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  1. The image below if of the message I have received multiple times while attempting to post a GiF on the site, was curious to know if anyone else has received this message?


    1. The Old Man

      The Old Man

      Hi, sorry about that. 503 errors are often quite hard to source. It's possible you were posting when I applied a server upgrade  yesterday evening after a CPanel security update. I remember you were the only member logged in at the time but it said last action was 15 mins ago, so I took a risk and applied the patch, rebooted the server.

      I can check the logs for further clues, feel free to PM me with which time zone are you where it says 9.34pm? Could you confirm the date it happened or are still seeing it?

      Many thanks!

    2. B1SH0P-BL4CK


      Oh! Okay! I will certainly let u know if it happens again!

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