤔
  2. I remember In Arcadia Ego as a favorite. It was done thoughtfully and artfully. The Thin White Line I'll have to refresh my recollection about. Do look forward to reading the article. Thanks for posting, Old Man.
  3. I don't have Netflix either, Old Man, but here, BCS is on AMC anyway. These TV subscriptions can add up very quickly... BCS took its time getting going, but it was a good opportunity to develop Jimmy/Saul character. Now, being slowed down in production b/o Covid, I just hope I remember what happened in the show so long ago.🤔
  4. The world can't seem to kick this virus, can it? This delta variant is so contagious. Hope everyone is managing to stay well.
  5. Sense and Antisense was one of the most interesting episodes IMO. It was creepy but tethered to reality. I liked that.
  6. I thought I had started a Better Call Saul topic here a few years ago, but I can't find it. Maybe I didn't. Anyway, it's only tangentially related to MM inasmuch as show co-creator Vince Gilligan once wrote for Chris Carter's 1013--one or two X-Files. Small Potatoes was one. Long and short, I was sorry to read this week that Bob Odenkirk, who plays Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman/Gene Takovic collapsed on set. He apparently had a "small" heart attack, but is doing okay. He's a really good actor IMO and the show is arguably better than its pre-sequel, Breaking Bad. I can't imagine what they'd do if they lost him in the show's last season! Looks like that great finale will be delayed even more. Sh^t! https://www.msn.com/en-in/entertainment/entertainmenttopstories/better-call-saul-star-bob-odenkirk-recovering-from-small-heart-attack/ar-AAMM78B
  7. I don't specifically remember Frank S.'s comment in MATM about that, but it was a little while ago I saw it. I just remember the talk about how you really had to be a self-starter and not need much help or oversight as a writer. They didn't apparently have writers' rooms in the way we usually think of them. They were able to do that in S-1 & 3 where the episodes were self-contained, but S-2, M&W kind of serialized, adding mythology. Anyway, it had to be extremely challenging, especially when CC was doing XF, an XF movie, along w/Harsh Realm and The Lone Gunmen. His involvement had to be, by necessity, minimal. I think Frank S. in particular learned a lot about work ethic from his days w/CC--to his credit. I've enjoyed watching his career advance over the years. I do think peoples' memories fade over time, and sometimes gets rewritten for posterity. At the time, they may not have had things as planned as they say they were today, though it would be interesting to go back in time and find out, to be sure.
  8. I don't know for sure what Morgan and Wong had in mind, but at the time there was a good amount of grousing about it, even publicly. "How were we supposed to write our way out of an apocalypse?" some griped. Well, they did it. It wasn't how I or others might have wanted it or done it ourselves, but that indicates, to me, anyway, there were any number of ways to do it. If I recall correctly, and I might not since I watched it quite some time ago, but Frank S. commented about that being writers' jobs and the whole point in The Millennium After the Millennium. I'd agree. Some people would correctly call it a cliffhanger. The same thing was mentioned with the S-3 finale. The show wasn't renewed, so it was a moot point. Too bad, because MM had a whole lot more of story to tell, IMO, as it was perhaps the most malleable TV ever, or at least at the time. What would you have done Peter Watts?
  9. Yes, they canceled it after just the 2nd episode, I guess because it was just too expensive to shoot with all the Covid rules in effect. A shame, I rather dig the show. There is such of dearth of TV dramas right now b/c of Covid. Some new documentaries which are good, but not for everyone, I don't think. Still, anything's better than this 24 hour news cycle all the time IMO--too depressing.
  10. Something for the Old Man, perhaps. "Next" premiered tonight on the East Coast on our Fox network, and it's pretty good. A nice tech-dystopia (specifically AI) taking place in present day. I hate the camera work, but there's such a dearth of new drama on TV, I'm in a very forgiving mood with such things. Trailer here
  11. Masks were illegal to wear in public in NYC until this--for good reason. We needed to be able to ID criminals. Now you're a criminal if you don't wear one. A hundred young adults in their 20s went to a party in a nearby county. Eight got Covid and the county wanted to "contact-trace" them. They refused. The county subpoena'd them and they'd faced a $2,000/day fine each if they dodged it. They didn't. The thing was, the people at the party were all aware of the good chance they'd catch the virus and it's doubtful the tracing made any difference. What does matter is that they knew they were positive and needed to stay isolated for 14 days. (Hopefully they really did.) We've gotta be careful to not only not get the virus, but to not let it turn us into a surveillance state. I think we're having a hard time in figuring out how to do that. Glad to hear you're opening up over there! Can't wait for this to end.
