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  1. I believe "We are all sheperds" is a prediction of colectivism in the so called new we are order. We are not special, we are all sheperds, the 90s are gone, 2000 is waiting for the new world order.  That is the end of the world in Millenium plot. The end of privileges.The combination between god and evil forces into one. The acceptance of evil ir order to gain control. No " good cop vs bad buys anymor"   but collaboration between bad guys and good guys in all aspects of society. That is the ouroborous in my opinion and the foundation of the new world coming.

  2. I have a doubt about the Millenium Group. Is the devil behind? or are two separates entities?

    Some observations.

    In the curse of Frank Black Crocel ghost  sent by the devil suggest Frank Abandon Millenium Group. Well this proff the Millenium Group (or part of it) is separated from the Devil influence.

    I believe, one of the  the Millenium Group Lodge is satanic and the devil is behind it. 

    When Frank Black confronts Peter Watts in his own house. Peter says, "The group who videotaped jordan is not the group i know"

    So, maybe, one of the lodges of the Millenium Group is involved with Satanic practices.

    In the end, when Frankl Black achieve a sort of revelation:



    FRANK: We survive, maybe.But only by discarding the questions that confuses us – what do I want – and asking what the world, what the universe wants and needs.

    This is Frank Black accepting his fate and recognizing the Ourubourous. When he says, "what the universe wants and needs" is not saying "what god wants and need"

    The universe is full of demons and evil forces too. So he is recognice them in order to survive with his little daughter.

    My conclusion, about the group, is that Frank Black fails to recognices the Ouroboros, I mean, the bad side of the group and that is the reason, he has to run away with his daughter.

    He asked to many questions, he saved too many people, he failed to understad good and evil combined to make a world a better place.


    Curse of Frank black2.png

    The debil1.png


    "Collateral Damage"


    [Frank leaves the building. Across the street on a grassy area stands Peter Watts. Frank sees him and hesitates, as if to walk on, then goes over to Watts.]

    FRANK: She's your daughter, Peter. You know, they don't even have a name for what you're doing.
    WATTS: I'm doing everything I can to get her back. Do you think we're not trying? The Group took a big hit when you left.
    FRANK: Don't flatter me.
    WATTS: That's the truth.
    FRANK: You don't even know the truth anymore. What do they want? How many times have you talked to them?
    WATTS: It's immaterial. Their demands are never going to be met.
    FRANK: Never be met by you? Her father?
    WATTS: Not by me, by the Group.
    FRANK: Desert Storm. Is that what this is about?
    [Watts doesn't answer.]

    FRANK: What's the Group's involvement?
    WATTS: Group intelligence helped the US keep casualties down to a hundred and forty–seven.
    FRANK: Another lie.
    WATTS: Then stop asking me questions you know I can't answer! You know I can't.
    [Watts now is almost crying.]

    WATTS: Will you help me find her?



    "Good bye to all that"


    WATTS: You've always seen the Group through clouded eyes.
    FRANK: No, I saw clearly.
    WATTS: Our faults, yes, but never what we were attempting to do. Man has made a mess of Eden. Our greed is only eclipsed by our tribal stupidity and our brutality.
    [Frank looks at him as Watts spouts the party line. Watts's mood seems lighter, as though he wanting to believe this.]

    WATTS: We are rushing toward an apocalypse of our own creation.
    FRANK: This is cult propaganda.
    WATTS: No, fact, Frank. Maybe not the end of the physical world, but the end of a world that is worthy of human life. And that's not that something that the Group invented, that's what the Group is trying to prevent.
    FRANK: You mean control.
    WATTS: No, no. I mean, attempting to preserve human values that are worth preserving. We're shepherds, Frank, all of us.
    FRANK: What did you say?
    WATTS: Choosing the future. It's already happened, Frank.


    Colateral damage.png

    Good bye to all that2.png


  4. I saw "The curse of Frank black today" and I notice in the begining Frank Black is holding human flesh with a knife in the other hand, then he lights the Pumpikin. I wonder if the big secret of Millenium is that Frank Black is a repented demon tryng to live a human life.  In the end, he saw in the windows the reflection of the devil while he is cleaning the window. and may times in diferent episodes, Frank see the face of evil directly, like a kind of reflection of himself.


    In the episode "Time is now" when Sara means is sedated, Frank Black says something like "Heaven is a place where you can find peace, but I rather be dead than  return"


    My theory is that Frank Black is a demon (capable of killing people), but the universe gave him a second chance in earth.






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