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  1. I don't think they would ever get rid of Red completely. However, as the show evolves into new arenas, Red may be forced to work in the background until it is safe for him to come front and center again. He can use the powers of the "Hands of Fate" to do his dirty work. He will still be calling the shots, just not main stage. That's the challenge the writers and producers have with The Blacklist- how to introduce new characters without taking away from the ambiance and power of Red Reddington.
  2. Here's the deal- Red is not really the main character in the program. Red actually works for another group that has used Red as a "messenger" to carry out their plots. Do you remember the fulcrum? Why are they not talking about this any more? That was the main focus of the program when it started. So what is the fulcrum? And why is everybody trying to get their "hands" on it? Keep watching- there will be a major shift in the program when Red may no longer be useful in his present position as another new character takes main stage. That's about all I can tell
  3. Does anyone know how The Millennium Group is like The Blacklist? Food for thought.....
  4. Hi Everyone- Steveareno here. New fan of the TV series Millennium, I just ordered to whole box series so I can get a grip on what it's all about. I need to contact Chris Carter about something. Anyone know how to reach him? I have the Hand of St. Sebastian! Thanks.
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