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  1. i watched this back around the era when millennium was on the way out and brimstone was onand haunted was shortly after.wish theyd caught on at upn/wb the way buffy and angel did so they couldve lasted longer.
  2. he just recently guest starred on resident alien lol pretty funny.
  3. im fond of a recent weapon used by my brother from a different mother,negan smith...lucille. louisville slugger wrapped in barbed wire. the extreme always makes an impression.
  4. referred to this episode many times over the years,one of the best.
  5. my birthday is march 16th lol but thank you 🙂
  6. they def made room for emma,and made her father into lucas cuffle III,they didnt fix his alzheimers,they reprogrammed him.he would be leverage on emma also. pretty sure watts was dead in the office.and its 2020 now so it all worked out :)
  7. anyone know eric red? not the writer of "the hitcher",but the country singer? i got to work backstage at his show in my town yesterday lol im a temp so i occasionally get chances like this to be a roadie for a few hours 🙂 first time i got a gig like this in 14 years working for mancan,just figured id share .
  8. chris carter was current and part psychic 🙂
  9. i always refer to millennium to this day .i think of emmas dad when i hear abut dementia and alzheimers,the show in general whenever a cult or doomsday scenario is mentioned,and school shooting or crime spree,anything that i can recall an episode about.and anytime i see garret dillahunt and james marsters .
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