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  1. I watched Millennium from the beginning, and while I wasn't allowed to watch all episodes (having only been 9 years old when the series started) I did see much of it and was always drawn in by the intensity and depth of the show and its characters. I have continued to watch as an adult since the DVDs have become available, and was able to catch up on what I had missed as a child (and by extension finally understood why there were episodes I wasn't allowed to watch, which is fairly obvious to an adult, but to a child is a constant source of vexation) and finally came to terms with my unwavering childhood fear of what I could only call a demon known as Lucy Butler. I used to have nightmares about her and even thought that in the dark I could see her cold eyes staring at me from out of that frozen mask of a face. When I first saw Sarah-Jane Redmond on the film "A Wrinkle in Time", I thought she looked familiar, but not quite making the connection. Then she cocked her head a certain way and I almost screamed aloud (I was a teenager at the time, but apparently still haunted, it seems) because it was Lucy Butler for a moment! LOL. Then she turned her head another way, and she was just an actress playing a different character. Since then, I've always been fascinated by how good of an actor Sarah-Jane Redmond is, and the diverse types of roles she can play. Anyhow, I always thought that at the end of the episode "Saturn Dreaming of Mercury", the feminine voice that Lucas used, not to mention the face seen during the distortion of his head in the fire, belonged to Lucy Butler. It wasn't clear (although you could say the long black hair was a dead giveaway) but I couldn't shake that feeling. Then, the other day, when I was watching the 3rd season over again and I got to "Saturn Dreaming of Mercury", I decided to look up Lucy Butler in the Character Profiles here on the site, and she was listed as being featured in the episode, so it was gratifying to know that if there's something I'm uncertain of, this site is here to provide the answers, especially since there really aren't any other online resources (at least that I know of) to answer questions of this kind. I think it's wonderful that this site and community is here. :) One of the questions I still have, I think that we all have, is whatever happened to "Divina", the little girl that seemed to somehow be Lucy Butler's dead child? Was she merely a projection, like Lucas Sanderson? Anyway, I'm very glad to be part of TIWWA, and intend to post more questions and comments about the series as I have them. :)
  2. What keys do you use for the Oroborus symbol there? That's really very cool. :)
  3. Thanks, Earthnut, for responding. That's the impression I got too. Cheryl's sudden change of behaviour in "The Hand of Saint Sebastian" was quite shocking, and I did notice something last night in rewatching it and studying her facial reactions to certain situations that she was worried most of the time, even frightened at times, particularly when Frank had her meet him in an alley. It was almost as if she was expecting someone else. I don't believe that there was a mistake in writing either, I just thought it was odd that little to no mention is made of these events in "Skull and Bones". But if it's true that she was being forced by the group to do what she did, that would explain the events of her final episode all too clear. And yes, you will see me here often, I'm sure. :)
  4. Hi, I'm Josh and I'm new to TIWWA, but I have been an avid fan of Millenium since I was a child in the 90s. I have watched and studied the episodes "The Hand of Saint Sebastian" and "Skull and Bones" several times and in some depth, because there appears to be an inconsistency to the continuity of the two episodes. "The Hand of Saint Sebastian" is the last episode of season 2 to feature Cheryl Andrews, while "Skull and Bones" is the only episode of season 3 to feature her. Yet there is a discontinuity in the way that Frank refers to her between the two episodes. At the end of "The Hand of Saint Sebastian", as we all know, she is revealed to be working with assassins to set up Peter Watts for the murder of Doctor Schlossberg, and Frank discovers this and acts accordingly, even outright stating that she "sold her soul", suggesting that he has come to see her as a villain, of sorts. Yet in "Skull and Bones, he seems to ignore the events surrounding "The Hand of Saint Sebastian" entirely, referring to her as a friend. In fact, there is little to no mention of the prior episode at all, which I find surprising given the circumstances surrounding it. It makes me wonder if his disillusionment with the Millennium Group softened his feelings towards Cheryl Andrews, or if there was a mistake in the writing of the episode. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?
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