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  1. Can't "review" it till I read it and gosh, I've almost totally forgotten what the movie was about. Loved the show, not so crazy about the movies, but may be worth a revisit (?) Will be fun to read while I watch it on the DVD...when I find it and dust it off:)
  2. I met DD once, really smart guy w/ a quirky humor. Super-talented, though truth be told, I hate Californication and some of his other projects. He and Gillian did have a sort of chemistry in the X-Files that grew on me, though. It was a good show. Thanks for sharing his script.
  3. First Person Shooter, I think, was really ahead of its time and a script from the X-Files era that holds up particularly well, IMO. Glad to have it. Thank you for posting!
  4. Another trip down memory lane--this was a good episode. The scripts were longer back then--fewer commercials, I suppose.
    For all those lingering questions about CSM, your answers may be out there in this script. Wonderful.
    I am happy to see this script. The episode always interested me, though it had an unsettled aspect to it, but that was MM for you, anyway. Thanks for posting it!
  5. Merry Christmas to MeThanks Old Man! "Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man" is my all-time favorite X-File. (CSM is fav character and WBD nailed that role, IMO!)
  6. I haven't been to Vancouver for years, but back then, I liked it a lot. I recall accidentally finding William B. Davis' acting school on my way someplace. The lights were on and I wanted to go in so badly😈. I liked his acting in XF a lot--he made that character (or it was made for him, I'm not sure.)
  7. @Viivi, I like the ones with or about Jordan, too. How about this one: Frank: What would you tell a child? What would I tell Jordan? Catherine: Maybe you should just tell her good-night.
  8. @davidmarx2000, When you're able to see what BTFB had to say, would you please post a sentence or two about it? I'd be interested to know. I remember at the time, after it aired, I was quite surprised at reactions from, I think, both writers of the show and viewers regarding the virus. I had just assumed it wasn't a pandemic at all, but instead, a fairly localized (regional) and totally unexpected outbreak, or an epidemic. After all, it wasn't sci-fi and if it was end of the world, that would be a cop out IMO. And at the time, I had no idea one way or the other if the show was returning, but assumed it would, and figured the writers would never be so self-loathing as to kill off all their characters. Still, there was concern, I guess, about writing their way out of it, but if it were "just" an epidemic (albeit of a fatal disease), it wouldn't really be a problem. It would just be a nice cliffhanger. Alas, all we got (officially) when the show ended was a crossover X-File...🤮
  9. Baz, Sure wish I was able to take you up on the X-Cast and the Time is Now Q&A. Wrong continent:) Sounds like an interesting event.

  10. Is anyone looking forward to seeing Dune? It's said you should see it on the biggest screen possible. I wonder if it might help get people back in theaters (?) Anyway, if you see it, please comment on it. I'd be interested to know pppl's opinions.
  11. I thought Better Call Saul was finishing up this year in 2021. Did I miss something? I know Bob Odenkirk had a heart attack scare, but heard he was back on set pretty quick.
  12. I guess the stereotyping could also be construed as the show being a bit dated by today's standards. What we consider stereotyping today was probably rather groundbreaking at the time (90s--last century!) given LGBTQ wasn't even an acronym and the subject matter still fairly taboo. All in the eyes of the beholder, I think.
  13. The Selfosopist episode was absolutely one of my favorites. For such a dark show, MM could deliver some great humor when certain writers wanted to do it! Anyway, seesthru, I didn't make that connection w/BCS, so thanks. When the show comes back, I'll look for him as he's coming back according to the press.
  14. Just read it--good article. Neo-gothic sums it up, though unlike the writer, I wasn't "frustrated" by the characters in In Arcadia Ego dying at the end. There's that inevitability for so many characters in MM, but in this case, made the story that much more poignant. Thin White Line was a Morgan and Wong episode, and I usually liked theirs the most, but I just don't remember it, but it HAS been 25 years, right?🤔
  15. I remember In Arcadia Ego as a favorite. It was done thoughtfully and artfully. The Thin White Line I'll have to refresh my recollection about. Do look forward to reading the article. Thanks for posting, Old Man.
  16. I don't have Netflix either, Old Man, but here, BCS is on AMC anyway. These TV subscriptions can add up very quickly... BCS took its time getting going, but it was a good opportunity to develop Jimmy/Saul character. Now, being slowed down in production b/o Covid, I just hope I remember what happened in the show so long ago.🤔
  17. The world can't seem to kick this virus, can it? This delta variant is so contagious. Hope everyone is managing to stay well.
  18. Sense and Antisense was one of the most interesting episodes IMO. It was creepy but tethered to reality. I liked that.
  19. I thought I had started a Better Call Saul topic here a few years ago, but I can't find it. Maybe I didn't. Anyway, it's only tangentially related to MM inasmuch as show co-creator Vince Gilligan once wrote for Chris Carter's 1013--one or two X-Files. Small Potatoes was one. Long and short, I was sorry to read this week that Bob Odenkirk, who plays Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman/Gene Takovic collapsed on set. He apparently had a "small" heart attack, but is doing okay. He's a really good actor IMO and the show is arguably better than its pre-sequel, Breaking Bad. I can't imagine what they'd do if they lost him in the show's last season! Looks like that great finale will be delayed even more. Sh^t! https://www.msn.com/en-in/entertainment/entertainmenttopstories/better-call-saul-star-bob-odenkirk-recovering-from-small-heart-attack/ar-AAMM78B
  20. I don't specifically remember Frank S.'s comment in MATM about that, but it was a little while ago I saw it. I just remember the talk about how you really had to be a self-starter and not need much help or oversight as a writer. They didn't apparently have writers' rooms in the way we usually think of them. They were able to do that in S-1 & 3 where the episodes were self-contained, but S-2, M&W kind of serialized, adding mythology. Anyway, it had to be extremely challenging, especially when CC was doing XF, an XF movie, along w/Harsh Realm and The Lone Gunmen. His involvement had to be, by necessity, minimal. I think Frank S. in particular learned a lot about work ethic from his days w/CC--to his credit. I've enjoyed watching his career advance over the years. I do think peoples' memories fade over time, and sometimes gets rewritten for posterity. At the time, they may not have had things as planned as they say they were today, though it would be interesting to go back in time and find out, to be sure.
  21. I don't know for sure what Morgan and Wong had in mind, but at the time there was a good amount of grousing about it, even publicly. "How were we supposed to write our way out of an apocalypse?" some griped. Well, they did it. It wasn't how I or others might have wanted it or done it ourselves, but that indicates, to me, anyway, there were any number of ways to do it. If I recall correctly, and I might not since I watched it quite some time ago, but Frank S. commented about that being writers' jobs and the whole point in The Millennium After the Millennium. I'd agree. Some people would correctly call it a cliffhanger. The same thing was mentioned with the S-3 finale. The show wasn't renewed, so it was a moot point. Too bad, because MM had a whole lot more of story to tell, IMO, as it was perhaps the most malleable TV ever, or at least at the time. What would you have done Peter Watts?
  22. Yes, they canceled it after just the 2nd episode, I guess because it was just too expensive to shoot with all the Covid rules in effect. A shame, I rather dig the show. There is such of dearth of TV dramas right now b/c of Covid. Some new documentaries which are good, but not for everyone, I don't think. Still, anything's better than this 24 hour news cycle all the time IMO--too depressing.
  23. Something for the Old Man, perhaps. "Next" premiered tonight on the East Coast on our Fox network, and it's pretty good. A nice tech-dystopia (specifically AI) taking place in present day. I hate the camera work, but there's such a dearth of new drama on TV, I'm in a very forgiving mood with such things. Trailer here
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