  12. That photo looks like it's from Coney Island in the 1950s except for the white house. Very crowded. I ended up getting a couple of masks from my dentist, but they were NOWHERE to be found for literally months. Ended up using a bandana:) We've had a similar situation here where the states are all doing their own things. Some are downright oppressive. Others are being more sensible: trying to stay safe but open. But we have the BLM protests happening, too, which is definitely not good for flattening the curve. Still, for all the news this weekend about a new surge in the south, like Florida and Texas, it's a bit misleading because most everyone gets tested for Covid before getting any treatment for anything, and a lot of medical checks have been delayed now for months, so...Anyway, these ppl seem to be asymptomatic of Covid even if they do have another problem they're seeking treatment for.
  13. Perhaps I should and will revisit DS9 when there's a dearth of contemporary programming. I had a hard time getting into Voyager. I binged it on a long flight, from NYC to Tehran, if I'm not mistaken, and maybe I would've liked it better on a bigger screen, but I doubt it. It wasn't a lack of effects that I didn't like so much as it seemed to be trying to be "politically correct," which I hate in principle in sci-fi. Ppl's views in the future will surely be different from today's, after all. I actually liked the starting point for the Picard series, acknowledging the time pass and what happens when you're put out to pasture (or vineyard, as the case may be.) I definitely don't need to see Beverly Crusher or Wesley. Picard the renegade captain is a good set up with Star Fleet kind of an obstacle to Picard's goals. Yeah, the alternative reality trope (or meme!) needs to go away for a very long time. I recall ppl trying to inappropriately read that into Mr. Robot which would get me apoplectic!
  14. The finale was kind of trippy, and more in the ayahuasca sense than a MDMA one. (nauseating) I do actually like that the show takes on Picard's age head-on rather than trying to cover it up, though. Too many young'uns in TV shows, IMO. (One of many reasons I liked MM so much--Lance wasn't a Mulder.) Agree the giant orchids launched by the synths from the surface were a bit much, but I also took the space orchids as metaphoric for "Daughter's" father, the botanist who raised her, not Data. It could've been anything the writers wanted, and I'd have done something else, but that's what they did, so we have to live with it ...or not. The finale left a lot of questions, not the least of which is the vestiges of the Romulan Empire, which we'll need to learn more about in S-2. (Developing them beyond their traditional adversarial role in the ST franchise is enticing, I think.) All in all, I think Picard was extremely well set up for some great character-driven plot, even if they did go off the rails quite a bit at the end of season. (Happens more often than not in TV I think.) I'd wager they'll be back on track for S-2 premiere, though. I'll be tuning in if Covid-19 doesn't kill me first;)
  15. Gee, Seesthru, I kind of like Florida, especially in the winter. I think the sneezy kids and wheezy bums are pretty much the same everywhere, so we have to be super-careful when we go out in public to avoid germs, especially today. The locals I know (not many, admittedly) don't think it's all a hoax, though the governor has left quarantine orders up to the counties. West Palm is the only county I know well enough to discuss, and county officials had it locked up tighter than a drum when I was there. No golf for the old folks, even! The spring-breakers are usually from out-of-state and really shouldn't have been traveling (and partying at this time), but we are still one country, so I don't know...Anyway, I'm sure we'll all do our best to get through this, and boy, will it feel good to go into a sit-down restaurant and music/theater venue again once this is over! Makes me appreciate what I had!
  16. Oh yeah, forget all about paper products or cleaning supplies of any kind. I just did an Amazon order, the shelves here were so bare in our stores!
  17. Gosh, Old Man, what kind of food do you eat that will keep a few months? Canned corn and Spam? Ick. I'm still puzzling over the toilet paper shortages, which apparently you have in the U.K., as well. It keeps though, so why not? I feel so lucky, I got a dozen organic eggs this week! It's recently been like how I'd imagine breadlines to be in the former Soviet Union around here! Back to normal, please!
  18. Geesh, Darlene, it's hard to imagine! Still, I wish the best of luck and hope you'll stop by now and again even if it's just for a quick hello.
  19. Sorry for being late, but many happy returns!
  20. I guess at this point I'm talking to myself about Star Trek Picard which finished its first season this week. (It was renewed for a S-2 early on.) Anyway, the season finale was poignant, showing just how character-driven they wisely chose to make it. Some really nice effects, too, if you're into that sort of thing.
  21. Yeah, I agree about Terry. He underplayed Peter Watts in a way I thought was very effective and interesting. I do think it's possible to over-read things into Millennium scripts. All three seasons were run and often written by different people with different visions of where the show should go. While I'm sure they tried to be somewhat consistent, their personal preferences were sure to weigh in. Probably why most of us really DO have a favorite season, I guess!
  22. When I was in Palm Beach last week, the food stores were nearly empty, all of them, and I know the area pretty well. No meats, except stuff you wouldn't feed your dog, no breads/pastas/baked goods, very little dairy/eggs, no cleaning supplies or toiletries. I felt like I was in a Soviet bread line! NYC's food supplies are much better, except for bathroom tissue which is strange given COVID-19 manifests as a respiratory illness, not a digestive one. Florida's in a lock down now, it wasn't then. NYC is practically closed down in areas, but some people aren't really obeying authorities in staying home.
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