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  1. Thank you so much! It was literally a dream come true for me!! Thank you for finding that picture!! And thank you for having me! Thank you! Got a few scares!
  2. We had a whole bunch of people who either just stopped, or literally got out of their cars. Some took pictures. And a few asked if we were opening a haunted house. Lol!
  3. Since I first saw MillenniuM, I was obsessed. I loved the balance of good and evil. Of Frank being tempted to be normal, to not shine, not help. When I first saw Legion (Gehenna Devil), I was inspired by the creature design. And vowed to be it for Halloween one year. And, so, for the 20th anniversary, I made that dream come true. I sculpted the mask, and torso. And made the body suit. Bought the wings, but edited them to be more accurate. And painted it all. Happy Halloween! This is who we are.
  4. I love The Curse of Frank Black. And it's a tradition for me to watch it every Halloween. My other suggestion would be Lamentation! Great episode!
  5. What's everyone doing for the 20th anniversary? I'll definitely be having a MillenniuM themed night! And this year, for Halloween, I'll be going as Legion (Gehenna Devil) that I made in honor of the anniversary. Can't believe it's been 20 years!
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