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  1. Hope I am posting this question in the right spot. Looking for the music in the episode Sense and Antisense when the bleeding man gets in the cab. The same music appears a little later when he is being wheeled thru the hospital on the bed. Anyone know if this is part of Mark Snow's work? The music reminds me of the style of the group Enigma which was still popular around the same time. Thanks for any help. :-)
  2. Greetings. Forgive me for being new. Ha. I missed this series when it first came out due to work schedule, moving... and life. I have finally picked up all three seasons and am watching like a mad person. Anyway, I hope this question is in the right place... it's regarding music in the episode "Sense and Antisense". I have spent a couple of hours searching and reading websites and cannot find mention of the music playing at the beginning of the episode when the bleeding man gets in the cab. It's only a short piece, but reminds me of music by Enigma. If anyone knows what group performs it... I would be appreciative. Not sure what to think of Season 2 yet. Season one had my mouth agape at practically every single episode. What an amazing classic series. There is truly nothing like it. Thanks again.
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